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Minuten just as the play was about to begin a stampede of buffaloes ran towards them,separating the group,because of the ponies that quickly compressed,it made it all the hard to find each other

"what the? hey!" Winter exclaimed squeezing in the big crowd of ponies around him "hey guys! where are you?"

"Winter? are Du there?" he immediately recognized whose voice it was

"Moonshine! over here! follow my voice!" he replied

she fortunately was able to go through the pony flood but her other Friends were no where to be seen,she was happy to see a familiar face,now in front of each other when suddenly a pony cut in and bumped into Moonshine falling over a soft pillow-wait...pillow?

looking up she saw that she was grabbing support from Winter,who Von the way had a bit of red on his cheeks,she then noticed that she too had a blush on her face so in an instant she got up to her feet

"er...sorry" she apologized looking to another direction

"i-ts fine...that pony bumped into Du and all so..." Winter answered back "but anyway,do Du know where the others are?"

",i got separated" she sagte facing him once Mehr "so what?"

"well...the play is about to start...lets just leave them for now,im sure they're find us eventually...lets just enjoy,okay?"

"ye-" she was cut off Von a loud voice

"Hey there everypony who wants to kick this party off the noch?!" a pony with curly brown hair exclaimed

"who the heu, hay are you? we were about to start the play!" a grumpy pony said

"whoa! chill down kid,name's Cheese sandwich and im a super duper party planner!" he sagte "and dont worry im just going to make this event 100% Mehr fun!" saying that he suddenly grabbed a tuba out of thin air and began playing while the play continued

"man,he was right! the play looks Mehr like a movie now with all of the effects his doing!" Winter sagte Wird angezeigt a big smile on his face

"yes! its...its"

"Epic?" a voice said

"yeah! that's the word! thanks for saying that...huh?" she looked around for the owner of the voice but saw nopony...and with that,the Zeigen finished,Cheese speaking again

"Who wants some more!?"

the crowd cheered for the brown-haired pony as his crew quickly set up some Mehr decorations speakers and lots of big stuff playing different party songs which made the ponies shake their tails

"wanna dance?" Winter asked Moonshine with a ready hoof

"with pleasure!" Moonshine said,both of them laughing at their 'fancy pony' expression then dancing to the beat

"Hey! Du guys!" a familiar voice said

"Flame!" Moonshine exclaimed seeing that the others are with him

"haha...we thought we'd NEVER find you" Spectrum sagte sarcastically

"This festival is off the hook!" Cosmic exclaimed

"yeah!" all of them agreed the Sekunde they sagte that the amazing fireworks began making the night even Mehr awesome,but when they tried to look for Cheese he was now gone...still they enjoyed the night party here at the Wild West
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 Princess Luna asks Blazin' to hang out with her for a whole Tag since Celestia has a lot of time on her hooves.
Princess Luna asks Blazin' to hang out with her for a whole day since Celestia has a lot of time on her hooves.
Ok, so Blazin' wakes up to see Sapphire walking around, not with him this time. He bounds out of bett zooming out the house to catch up with her.

Blazin': Hey, where are Du going?

Sapphire: I'm taking the time to make some Friends on my own. Du showed me how, and I have to thank Du for that. I don't need your help now. I can do it.

Blazin': But who am I supposed to spend a whole Tag with? I Liebe you!

Sapphire: I know. I Liebe Du too. I'm sure you'll find someone. Have fun!

Blazin: OK, catch Du later! *goes home*

He is now sitting in a chair Weiter to the front window. After an hour, he falls asleep.......
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a ponified parody of the series “Life After People” so consider it as such. However, if Du don't know the series I'd strongly recommend to watch an episode, so that Du may know what I'm Schreiben about here:


(It’s pretty interesting and only 41 Minuten :)

Also please leave a Kommentar on what Du think: Did I manage to nail the style of the original series oder not? I hope you'll have fun Lesen this.

*** ***

Imagine the world if every single pony were to disappear…
This story isn’t about how such an event would occur, but what would happen to the world we leave...
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Alicorn Legacy

I still can’t get used to this… the thought passed through the mind of the mare. Her wings flutter uncontrollably as she looks around in the spacious, deserted ball room. It looks much Mehr sinister at night.

It all started four days ago, somewhere in the endless maze beneath Canterlot. Something emerged from the depths. And now it haunts the Castle. When the ponies of Equestria sleep the sleep of the just, a tall, dark shape wonders through the hallways of the Castle. The mare knows. She was the one who encountered the unknown force first. Well, that’s not entirely true…...
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