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With the town having gone crazy. Dash flew herself and Spike out of Ponyville for a while.
Spike: Man, am I glad to be out of that crazyplace.
Dash: Yeah.. I am done with this stupid contest., besides. I think I'm falling in Liebe with you.
Spike: Really? Because I coul-
Dash: *bursts into laughter* Du are sooooo gullible!
Spike: ...


Saten: Well.. They dropped the contest. Guess that means we win.
Pinkie: Yeah.. But I feel bad about having taken advantage my friends. So I guess I'll ju-
Saten: Give it all to me!.. Pinkie Du are the best *sqeeze hug's her before he starts picking up the hundreds of coins*
Pinkie: Actully.. I was gonna give it to chari-
Saten: Haha! I'm gonna be rich!
Pinkie: *cutely chuckles* I guess there's no stopping you.
Saten: Nope.
Pinkie: What Du gonna do with all that?
Saten: Not sure yet.
Pinkie: Hey.. Maybe if Du buy your mother something nice, you're finally be at piece with her.
Saten: I try that every mothers day. Give nice jewellery oder whatever else girls like.. She just gets drunk, and yells insults at me for the entire time I'm there..
Pinkie: But.. It will be something 'way' Mehr expensiv-
Saten: Won't matter. She Dosen't Liebe me. Period..
Pinkie: *growls* What is her deal!?
Saten: Don't know. Don't care.. I'm bying a 70 inch plasma tv with all this.
Pinkie: With Netflix?
Saten: Obviously.
Pinkie: Will it also be in 3D?
Pinkie: Whatever.

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