regenbogen Dash was talking about Twilight Sparkle.

Sergi: What's so bad about her?
regenbogen Dash: She takes racing very seriously. In fact she takes everything seriously. Du have to watch out for her.
Apyr: We'll be careful. Right Sergi?
Sergi: Da.

Everypony got their cars lined up at the starting line. They would go around the race track for three laps.

Flag pony: 3, 2, 1, go *waves flag*
Racers: *take off*
Sergi: We're in first.
Apyr: Excellent. And no sign of Twilight
Twilight: *pushes regenbogen Dash into wall*
Apyr: .... I stand corrected.
Twilight: *catching up* Man, there's too many ponies blocking my path in their cars. *honks horn*
Sergi: *floors it*
Apyr: I hope Dash is alright.
Sergi: Me too.
regenbogen Dash: *in last* I cannot lose to that egghead! *floors it*
Sergi: We're winning!
Twilight: *passes Sergi* Stay outta my way man!
Sergi: I don't think so *drifts past Twilight*
Apyr: Oh dude, she's angry.
Twilight: Get back here Du idiots! *floors it*
Sergi: *driving Weiter to lake*
Twilight: *pushes Sergi towards lake*
Apyr: Brake!
Sergi: *brakes*
Twilight: *nearly goes in lake, then crashes into another car*
Sergi: *passes intersection* I think she's out of it.
Apyr: And we're way ahead of everyone else.
Sergi: This race is in the bag.
Manticore: *driving towards them*
Sergi: Oh great. The manticore has his truck back to a high height.
Apyr: Really?
Manticore: *getting close to Sergi*
Sergi: If those tires get us, we're in trouble.
Manticore: *about to crush Sergi's car*
racing pony: *crashes into manticore's truck*
Manticore: *tips truck over*
Apyr: Who else wants us to lose?
regenbogen Dash: *passes Sergi*
Sergi: Her *floors it*
Apyr: We're the only two racing.
Sergi: Then lets make it look interesting. *passes regenbogen Dash*
regenbogen Dash: Oh no Du don't *passes Sergi*
Sergi: So she wants to do this the hard way. *floors it*
regenbogen Dash: *goes to the right*
Sergi: *about to push regenbogen Dash*
regenbogen Dash: *brakes*
Sergi: *drives into lake*
Announcer: And regenbogen Dash is the winner.
Sergi: We've been defeated Von a mare. How will we win the grand prix now?
Apyr: It's in Fillydelphia. It shouldn't be hard

2 B continued
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