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I personally don't mind her.She's just your stereo type mean girl.But I'm truly wondering why she PICKS on the cmc.Is there a history to this?Is she doing this to become popular?It's one of those character I'm curious about.Which put her in the lime-light in my opinion.I ask why so I can keep making my head cannons about it. Which makes me think that she could be a interesting character.And I really want to see her Tag in and out.I know Du guys hate me already for saying that she could be interesting and Du guys are going to hate me Mehr saying this. If Du think about her she's ashley pretty likable. In season 3
she started to be nice to the other ponies but she
picked on cmc just a little bit.And when Du think about it that's the only ponies she picked on as far as I can tell.I know Du guys hate me Von now so I'm ending the Artikel here.
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The Story of Corporal Agarn

Theme song

Though he goes on a rage from time to time
He is a very good friend of mine
And in Fort Courage he is well known as
Corporal Agarn

Starring Master Sword as Corporal Agarn
Tom Foolery as Captain Parmenter
Saten Twist as Sargent O' Rourke
Mortomis as Dobbs, the bugler
Snow Wonder as Wrangler Jane
Cosmic regenbogen as Corporal Vanderbilt
Blaze as Corporal Duffy
Sean as Chief Wild Eagle
and Sonic as Crazy Cat

It was a regular Tag at the fort. Wrangler Jane walked into Captain Parmenter's office.

Captain Parmenter: *Signing papers, but when he sees Jane, he drops...
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I had another MLP dream last night. I dreamed I was at pool with some people. Then I see the mane 6 jumping off the diving board one Von one. I was able to grab Applejack's hoof for about 5 seconds. also recall seeing Spike and holding him. Thatwas an awesome dream.

Since I have to fill this page with Mehr words I have something else to say. A new Dollar baum opened in the town Weiter to me. I saw this plastic cup with Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, ad regenbogen Dash. It's a cool souvenir to have.

Hope to have Mehr of those kind of dreams.
Now, some of Du may be thinking “What the hell, Wind. Why haven’t Du made a new review in a while”? Because Chrono Trigger. Now, I know that I am not supposed to review games from the past…. But, the one I have was on the Wii Virtual Console, so suck it, rules.
The game follows Chrono, a silent protagonist who looks a bit like Goku (I’ll touch on this later), as he and his friends, Lucca, and Marle, are sent into different time periods through a timewarp known as a Gate. This takes them to the Medieval Times, the Prehistoric Era, The Future, and the Present. The game follows these...
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As I managed to escape. The other two continued fighting.

Trixie continued trying to stab her, AppleBloom, at one point, managed to knee her in the stomach, making her bend over in pain.

AppleBloom found the bat and hit Trixie really hard, saying it was for Sweetie Belle.

But Trixie was somehow able dodged all her other swings.

Trixie punched her in the stomach, but AppleBloom ignored the pain as well.

Trixie attempted to stab AppleBloom but she dodged it.

Ten Minuten of fighting, later:

AppleBloom was clearly growing Mehr tired.

At one point, Trixie punched her really hard on the side of her the head....
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog & Cosmic_Fusions Present

A My Little pony Fan Fiction

Starring Tom Foolery & Nikki West in...

Ring Of Fire

Also Starring Komano from SeanTheHedgehog

STH's Larry Wilcox as Fred Greenley

And introducing SeanTheHedgehog's newest OC, Hunter

Also starring Amethyst star, sterne as Melanie Lockmann
Goldengrape as Edward Calabrese
Comet Tail as Carlos Licciardi
Royal Riff as Benny Mulloch

Based off of the 1961 film of the same title

The song fades away as we focus on a gas station....
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