Now, unlike my other past articles, I give three reasons to state my opinions. In this one, after witnessing something weird, I just felt like I had to make this. so anyway, on with the topic. Pinkie Pie is the fastest thing alive. forget what the song told Du about Sonic the Hedgehog. That was total bull. Why? Well, in the episode Griffon the Brush-Off, when regenbogen Dash is trying to fly away from Pinkie Pie (For reasons I can understand) Whenever regenbogen Dash reaches a spot FAR from Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie happens to be there right before regenbogen Dash. Now, if Du know anything about the show, Du would know that regenbogen Dash is sagte to be the fastest pony in the show. That, just like with Sonic, is bull. Pinkie Pie just happens to be at the spot that regenbogen Dash is at BEFORE she gets there. So, as Du can see. Pinkie Pie is the fastest thing alive... However, that is bad news for Equestria. I'm now going to dwell into the world of Fan fiction so Du can understand. If Du know anything about Pinkie Pie in Fan fiction, then Du probably have heard of the infamous Cupcakes story. If not, Du should only read it at your own risk. But, thats not what makes her so deadly. No. In fact, what makes her so deadly is the Fan made project, Smile HD. Also, watch at your own risk. For those who have seen Smile HD, Du know how deadly she is. So Du see Pinkie Pie is unstoppable. She is incredibly fast, incredibly strong, and just won't freaking die. Look out Chuck Norris. But hay, thats only my opinion. What's Your Take