A/N: Sorry. I'll make this Author's Note a short one but I have a few Fragen for Du all. Since I'm currently stuck at a writer's block, i'm posting what I have so far. I'd really appreciate it if Du guys would Kommentar with what you'd like to see, oder think will happen next. I do have a few ideas but have no clue on how to incorporate them into here. Also I would like to apologize in advance for my horrible spelling. Here goes nothing..

Roughly 1am
Sleep. Can't Sleep.
I crawled from my bett and slipped a hoodie over my t-shirt. I walked into the living room only to find my drunk arsch mother sprawled out on the couch. Her eyes appeared glued shut so I took this as an opportunity. After scowering the nearby coffee tabelle for my phone and succesfully locating it, I slipped out into the dark night. I let my legs take control and found my self standing in front of my best friend,Mikey's, Sekunde story window. Since he lived only a block away, me and Mikey were very close. I usually found myself at his house Mehr than I was at my own. Finding a few small pebbles oder rocks of some kind, I picked them up and gently threw them in the direction of his window. Although it took a few tries,I finally hit the window. Plink! Plink! Plink! The curtains parted and the window opened.

His eyes squinted through the darkness and groggily asked,"Paigee? That you?"
"Ya." I replied.
"Hold on. I'll be down."
I waited patiently until he opened the door ever so quietly.
"What's wrong?" concern filled his eyes as he looked me over for bruises that my mother might have caused.
"Drunk Mom. Can't Sleep. In all honesty, I just started walking and found myself at your window." I admitted.
"Come on," He grabbed my hand and we crept upstairs to his bedroom trying desperately to not wake his parents.
His room was the same he usually kept it. Band posters, drawings his brother Gerard- now in art school- had drawn, messily made bed, comics on the schreibtisch and Musik playing softly from the radio on oben, nach oben of his side table.
He threw a kissen and blanket on the ground,"I'll sleep on the ground. Du can get my bed. Do Du need any clothes?" He began digging through his dresser drawers before I could answer and pulled out a pair of grey sweat pants and a white tee hemd, shirt with the red logo of a nearby company.
I thanked him for the clothes and walked in the direction of the bathroom upstairs. His parents slept in the master suite downstairs so I knew they would assume I was Mikey if one of them happened to be awake(highly unlikely).The sweatpants were to long for my legs considering how tall his was in comparison to my 5'2'' self. I threw on the tee and scurried back to the safety of his bedroom. He was already settled on the dark comforter he had laid on the ground. So I rested myself on his bed. I turned off the nearby lamp.
"Mikey?" I sagte breaking the silence.
"What are your parents going to say about me being here? And what about my backpack? And-" I was cut off Von his reassuring voice.
"Don't worry. I'll tell my parents in the morning,you can copy my homework,and Du can wear some of my clothes."
I crawled off the bett a laid Weiter to him. Mikey scooted to get comfortable and wrapped his arms around me. I nuzzled my head under his chin in the crook of his neck that I always loved. We lay there cuddling.
"I Liebe you," I heard myself whisper into the darkness.
"I Liebe Du too." he whispered back,kissed my forehead and we both drifted off into sleep.

Weiter Morning:

I woke up in his arms. Our fingers entwined as they should always be. I remember all the things me and Mikey had been through together. He had always been there for me. . .

I ran out of the hous clutching the side of my head. The wasrm dark red colored liquid flowed from the gash in my forehead.
"MIKEY!" I immediatly screamed for him aching to be held in his arms, to feel the comfort of being in his arms and being loved. I ran in the direction of his house. My sorry excuse for a mother stood in our doorway clutching wodka in her left hand and using her right hand to balance herself to keep from falling over. I was begining to feel light-headed and felt the world spin from under my feet as I turned the corner and saw his house just in view.
End of Flashback

I remember that Tag like it was yesterday. I remember tearing through his front door and finding him in his room. I remember him cleaning me up and holding me in his arms as I wiped away my remaining tears.
I struggled to bring myself back to reality. As I look up I see him smiling down at me.