Yeah- here Du go.


Mikey's lips moved across my collarbone, his cool breath leaving a trail of Gänsehaut from ear to ear. His Soft lips pressed against my own, and I could feel them turn into a smile as I shifted under him. 
"Switch?" he breathed, wanting to make sure I was not uncomfortable. I nodded and returned the grin as I began to Bewegen across the couch, not failing to do so without almost falling off the damned thing. 
"Gerard has to get a bigger couch.."  the man -now under me- noted. I smirked and moved one of my legs between his. 
"Gerard has to buy a lot of things." I moved my knee up a few inches. 
"Oh?" Mikey questioned, running a hand trough his hair. "Like what?" he said, flashing an innocent smile. 
"You have a pretty good imagination..." I looked him in the eye, and moved my knee up until it reached it's destination; earning a loud noise from Mikey.

Then, for some unknown reason, the scene changed- oder rather fast forwarded. I see Mikey crouched in front of me, touching my shoulder. He had a terrified expression on his face, and I'm sure confusion blanketed mine. I was pretty much wondering If we somehow skipped the sex, oder if I woke up. I decided it was still a dream, seeing as he was sitting in front of me. His face was outlined Von the glow of the tv behind him, making it darker. Neither of us had sagte a word, and after a while I finally spoke up. I was particularly confused as to why he wasn't all over me already; it being my damn dream and all. 
"Is everything okay?" I asked the beautifully frightened boy in front of me. He removed his hand and pulled my jacke back up. 
"Yeah, it just sounded like Du were having a bad dream oder something." he mumbled, turning away from me and heading toward the kitchen. I followed him on light feet, making sure I pulled my jacke back down a bit, I was getting my way. After all, I WAS a dream. 
"Uh, Du want some water, oder coffee, oder something?" he asked awkwardly. 
Something alright...
"Yeah, I'd like coffee, if that's okay." I smiled slightly. 
"Ah, a caffeine addict already?" he returned the grin and fumbled with a few mugs in the cabinet. 
"The best thing In the world!" I laughed.
"Next to Anthrax..." he mumbled, suppressing another grin.
"Anthrax? Smashing Pumpkins is way better!" I jokingly argued. 
"What?" Mikey turned to me with a look of mock disapproval. 
"You like Smashing Pumpkins better than Anthrax?!" he said, pointing to the bands' logo on his t-shirt. "That's it, no coffee for you..." he picked his up and left mine on the counter, walking out of the kitchen. He poked his head back through the door to see my raised eyebrow. 
"Ok. We can agree to disagree, I guess." he waved one hand in the air, quickly returning back to his mug. As soon as I grabbed my own steaming mug, I heard a small crash in the hall, proceeded Von a splash. I put my hand over the cup and ran to the Quelle of the noise. I saw Mikey backing up from a Wand and rubbing his forehead. 
"Did Du just run into the wall?!" I laughed. He put a hand lightly over my mouth. 
"Shush. I did no such thing." I was taken aback Von the gesture, but continued to smile, until a warm liquid ran into my toe. 
"Really? Your now floor-flavored coffee says otherwise" I smirked behind his hand. 
He looked down, and put his hand over his own mouth to keep from giggling. We were too immersed in our cleaning and intentional hand-bumps to hear a series of sleepy thuds from across the hall.
"Shit. What the hell are Du doing, Mikey?" a groggy voice was heard from around the corner, and both of us froze. The laughter immediately turned into panic, and Mikey looked at me and signaled to the nearest room a few feet away. I don't know why he thought we would be in trouble- but then again I could have just poofed Gerard away- but I couldn't for some reason. Maybe it wasn't a dream. 

I snatched the coffee and crawled in the room. Slowly pushing the door shut behind me. As Mikey was explaining the incident to his half-asleep brother, I took time to look around the room. The walls, oder the part that wasn't covered Von posters, were a dark navy blue. There wasn't a television, but instead a stereo with a rather massive collection of CD's. I looked around until I saw the bed. Pillows were strewn around and the blankets were on the floor. I also noticed that there was a black beanie hanging from a the light switch. My suspicions were correct; this was Mikey's room. I smiled and crawled to my feet, listening to the soft padding of my feet against the carpet. I saw that there was a track in the player and slowly turned the volume knob up. I was surprised and grinned evilly at his current song choice: Drown Von Smashing Pumpkins. I was so going to hold this against him. I thought of the other things I could hold against him, but was interrupted Von the door quickly creaking open and being shut again. The feet moved across the room and flickered a lamp on. He looked at me, and saw my smirk as I pointed to the radio. I got a quick poker-face from Mikey, and then we both broke into silent hysterics. For a while, it was choking on laughter and slapping our hands to our mouths to muffle noises. He flopped on his bett after a few minuets of quietly dying, I wiped my eyes and drank some of my coffee. He suddenly popped up and eyed my cup. I stopped mid-gulp and handed it to him. He sipped the mug graciously, eyes floating back up to me after a while, Wide and innocent. He held back yet another smile, like a toddler who had just drawn pictures on your Wand with a crayon. I eyed Mikey suspiciously.
"What did Du do?" I asked slowly.
"Nothing..." he giggled.
"Giggling is very manly." I quipped.
"it's a fact!" he smiled. 
"Yeah... Changing the subject, huh? Du drank all my coffee, didn't you?!" I whisper-yelled, forcing my face into a dramatic angry sneer. 
"Pfft... No!" I put my hand on my hip and walked over to him. 
"I think Du drank all my damn coffee, MikeyWay!" I jumped on his bett and grabbed my mug, tugging it from his hands as snorted and plopped backwards onto his pillow. I looked, and to my (not) surprise, the drink was all gone. My precious... 
"Mikey!" I looked at the young man rolling around and shoving a kissen over his face, keeping in mind that we should be quiet. I stopped attacking Mikey for a Minute and looked for a clock. I finally found one on the nightstand, and the neon glow of the number stated that it was 2 o'clock in the morning.
"Damn, it's two in the morning!" I laughed. I crawled further up the small bed, and rested my head on a pillow. 
"you sleepy?" Mikey asked. 
"'Cause I'll just go back to the couch- Du can sleep in here if Du want." he continued, picking up the blanket from the floor. 
"No, I'm not tired, it's just your room is nice." I mumbled. 
"Nice? Its rarely that a 21 year-olds' room is called nice..." 
"Wow. You're 21?" I was a bit surprised. "I thought Du were way younger!." 
"Thats because I'm too damn skinny!" He smiled. 
"No Du aren't, Du look fine..." 
"Yeah, whatever." he said, plopping on the spot Weiter to me. We sat in silence for a minute, listening to his music. 
"I thought Du didn't like Smashing Pumpkins!" I looked over at Mikey, who was staring at the ceiling. He looked back at me, smirking. 
"Never sagte I didn't like them, just sagte that Anthrax was better..." I punched him lightly in the arm.
"oh just shut and sleep." I giggled.
He sighed in a agreement and rolled away from me. I had an idea, it was crazy, but might work. I sat quietly, making sure he was almost asleep when I gently tapped his shoulder. 
"Yeah?" he mumbled.
"I never did thank Du for the coffee..." I sagte moving towards him. He beat me to it, and pressed his lips against mine. 
I sat with my mouth open for a brisk moment and he looked at me, a corner of his mouth raised in a sleepy smile. 
"Just tell me Weiter time. Your already technically sleeping with me." his smirk got wider. He then blinked and set his head back down on the pillow. I interlaced our fingers, and oddly enough, was actually able to sleep tonight. Maybe this wasn't a dream after all.