One of the new supply trucks for the Union Pacific
Pete was telling Mirage about his special job in his office.

Pete: We're suppose to get a new shipment of supply trucks. One of them just arrived, and I want Du to drive it around, and check it out. Make sure it works up to our standards.
Mirage: Yes sir.
Pete: *Gives Mirage the keys to the truck* And be careful. Du can drive the truck for as long as Du want, but just bring it back here with no damage.
Mirage: Yes sir.

Meanwhile in Ogden Utah, Anthony, and Roger were having hard times working on their railway. Even though they were getting extra help from Duke, there was still to much work. However, things were entirely bad for Roger.

In Michael's office.

Michael: I want Du to work the yard for this entire week, but be careful. Gangsters have been spotted there, and they have guns.
Roger: I'll be careful sir.
Michael: I hope so.
Roger: *Walks out of station, and heads for the yards* Why do those wiseguys come here anyway? There's no fence to prevent them from coming in, but they just Zeigen up anyway.
Anthony: *Arrives* Are Du talking to yourself?
Roger: Maybe. What's it to you?
Anthony: If you're worried about the gangsters, let them stay there. They ain't gonna hurt you.
Roger: Oh yes they will. I just want to do my job, but they end up shooting at me anyway. I'm just an ordinary pony driving around in a train. What have I done to anypony?
Anthony: Besides the fact that Du keep trying to get them to leave?
Roger: They have guns. Why should they stay here? Those wiseguys could hurt somepony.
Anthony: Since when were Du concerned about others?
Roger: Forget you. Why am I wasting time with you, when I should be working? *Goes to yards*

Meanwhile, with Mirage he was still test driving the truck that Pete gave him.

Mirage: All things in this vehicle seem to be correct. Time to go back to Cheyenne. *Turns truck around, and sees a small Southern Pacific work train* Hmm, that engineer seems new. I wonder who he is.

The engineer was named Ryan. He was hired Von Michael to fix track on his line.

Ryan: *Stops train at red signal*
Mirage: *Stops truck Weiter to Ryan's train* I'm Nocturnal Mirage. Who are you?
Ryan: I'm Ryan.
Mirage: Don't recall seeing Du before. What brings Du this way?
Ryan: *Gets angry* My boss told me to fix track! (This is no time to be talking with a pony obsessed with cars.)
Mirage: Well done. Cheers, and keep up the good work. *Drives away*
Ryan: Stupid bastard. *Sees signal is green* Well, time to continue with my work. *Drives train*

2 B continued