Du would've thought it was easy sleeping Weiter to Mikey, but it wasn't. He likes to have what I call, "Puppy Dreams". He'll make little whimpering noises and jerk his legs back and forth, as if he's running. I swear I even heard him bark a little when I tried to pet his hair. I pulled my hand back in surprise, and used it to cover my mouth as he rolled over. He looked adorable. His usually straight hair was a mess, and his glasses were at the end of his nose. I inched over to the where the Wand and bett met, and a semi-conscious Mikey grabbed my arm and pulled it to his torso. He then wrapped both arms around it, as if is were a life-preserver. 

Yeah, cute huh? It's fucking adorable until he starts to chew on me. I'm sitting here, trying to pull my arm away, and I swear to God he growls at me. 
"Michael Way, Du are not a fucking dog!" I whispered. The boy beside me loosened his grip, rolling over and continuing to whimper every now and then. I sighed in relief, curled up in a tiny ball,  and frantically scooted over to the corner, just out of his reach. He was taking up the whole bett now, and I'm pretty sure he's managed to kick himself in the balls a few times.

After a while of him flopping around, I'm still sitting in the corner, dodging pillows and other various objects, when the door opened quietly. So quietly, I don't notice- I just sit there terrified, afraid he's going to bite me oder something. The voice coughed, and I snapped my head in it's direction. I felt a sense of relief that it wasn't Gerard, but panicked again when I saw that it was Ray. I didn't know how he would react at all. My eyes just widened and  I stayed put. After a few Minuten of confused glances, Mikey barked again. strahl, ray almost pissed himself laughing. He wasn't mad? I sat- still utterly shocked and afraid of what strahl, ray was going to do. After a long laugh, he looked at me and shook his head, Afro along with it. 
"He does this all the time... Wonder what he's dreaming about."
He sagte thoughtfully, switching his glance back to me. His face got serious as his light brown eyes met mine.
"You guys didn't...?" he looked at both of us. 
"No, no, no..." I vigorously shook my head. 
"Oh, alright. But be careful. Get to know him first. Du might wanna think about this- it seems like Du remind him a lot of Alicia." strahl, ray stood up and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. I took a moment to think about this Alicia person- when Mikey woke up. He rubbed his eyes, and absentmindedly rose went to his stereo. Was this something he did every morning? He changed the song, turning and immediately fell back into bed, embracing a pillow. I looked at him curiously- and poked his cheek. He opened one eye, muttered something about waffles, and dropped his head back on the pillow. I poked him once again, and this time he shot up, looking around the room until he looked at me- cowering in the corner with my arm still outstretched. 
"Uh, Mikey?" I said.
"yes?" he mumbled a response. 
"You gonna get up soon?" I smiled.
"I was planning on us staying here all day... 'swhat I usually do on Friday mornings. Gee and Frank should be at work Von now. As for Ray, well, I really don't know..." he looked up at me from his pillow, a crooked grin spreading across his face. 
"he'll be fine, I promise." I returned the grin as I laid down Weiter to him, only to have him pull me closer. 
"So," I said, "What the hell were Du dreaming about?" he had a look of mock sadness. 
"Gee was stealing my waffles..." he sagte mournfully. 
"Well that sucks, I remarked, furrowing my brow. 
"It did." Mikey agreed as he drifted off into sleep once more. I muzzled into his chest and took a deep breath. He smelled like coffee and the pages of comic books- Not exactly a big surprise. I smiled as I joined him in dream-land.