First... My favorites:
I Liebe many Zitate from My Chemical Romance and I find it hard to chose. I enjoy Lesen Gee's funny ones, they are my favorite, but it is hard to choose between them.

Best Heartfelt Quote:
"Sometimes Du have to kind of die inside in order to rise up from your own ashes and believe in yourself and Liebe yourself in order to become a new person." ~Gerard Way

I believe this quote refers to when he was drunk and on drugs, he believes that this helped him become a newer, better person. It basically states to Du should learn from your mistakes; in order to learn Du must make some mistakes.

Sekunde To Best Heartfelt Quote:
"One Tag your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching." ~Gerard Way

He is simply stateing that Du should do something of value with your life so that when Du are older Du will not regret it.

Best Funny Quote:
"So people keep asking me what this badge is for... this badge makes me the sheriff, the sheriff of Emo town, so get your straight irons and eyeliner ready!" ~Gerard Way

Sekunde To Best Funny Quotes:
"I'd rather be a creature of the night than an old dude." ~Gerard Way

"I want to be a vampire. They're the coolest monsters." ~Gerard Way

Best Funny Conversation Quote:
Fans: *Chanting in German* Du HAVE BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!
Gerard: Du guys have a seriously agressive chant just for that!?

Sekunde To Best Funny Conversation Quotes:
Fan: Can Du say, 'I Liebe Charity?'
Gerard: Uh... Is that a person?
Fan: It's me!
Gerard: Oh! I Liebe Charity!

Interviewer: What kind of products do Du put in your hair?
Ray: Sweat and beer. I never wash it.
Mikey: I never wash my hair either, man!

Fan: Can I tuch your hair?
Frank: No, that's wierd!

Best My Chemical Quote ever...

“I get mistaken sometimes for someone who looks like they want to be in my band! It’s the funniest thing. It happened to me once… This guy tells a friend of mine, ‘He looks like he jumped out of a MCR video.’ I’m like, 'I’m IN My f***ing Chemical Romance!'" ~Mikey Way

Other Funny Ones:

‘Can they steal Mikey?’ repeats Gerard when we pose him one of the er, heartfelt questions. ‘Hell no, dude! We need him here. I can understand the desire to steal him though, sure. He’s a sweet, sweet man.'

Interviewer: Ray, do Du ever get people who just want to touch your hair? 
Ray: Yes. And it's weird. 
Gerard: They approach, hand out, going 'Can I just...' and before they even get to the end of the question, they're already doing it. 
Ray: I don't get it at all. I'm not sure I can see the excitement in touching my hair. 
Gerard: Your hair is part of your mojo, man!

Gerard: Mikey, what would Du like to say to the city of London? 
Mikey: Do Du guys think I look like Darth Vader in this jacket? 'cause I seriously think I do. 
Gerard: Does he... what the f*** does he even talk about? I have no idea what he says half the time.

Interviewer: If Du were in a horror movie, which one of Du is most likely to survive until the end?
Mikey: I'd be dead first. I've run through this scenario in my head before and I know I'd get it immediately. I wouldn't even have the chance to protect someone Von giving up my life for them, I'd be gone too fast for that! 
Ray: Frank would survive the longest. He's scrappy. 
Gerard: Du say that, but I think he'd do something like Vasquez in 'Aliens' and let all the monsters eat him so that he could pull a grenade on them and laugh. I think Mikey would live longest - he's the guy everyone would want to see survive.

Fan: Frank, Du recently got 'Bookworm' tattooed on your fingers... 
Gerard: Really? [Peers at Frank's hands] God, it's impossible to keep track. [Frank Links his fingers together to Zeigen off his tattoos] Oh, wow, look at those! They look like some kind of arcane symbol until Du put them all together like that. 

Interviewer: What makes Du blubber like a baby? 
Frank: When I see adverts about tortured Tiere played to sad music, I can't cope. Abused Welpen are what gets me most. It sends me into a deep depression.

Interviewer: What makes Du laugh so much Du nearly wee yourself? 
Gerard: That's a hard one. 
Frank: Yeah, because whatever we think is funny, you'll just think "weirdos". Forget gags, what's really funny is awkwardness! 
Gerard: We'll be getting in a lift and Frank will say to a stranger, "Ooh Du have really nice shoes!" and then we'll have to travel 20 floors with the dude who's looking around nervously. No one ever knows what to do in that situation.

Gerard: So, I'm doing my stretches, right… Stretching my legs, stretching my arms. And this guy goes, “Hey everybody, look! It’s David Cassidy!” Do Du guys have any idea who David Cassidy is? Well, let me tell Du something. Aside from the fact that we both have fabulous, fabulous hair, there is one BIG difference between me and David Cassidy… I SUCK WAY Mehr DICK THAN THAT GUY!

Mikey: Gerard and myself no longer live at the address on his stolen license that is currently circulating the internet. Don’t waste your time visiting/calling, etc. Du wacky kids crack me up.

Gerard: Who was at the first My Chem Zeigen in Berlin? Like, for real… (Crowd cheers loudly) No, okay now I know you’re full of s***, because there was like 50 people there, and they were all like this… (Stands with arms folded) And it was a sold-out Zeigen of 50 people, but I was like, “What happened? Why didn’t they give a s***?" And Matt Schwartz goes, “It’s Berlin.” (Laughs) So, last night we were hanging out at abendessen and I was like, “Alright, I get it, it’s Berlin.” Well, tonight I’m dressed like I’m in Skinny Puppy, I have an undercut, and I sagte to my wife, ‘What can I do to make Berlin Liebe me more?’ And she goes… ‘S*** your pants.’ Now, she’s a very funny lady… I’m obviously NOT going to s*** my pants.

Gerard: (Picks up bra onstage) No, this is horrible. Du know what’s funny about it, is it looks like it’s one boob, like somebody had a bad operation… DON’T WANT IT! (Throws bra into crowd)

Gerard: [on stage in Berlin, Germany] I don’t know how to speak German, so I’m just gonna speak Spanish… Muy Bueno!

Mikey: “My best high school memory is when I graduated and didn’t have to go back. I didn’t have a great time in high school.”

Mikey: “The teachers thought there was something wrong with me because I wouldn’t talk to other kids. I was almost playing mind games with them.”

Mikey: “I’m the spiritual advisor of the band.”

Mikey: “I know something exciting that happened on the road. I tried to quit coffee and I had headaches every day… I was in a gas station and there was a pot of coffee and I looked at it for about a minute, and then my brother got a coffee and he taunted me.”

Mikey: “I brought this heater into the dusche so it was warm when I got out. It’s not the smartest thing in the world to do, but I was like ‘whatever, I’m f***ing freezing.’”

Mikey: “Kids don’t get to say ‘are we there yet?’ a billion times anymore because it’s at the bottom of GPS. Fun = gone.”

Mikey:“The dude from the Pringles can just stahl, stola my f***in parking spot!”

Mikey: “Every time I come back to Jersey, it’s ready to put its tentacles all over me and suck me right back in. If I’m Home for Mehr than three weeks, I forget I’m in a band. I start to fill out applications for supermarkets.”

Mikey: “We all have very humble backgrounds and very geeky interests.”

Mikey: “I think hula-hoops need to come back from the dead. The world is less violent when people are using hula-hoops.”

Mikey: “Me and Pete Wentz aren’t dating. We are both heterosexual males… sort of… maybe… umm… next!”

Mikey: (To Frank) “You definitely stopped wearing underwear for a hot minute. P-slip… Scandalous!”

Mikey: “Please have some respect for us and yourselves. Get some hobbies while you’re at it. Fly a kite. Do some crossword puzzles. Learn to knit. Get off the f***ing internet.”

Mikey: “There’s a big misconception of our band, that we’re in the back lighting things on feuer and sacrificing virgins… It’s not like that at all.

Mikey: “Star Wars Hip Hop is an untapped genre. Someone needs to sign that s***!”

Mikey: “I read a fanfic once. It was bad. The subject of the story was me and Gerard, uh… in relations.”

Mikey: “What Du really need to ask yourself is, when was the last time Du watched ‘Spice World’?”

Mikey: “People always ask me to autograph asthma inhalers. I’m not actually asthmatic, but uh… Du bring ‘em, I’ll sign ‘em!”

Mikey: “I was so scared that I would sneak into Gerard’s room and sleep on the floor.”

Mikey:“I’m deathly, deathly afraid of spiders, ‘cause they’ve got those little eyes.”

Mikey: “I don’t do drugs, smoke, oder drink anymore….period. My only vices right now are coffee, six feet under, and gitarre hero.”

Mikey: “This band is metal in that we have a lot of metal in our instruments, and there’s quite a lot of metal on my gürtel buckle as well…”

Mikey: “Who’s that sexy beast… Bob Bryar!”

Mikey: “I kicked a brick Wand once… It was mouthing off to me.” 

Mikey: “I Liebe when Du can’t find your wallet… and then Du find your wallet.”

Interviewer: [First thing that comes to mind when I say] Spanking?
Mikey: I don’t know! 
Gerard: Not even a bare a** ? 
Mikey: No…

Interviewer: Du are offered something for free, which do Du choose: Sky diving lessons, a custom tattoo, a lap dance from an exotic dancer oder 50 free sun tanning sessions? 
Gerard: Oh the lap dance! 
Frank: The tattoo. 
Mikey: What were they again? 
[Everyone helps Mikey out] 
Mikey: I guess the tattoo. 
Frank: I knew it! Which is funny because Du don't have any.

Interviewer: Which of your band mates is most likely to accidentally stick a fork in a toaster? 
Frank: Mikey. 
Interviewer: And who would yell, 'Hey! It's still plugged in!'? 
Mikey: That would be me. 
Gerard: I would definitely be the one yelling. I think we're all very protective of Mikey for things like sticking forks in toasters. 
Frank: It's funny because when we were recording, me and Mikey lived together and I would go to Gerard after and be like, "I can't believe he did this today..." 
Mikey: Yeah, I would leave the tee on overnight. 
Frank: God forbid that kid ever lives alone! 
Gerard: Frank had to promise he would watch him because he likes to do this thing where he'll take a heater into the dusche and plug it in... 
Frank: Oh god! 
Gerard: ...and there's water everywhere! 
Mikey: I did that one time... 
Gerard: What about the times with the radio? 
Mikey: ...and I was pretty warm when I did it though.

Interviewer: In 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' the main character is made to do pushups in drag. If Du were forced to so something in drag, what would Du choose to do? 
Gerard: Karate. 
Frank: I liked the "if Du were forced, what would Du choose to do." 
Gerard: It's like the drag fairy comes Von and says, "what would Du like to do?" Umm yeah, karate. 
Frank: Really? 
Gerard: Really. I would do what I did when I dressed in drag this one time before. I went to school in drag, in art school and my Tag was completely different because everybody thought I was a chick. 
Frank: He looked like Christina Ricci. 
Gerard: Du should see me as a chick. I went as a girl, as like an experiment and it worked really well and everyone was really nice to me, but I couldn't talk obviously... Du know train conductors were really cool to me on my commute. 
Frank: I would datum Gerard. 
Gerard: HA! I looked hot as a chick.

Interviewer: There's a rumor circulating around that My Chemical Romance is the Liebe child of the Warped Tour. 
Gerard, Mikey and Frank in unison: Wow! 
Gerard: We are loved. 
Frank: But what does that mean, that the Warped Tour and another tour got together and had...

Interviewer: Give us some insight as to the kind of kid Du were when Du were ten... 
Frank: A**hole. I was such an a**hole! Uhhh, delinquent. I was told I was too intelligent for my own good, but I don't know about that. I didn't like authority and this was at ten! 
Gerard: Tell me, what has changed? 
Frank: She just sagte ten, she didn't say now! But I could give Du the same answer, Du never know! 
Gerard: I didn't want to say anything... 
Frank: I was pretty much like I am today, but I wish I knew now what I knew then. Does that make sense? 
Gerard: I liked star, sterne Wars when I was ten.

Interviewer: Do Du have a favourite dinosaur? 
Frank: Yeah. I guess. I think. Well... yeah. Yeah and no. 
Interviewer: Yeah and no? And... it would be? 
Frank: *laughs* That wasn't the question. Was that part of the question? 
Interviewer: Yeah, true, I worded that wrong. Sorry. *laughs* 
Frank: It's alright. I mean, T-Rex is always fun, but Velociraptors were a lot more... vicious. I kinda like Wooly Mammoths, but is that a dinosaur really? 
Interviewer: I don't think it's a dinosaur so much as a devolved elephant... 
Frank: Well, I like Elephants.

Interviewer: If Du were interviewing your Favorit band, what would Du want to know? 
Mikey: I can't think of a specific band, that's the thing. 
Frank: She sagte your Favorit band. So what's your Favorit band? 
Mikey: Morrissey. Hmm, what do I want to know from that guy? 
Gerard: [To Frank] I think I know what yours would be. 
Frank: Oh, go, go, answer for me! 
Gerard: [Laughing] "Why are Du such a prick? Why'd Du go get a sandwich when Du could have talked to me?" 
Mikey: That's so sad. 
Ray: I'd probably ask Randy Rhoads how it felt dying in a plane crash. 
Mikey: He wouldn't answer because he's dead. I'd probably ask Morrissey how it feels to be a sweet little dude.

Interviewer: How did the band get started?
Mikey: Basically, we went to this evil magician and we told him to make us rock and roll superstars. So he took a pint of each of our blood and put it in a cauldron. 
Ray: Obviously he f***ed up, 'cause look at us... 
Mikey: We're not rock and roll superstars, but we're sweet little dudes.

Mikey: I get mugged every tour. 
Frank: That's kind of exciting. 
Interviewer: That's a fun story... Something to tell the grandkids. 
Mikey: Yeah, totally. In Rhode Island, some dudes decided to schlagen, punsch me in the throat and take my cell phone. There were like ten of them. 
Frank: And at gunpoint. 
Mikey: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting the gun part. The guy pulled a gun on me. And he goes, "Give me your money." And my first reaction was to lie about it like a moron and say I didn't have any money. So the kid punches me and he goes, "Give me your cell phone." And then our manager, with his powers of a deduction- 
Ray: He's like a straße fighter! 
Mikey: He goes into the alley with his cell phone, so then they come back and try to mug him, and he pulls out a fucking switchblade, a baseball bat, a machine gun and a bazooka. And he got my cell phone back. 
Interviewer: So he doubles as a bodyguard. 
Mikey: He does, actually.

Interviewer: I know that being on tour, all kinds of crazy s*** has to happen. Give us a really crazy, exciting, funny story. 
Ray: We don't really have any crazy stories. We don't really do anything. 
Mikey: Um... we ran out of gas once... and... 
Ray: We're really, really boring. 
Frank: Oh, one time we got held hostage! 
Mikey: That was sweet, though... We had a lot of fun.

Frank: I got asked a Frage today about Gerard. 
Gerard: What? 
Frank: I got asked if Du were as crazy in person as Du are onstage. I sagte it's Mehr endearing. 
Gerard: Woo! In person, I don't know, you'd have to ask Mikey. 
Frank: Yeah, but it's Mehr endearing. You're definitely not... normal. But... good.

Interviewer: If Du could be a color Skittle, which color would Du be?
Frank: Whoa. Can I make my own? 
Interviewer: Yeah, Du can make your own. 
Frank: Mauve. 
Interviewer: Why mauve? 
Frank: Why not? 
Gerard: Mauve's his Favorit color. Red sauer, saure Skittles.

Interviewer: How would Du guys describe your type of music?
Frank: Violently beautiful? 
Gerard: Oh s***, that's tight. 
Frank: Ooh, chaotic? 
Gerard: We do it with heart. 
Frank: Heart. Heart. Does that work? 
Gerard: Yeah. Spicy. I like that.

Interviewer: Since you're all a bunch of young guys, I want to know what turns Du on? 
Gerard: Wow, I'm not that young! Bengay turns me on. 
Mikey: Coca-Cola Zero. 
Ray: Sleep. 
Gerard: Bob, what turns Du on, man? 
Bob: Slippers. 
Frank: My fiancé. That's it. 
Ray: Aww come on! 
Frank: I'm getting presents now!

Fan: What are some differences between your current tour and your first tour? 
Gerard: Our first tour?! Oh, huge differences. Buses with bunks… 
Mikey: Soundchecks. 
Gerard: Monitors. 
Mikey: And there’s Fans there to see us!

Frank: “We played a Zeigen in a basement in Philly. Five people came. One of them was a homeless person who bootlegged our set and tried to sell it to us afterwards.”

Bob: (Reading from a book made Von fans) 'What would happen if Du saw Mikey walk into the bathroom with another toaster? Signed: Bob Bryar’s official b****.' What is wrong with these people?! 
Mikey: It wasn’t a toaster, it was a heater! I was putting a Weltraum heater in the bathroom when I was sick oder something. I brought this heater into the dusche so it was warm when I got out. It’s not the smartest thing in the world to do, but I was like ‘whatever, I’m fucking freezing’. But apparently they turned it into a toaster... 
Interviewer: But Du were fine. 
Mikey: Yeah, I’m here right now!

Frank: “There’s a bunch of different type of fans. Du know, there’s people who just wanna say “I Liebe you, Liebe your show” and that’s awesome. They respect the Musik and the art form. And then there’s some people that need to have that souvenir, that need a signature oder a picture, and there’s some that just scream and try to pull your hair out and that’s ridiculous. And then there’s the drunk Fan that wants to be the one that punched you.”

Gerard: (onstage) “I f***ing hate nu-metal. I f***ing hate Limp Bizkit. I fucking hate Korn. I don’t give a s*** what Du like… You’re here tonight because Du like us. And ‘cause we hate nu-metal, that’s why we’re here tonight!” -Guitar intro to ‘Teenagers’ starts- “THIS SONG IS ABOUT HATING NU-METAL!”

Gerard: Hair crimping needs to go. Du know what I'm saying? 
Bob: Hair straightening. 
Gerard: No way, dog! You'd ruin every band out there! Um, hair crimping has to go. I don't see it very often but when I do it burns my a***. 
Interviewer: And what is something that is dead that Du want to bring back? 
Bob: Slippers. 
Gerard: Yeah, slippers. We're gonna bring back slippers from the dead. 
Mikey: I think Hula-Hoops need to come back.

Onstage at the record release Zeigen for Bullets (July 2002):
Gerard: Mikey Lost his first pick. (Pause) MY MUM AND DAD ARE HERE, F***! And my Uncle, and so many friends... OKAY, here's a song about friendship. It's about friendship, but it's also about messer fights and diamond rings and jumbo jets. ALRIGHT. It's called Our Lady Of Sorrows.

 Gerard: I want to know if Du guys- 
German crowd: *chanting* Du hast die haare schön, du hast die haare schön! 
Gerard: What is that? 
Crowd: *chants louder* 
Gerard: Is that about semen? What is that?! Is that a Fußball thing oder a semen thing? 
Crowd: *cheers and shouts Zufällig stuff about hair* 
Gerard: Du like my... Du like my hair? Why, do I have semen in it? ...So, what does it mean? Somebody translate! *gives mic to Fan on front row* 
Fan: Du have beautiful hair! 
Gerard: Awwwww! Du guys have a seriously aggressive chant just for THAT? That s*** is aggro! It sounded like we were at a f***ing Fußball game, and Du guys were yelling about hair! That's f***ing awesome. This is my new favourite place! Holy s***. Right, well, after the Zeigen somebody teach me how to do it so I can just constantly yell it at people.

Gerard: Stop throwing water onstage… I’ll fall over and break my hip! I’ll be a bad father then. Why would Du do that?

Fan: You’re an arachnophobic, right? 
Frank: Yes, kinda. 
Fan: So what’s the deal with the spinne on the album cover? 
Frank: Well, y'know, the thing is, I’m afraid of scorpions too, and I’ve got a tattoo of that, so.. Anything that’s got a lot of creepy legs freaks me out. But the thing with the spinne is, it’s about the contamination. It’s like venom, infiltration, those sort of things. So it doesn’t really freak me out.

Gerard: “The shows get kind of raunchy. I used to do that to piss the homophobes off, but now it’s become sexy. It started as something to challenge a meathead’s sexuality and see if they were going to try to fight me oder throw s*** at me, and maybe change the way they think and have them walk away from that show going, “You know what, I really like this band. There’s probably nothing wrong with being gay.” But then that became sexy though. Humping my monitor became sexy.”

My whole reasoning to asking the audience, “Who wants to f*** me?” is actually Mehr of a negative thing. Mehr of like, “Is that all your interested in, is f***ing me?” I pretty much make it a point every night. I ask that to say, “Well, I definitely wouldn’t f*** any of you.” I guess it’s like saying you’re really going to look past the attraction Du have with all these dudes and listen to what the hell we’re saying in the song instead of just thinking we’re hot.

Interviewer: What is the feeling like when you've worked so hard on a song and then Du come out and play it to 55,000 people and they sing back every word to you? 
Gerard: There's nothing that comes close to it. It's the single most rewarding feeling in the world. It beats anything, any drug... 
Interviewer: What about an amazing, amazing blowjob? 
Bob: I think it's better. 
Mikey: I plead the fifth! 
Gerard: The feeling that Du get really is better than, uh... a bit of blowj.

Interviewer: How do Du feel about turning thirty? 
Frank: *Giggles* 
Gerard: Ohhh. Let me see. I'm actually- I'm excited about it. I'll tell Du why. I always see getting older as, like, learning... Du know? Thirty's not old. Thirty's like the new twenty... 
Frank: ...For trees. 
Gerard: For trees!

Gerard:  I think it’s totally okay to cry during a movie. I think maybe like Bridge To Terabithia… That s*** came out of nowhere, did Du see that? They f***in’ killed the girl out of nowhere. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but Du think you’re going to watch a fun Fantasy film and then the Weiter thing Du know, f***ing dead 16 year-old girl… Check it out.

Frank: Gerard told me there had to be a spy gitarre part in ‘The Sharpest Lives’ and I was the guy to do it. I sagte “f*** yeah, I’ll do it!” because that’s what Du say to a dude that Du Liebe and respect… But when he left the room I realised I had to write a spy gitarre part for an electronic-rock-dancey song. F***. I swear I’ve never seen a 007 movie, I was pretty screwed!

Frank: How in the f*** does Gerard find the time to be in this band, write a comic, be a husband, and write hilarious reviews about reality TV [on the website]? Not to mention have the time to watch reality TV enough to be able to write hilarious reviews about it? Am I missing something? I mean really. Not to mention his posts are fucking gripping. Like, Du can’t put the computer screen down, in fear that Du may miss the secrets of the universe revealed to you. I dare say there have to be multiples, Gerard clones oder robots. I’m not sure yet. All I know is that Gerard Way is way too productive for my comfort zone. Something’s up and I’m too busy Lesen his blogs to find out what it is.

Gerard: What the f*** does a guy have to do to find some Frankenberry in the state of California? …Am I going to have to order some off Amazon? Picture that for a minute. Just close your eyes and let your imagination bring this scenario to life… A person - me, you, whoever - logging onto Amazon, pulling out an actual credit card, inputing the exact numbers and the desired shipping address, possibly even selecting “Next-Day Air”, to get some godd***ed Frankenberry in a motherf***in' cereal bowl.

Ray: I'm a home-body, I freely admit that. The thought of showering to go out annoys me. Shaving? A nuisance! Getting dressed!? Perish the thought. Me and the wife like to laze around in what we call ‘our bubble’ at home, with our dogs, our TV, our fireplace, and our Cher mix.

Interviewer: Where's the best place for people to get information about MCR?
Ray: Probably our website. But what is it? Is it... Tumblr? I think it's Tumblr. I don't know, it's great. Kids post all these pictures. And like, half the time kids know where we're going before we do! 
Mikey: Yeah, I find out stuff from them sometimes! It's like, "That's what we're doing? Cool." 

Gerard: Man, as soon as I go into a Starbucks I take off my sunglasses. I want to be recognised and I want free coffee. 
Interviewer: Obviously you're joking... 
Frank: No. For some reason, the guys who make the coffee are really up on their music. They usually recognise us and know who we are. 
Mikey: I went to four Starbucks' in Manhattan recently, and I got free coffee in three of them. 
Gerard: Wow, that's cool! I have a pretty good strike rate too, but it's not as impressive as that. 
Interviewer: Let me get this straight... You're a platinum band who goes about America trying to get free coffee? 
Mikey: Yes. 
Frank: Think about it this way; if it weren't for that we'd have no vices at all. If it weren't for Starbucks, we'd be perfect!

Interviewer: First kiss... With who and where? 
Frank: Oh man. It's kind of synonymous with how I met Bob, really. Yeah, it was a dark room... I didn't really know. 
Bob: He has soft lips. 
Frank: It was bearded. And it was weird. 
Interviewer: But the Frage is, was he a good kisser? 
Frank: He's in the band, so... yeah.

Interviewer: If Du were on a desert island and could only bring three things with you, what would they be? 
Gerard: I'd definitely bring a hand-crank flashlight, a machete, and then something fun. 
Mikey: tritonshorn, conch, muschel shell! 
Gerard: Well, they'd be there, Mikey... 
Mikey: No, so Du could always talk- 
Frank: I'll bring sand. 
Gerard: Du bring coconuts too, Mikey. 
Frank: And inflatable palm trees.

Gerard: I always wanted to be in musicals, like, big time! I'm just gonna put it out there. 
Mikey: Du were in a musical once... 
Frank: Everyone's laughing at you! 
Gerard: Yeah, I know! 
Ray: Were Du just doing the 'call me' sign?! I could have sworn Du were just like "call me!" 
Gerard: What? Nah, I was just playing with my hair!

Gerard: I think Frank would be very good in horror films. 
Mikey: I'd be the dude that got killed right away in a horror movie. Five Minuten in.
Frank: I think that's the only thing I'd ever want to do in a movie anyway. 
Mikey: Get killed? 
Frank: Like, slashed the f*** up! 
Mikey: Bob got asked to be in a bunch of teen movies... 
Bob: *mouths to Mikey* I hate you.

Frank: We've never won anything before! 
Gerard: We've won, like, Kerrang awards. 
Ray: I won a spelling bee when I was younger, but that's about it. 
Frank: Yeah, and they took it away from him because he took nude pictures of himself on the internet. 
Gerard: Oh jeez. 
Frank: Du can't do that.

Interviewer: What do My Chemical Romance do with cuddly toys that Fans give them?
Gerard: There's a big shredder for them. I want every kid to know that's where they go. Especially the unicorns. The Einhörner go in first, then they get spit out as cotton and we make pillows out of them.

Interviewer: What's the worst oder most embarrassing gift you've ever received for Christmas? 
Frank: One of my Uncles used to give me stuff out of his closet with the Tags still on it. I got some big flannels one year. It's really weird, you're like, “OK... I gave Du those before...” 
Interviewer: Du will be spending this Weihnachten home, right? 
Frank: Yes, thank God! I get to go home. 
Interviewer: So, will Du set up a baum and stuff like that? 
Frank: No! My fiancée doesn't celebrate Christmas, so we might do an un-Christmas. I don't know. My mom might have a baum where she lives, but I am not having one in my house. We are going to give each other some gifts though. We will do something. It will be fun.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on astrology? Have Du ever had your tarot cards oder birth charts read? 
Frank: Yes. I've had things read. I don't know if I believe in anything like that, but I'd like to believe in it. I'd like to believe that people have certain powers to maybe know the future. 
Interviewer: Du have had your cards read? What did they say? 
Frank: Jeez… I don't remember. It was a really long time ago, I don't do it anymore. I dated this girl once that went and they made her buy a crystal. I thought that was really funny. It was like, “You are only going to be happy if Du give me 75 dollars and I will give Du this crystal,” and she did it. And I was like, “Oh my god you're f***ing screwed.” Yeah… and she dumped me. I think maybe it was because I made fun of her crystal.

Interviewer: What is the worst oder funniest oder dumbest thing you've made up to get out of something? 
Frank: Oh man! I used to lie all the time to get out of work. I sagte stuff, like, people... died. 
Interviewer: Who 'died' most of the time? 
Frank: Most of the time it was a distant cousin oder something like that. I guess I feel bad, Du know, for my distant cousins to die, but it was a way to get out of work. I had a huge family and they were all dropping dead. It's terrible! I have found though that the worse Du go with the lie, the less people Frage Du about it. Once Du say something, like, really fucked up then nobody can call Du on it. That's how I got out of work! I am not saying that Du should do that, but if Du really need to lie, go all out!

Gerard: “I’m actually starting to get this thing now where people grab my package! We went over to England and it happened at almost every show. I don’t really enjoy any kind of invasion of privacy like that. When you’re on stage it doesn’t phase Du oder bother Du too much though. Grabbing my package is obviously a total invasion of privacy, I’m not into that at all. Grabbing my butt… I guess if it were a guy I’d enjoy it. It all depends on how he grabbed my butt too.”

Gerard: Do I look sweet? I feel sweet!
Mikey: *Messes up hair*
Gerard: Thank Du Mikey, I probably look like s*** now.

Gerard: I Liebe you.
Frank: I Liebe Du too.
Gerard: Du are my two kid brothers, Du know that right?

Fan: Don't go and see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. The ending is so gay! 
Frank: I take it Du didn't like the Harry/Dumbledore blowjob scene?

Interviewer: Let’s say that Du got to live the rest of your life in your idea of paradise. Maybe it is an island, on a mountain, in the country, wherever Du like. Where would it be? What would it look like? 
Gerard: I think I would be fifteen in an endless Dungeons and Drachen game, that went all night, and they had unlimited Dr. Pepper. I would have to be eternally 15, with other Friends of mine that were 17 and 15 and so on, and that one weird guy who is like 28 hanging out with fifteen Jahr olds, playing Dungeons and Drachen forever. 
Frank: I would be in my 60’s with a huge family and some sort of family gathering oder something like that.

Interviewer: Did Du go to your prom? 
Frank: Oh, yeah. I wasn't king at all. Trust me. 
Interviewer: Was your datum hot, at least? 
Frank: Yeah, she was alright. But then she ended up, uh, sleeping with my friend, and that was bad, so... That didn't work out at all. 
Interviewer: That night?! 
Frank: No, no, not that night! Oh, that would have been the worst! 
Interviewer: Worst prom ever! 
Frank: Yeah. Thanks for bringing THAT up. I appreciate it.

Interviewer: Do Du guys have any fetishes? 
Bob: *To Frank* Du like beards. 
Frank: *laughs* Yes! 
Interviewer: Really? They turn Du on? 
Bob: Well... 
Frank: That would be telling. 
Bob: Yeah. It's just between us.

Gerard:[While discussing Harr Potter/MCR Fan Fics] Well, I better be in Slytherin.

Interviewer: Does a bad review piss Du off? 
Gerard: Only when they rip apart our fucking hair! oder especially if we had a Zeigen that night that we felt was just on fire. 
Ray: oder even shows we've played that we thought were just the pits and we've gotten great reviews. It's like 'what are they talking about?' 
Gerard: We're like 'what Zeigen were Du at?!'

Interviewer: How does the 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' video tie in with your high school days? 
Gerard: It ties in no way to what we were like in high school. But the funny thing about it is our personalities did kind of come through in the video. Mikey is kind of like- 
Ray: What does that say about me, man?! 
Gerard: Well, I don't know! I was definitely... I didn't get picked on oder punched in the face, but I was definitely probably trying to be a lot kühler then I was. Probably tripped and fell a lot. For sure. And Frank was definitely aggro. Our personality- 
Frank: (yelling) What did Du call me?! 
(Gerard and Frank yell back and forth while everyone laughs at their bickering) 
Gerard: ...You see how aggro that was?

Interviewer: Could Du tell us something about the band oder one of its members that not many people know about? Like a little quirk oder something that Du do on the road. 
Frank: Umm, okay, let’s see. I’m trying to think of things that won’t embarrass anybody. One thing, just one? 
Interviewer: Well, how ever many Du want to tell us. 
Frank: I’ll give Du one about everybody. Ray’s never around. strahl, ray will constantly be on his phone, playing a video game oder playing gitarre in the back lounge with earphones on. Like, Du will not see him, Du do not see him at all. That kid is dedicated to technology completely. Bob is addicted to '24', the Fernsehen show. Mikey will be broke at the age of thirty, but have every DVD, comic book, and video game known to man. Gerard, this is probably widely known, but I will assure you, Gerard is as close to genius as Du could possibly get.

Interviewer: If Du guys were stranded on a desert island, with no Essen and nothing to eat, which one of the band members would Du eat to survive? 
Frank: Wow. Oh man. It definitely wouldn’t be Mikey, because he’s got nothing. I don’t know. I wouldn’t eat Gerard oder Bob because they are just great company, and I wouldn’t eat Toro because he’d probably be the one to figure out a way off the island... So I’d probably have to eat my own leg.

Mikey: I wanted to say a funny story before I forget it about spiders. I'm deathly, deathly afraid of spiders, 'cause they've got those little eyes... But no, so anyway, one night I went to a horror convention in New Jersey, which is where geeks go to buy horror movie posters- 
Frank: And Von that he means that's where WE go to buy horror movie posters. 
Mikey: That's where just me and Frankie go! No, but, so I got real drunk... Like, too drunk, and I bought a tarantula. And I brought it to a speiselokal, diner right after the convention and put it on the table. 
Frank: And then Du left it there? 
Mikey: I should have left it there... 
Frank: What did Du do with it? 
Mikey: Oh, I gave it to Alicia's brother. He took it. 
Interviewer: When Du talked about the Fan thing- 
Frank: Wait, THAT was the really funny story Du wanted to bring up?!
Mikey: It's a SCARY story!

Interviewer: Did Du say that hated Australia at some stage? 
Mikey: See, this is what happens. Kids take things and RUN with them. Like, Du were probably like "man, it's too hot here today" and that turned into "I hate Australia!" 
Frank: It's so weird. I feel bad now, because I actually really like Australia! Du know what I DON'T like, is the spiders Du have here. I don't like spiders... 
Interviewer: Have Du come across a few? 
Frank: The other night, I swear to God, we were coming out of the venue after practicing, and we got into this transporter, van and there was a spinne on it the size of that TV. It was ridiculous! Like, yeah, what is that, 36 inches? ...It was a full-colour, plasma screen spider.

Interviewer: There must be times when Du look out into the audience and Du think 'oh my God, these people look Mehr like us than we do!' 
Frank: *Laughs* There's a lot of that! Sometimes, uh, Du know, Fans will get really psyched about one- 
Frank: -one period of time. 
Mikey: X'S ON THE EYES! 
Frank: Yeah! When Du maybe put something on that Du were like 'oh, I'll just try this out', then one picture got taken of it and people are like 'oh, that's how he looks!'

Interviewer: Is it all blue M&Ms and stuff backstage? 
Frank: Yeah, no, they've gotta be green. 
Mikey: Yeah, oder we're done. F*** it.

Interviewer: If Du could nominate a song each, a guilty pleasure that Du would Liebe to see in the My Chemical Romance set, what would it be? 
Frank: Oh man. 
Mikey: Ooh, uh... ABBA. 
Frank: ABBA? *Laughs* THAT'S guilty! 
Interviewer: Which ABB- 
Mikey: MAMMA MIA! 
Interviewer: Nice! And would it come with the dance moves? 
Mikey: Gerard would supply them, I'm sure. 
Frank: He's been waiting all his life to supply those dance moves!

Interviewer: You're only hours away from going onstage, what's going through the mind at this stage? 
Mikey: Right now's the 'Eye of the Tiger'. 
Frank: Oh yeah? You've got the 'Eye of the Tiger' going? 
Mikey: I'm back with the speed bag. The jump rope. And a big slab of meat. 
Interviewer: Do Du play any Survivor backstage? 
Frank: I wish! It's like those Starbucks commercials where they come and say your name... ROY! ROY, ROY, ROY! 
Interviewer: How would it be, just in the middle of the set, to suddenly burst into a cover of 'Eye of the Tiger'? 
Frank: Sillier things have happened. We've actually done 'Umbrella' Von Rihanna. So, Du never know.

Interviewer: As a kid, did Du like to give people hell? 
Frank: Give people hell? Definitely. I was a little b******.
Gerard: Give them what? 
Frank: Hell. 
Gerard: Hell… Oh, give them s***. Yeah… No, I was… I think I was a pretty well-behaved kid. I was like that jerky kid that liked to hang out with all the adults whenever they would get together. And all the other kids would think I was too good for them and that I was an ***hole. I was like that kid. 
Frank: So Du were an ***hole? 
Gerard: Yeah. I just didn’t want to talk about the Wizard of f***ing Oz, know what I mean? I wanted to talk about coffee and pocket domestics.

Gerard: Me and Frankie got pulled over last night. Well, it’s Mehr like we got held up Von four undercover SUV police… And they asked me TWICE if I was a vampire! I’m not even fucking kidding. That guy doesn’t even know how he made my year! And when they let us go they sagte “just drive a little slower”. Then he was like “are Du guys Satan worshippers?” We were like “no, dude”. And Von the way, don’t ever call a cop “dude” ‘cause they don’t like it!

Interviewer: Do Du ever find there’s sexual tension because you’re with eachother 24/7? 
Frank: What?! 
Mikey: Only with Bob. 
Gerard: I’ve seen a lot of bands actually be super-grumpy dudes and talk about sex all the time and be so grumpy because they’re not getting laid. I think because we play so many video games and nerd out we don’t have that problem as much as other bands. We get grumpy about airplanes and being overworked. We don’t really get grumpy about sex. 
Frank: I think what happens is, our gitarre tech, Matt Cortez, has so much porn going on at all times that you’re just like “If I see one Mehr tit…” 
Gerard: He’s like the jack-off champ. He’ll come and tell Du all about it. “Yo, three!” Jesus. There’s a lot of bunk action. There’s a lot of ‘me time’ in this band, alright?

Gerard: Mikey, this lollipop Du threw at my head broke. It shattered. That's how hard Du threw it at my head! 
Ray: Mikey, come on, chill out! 
Gerard: Yo, Zeigen some respect! 
Frank: Mikey's out of control! His hair's out of control!
Gerard: "Are Du on our side and Du want to be diffrent oder are Du on that side and Du want to throw a football at my head?"

Gerard: "That's what happens when you're all borderline psychotic and there in lies the beauty of this band - our duality. There's a duality to each band member too. There's a desire to have this constant conflict. If we write a write a song and it turns out really poppy, we have to make the lyrics really f***ed up. There's psychosis to everything we do for sure. One Tag we're probably gonna write this number one pop tune that will be about a massacre!" 

Gerard : "It takes a while to tell stories, I think it's because I was drunk for three years."

Frank: "I would datum Gerard."

Frank: "Has Goldfinger ever seen any mooses?"
Mikey: "That isn't the plural of moose. It's moosi."
Gerard: "F*** off, it's meese."
Frank: "Has Goldfinger ever seen a flock of meese advancing on him? It's a terrifying sight. They aren't small creatures. Du would just run off like a girl oder a boy. What does running like a girl mean anyway?"
Mikey: I've seen one. I'd run like a girl for sure. They're massive. If Du run over one you're f***ed. They come in through your windscreen kicking."
Bob: "People think that moose are really gentle and goofy but they aren't; they're f***ing animals." 

Gerard: "If you're gonna buy me a present, don't spend Mehr than twenty five bucks, you'll get a blowjob anyway." 

Gerard: "The Devil got landed with a s***ty job, he has to deal with a**holes everyday, he's probably bored as hell." 

Interviewer: Cat oder dog? 
Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Ray: Dog 
Bob: Cat (buries his head in his hands) 

TESSA NOTE: I bet thats why he got kicked out of the band. XD.

Ray: "I have a lot of experience with making fake helmets out of foil." 

Cameraman: So, did Du read Ellen DeGeneres's new book?
 Frank: Yeah.
 Cameraman: How was it?
 Frank: It made me a lesbian.

Gerard: So many people treat Du like you’re a kid so Du might as well act like one and throw your Fernsehen out of the hotel window.

Gerard: I'm gonna buy whatever dusche curtain I want.

Gerard: I have a nihilistic attitude so it's like, the new's popular. Du know what I mean?
 Frank: Popsicle is the new black. 
Gerard: What did I say? Oh yeah. Screaming is the new gay, everybody's doing it. 
Frank: I wish it were Popsicle.
 Gerard: Popsicles? 
Frank: Popsicles should be the new black and then everyone would have one. 
Mikey: I like Popsicles... 

 Gerard: Look at me, with my pretty bracelet and tiara... I'm a f*ckin' princess! 

Mikey: ''I was terrified of the dark, and she[his mom] had this porzellan doll collection that was really f***ing creepy. I tried to get her to lock them up in a cupboard, but she never would.'' 

Mikey: Did Du get kicked in the balls Von someone named Frankie? 
*Frankie walks by, laughing* 
Gerard: Yeah it just hurt- 
Mikey, to Frankie: Du kicked him hard, dude. 
Gerard: -when I turned around I was like "Woah! He's playing over here!" when he kicked me in the balls, I was wondering "What did I do wrong?"

Interviewer: What is with all the vampire/hospital allusions?
Gerard:    Um, the vampire stuff is actually only in one song. The hospital stuff is in a lot of them. The hospital theme is like; I mean with me personally I am in and out of freakin’ hospitals, constantly and emergency rooms epically, for God knows what. So many different things, and all of us are in the hospital oder sick, oder so many things, and the hospital is just a good metaphor for a lot of stuff. It’s kinda a safe, sicher place but yet scary place so I kinda put it in the songs as a metaphor so people always have something to go to. Like in Vampire I say “take me to the doctor” obviously another hospital type reference. But I don’t know, it is just like the last safe, sicher place. And the vampire this was only once, but, we get a bad rep for it.
Mikey:    And we’re not even talking about vampires.
Gerard:    I think a lot of that came from how we were in the beginning. A little gothic, ya know. Now I got that leather jacke and it is all cool.

Gerard:    I was in the hospital five times during recording, and I saw seven doctors and they couldn't figure out what I had. [Whether] I had a "stroke" oder facial nerve paralysis... they gave me a Catscan, [and it] ended up being a f***ing tooth. It was driving me so insane, I was f***ing delirious, and these people here saw me in the hotel one night.
Frank:    Haha yeah, spit was coming out of his mouth and he was laughing maniacally, it was f***ing great.

Interviewer:    Disney character that most represents you?
Mikey:    Donald Duck.
Gerard:    Yeah, Mike dressed up like Donald ente in 2nd grade.
Mikey:    It was a f***ing rad costume, my grandma made it.
Gerard:    It was f***ing hot and then the Weiter Jahr he dressed up as a Stay Puft Marshmallow.
Mikey:    And it was also really hot.

Mikey:    We like to party.
Interviewer:    Hell yeah.
Gerard:    We drink and party, we rock and roll man.
Interviewer:    Yeah, the most "un-edge" name, right?
Gerard:    We don't like do drugs though.
Interviewer:    You're not my friend then.

Interviewer: Mike, why don't Du ever eat?
Gerard:    When he was a kid he was so fat.
Mikey: But I eat Essen though.
Ray: He eats pizza Hut, he eats Popeyes.
Gerard:    Century Buffet, I was there and this kid here ate a lot, if the kid wants to eat he eats.
Mikey: I ate my weight in sushi today.
Gerard:    Like this kid just dropped so much weight one Tag and now he's skinny as hell. I used to be, like, 250 pounds.
Frank: We were all fat kids at once, we were all f***ing fat.
Gerard: It's good now.
Ray: See how Matt's staying quiet.
Matt: Shut up, I'm 250.

Interviewer:    Have Du had any really horrible experiences oder really great experiences on the road so far that have impacted the band?
Matt: Mikey got into a fight and broke his foot.
Ray: Haha, he got into a fight with a wall. The Wand was mouthing off to him.
Mikey: I got to hobble around with a cane for a while.
Matt: Ray ripped the fender off the van.
Ray: That was pretty funny though, it gives it attitude, don’t Du think?
Gerard:    My dad keeps asking about the fender too. He goes, “Did Du guys put the fender on yet?” And I was like, well we have it.
Ray: It was also a crazy time when I ripped my head apart.
Gerard:    Yeah, he got a really bad gash in his head in Columbus. And his face was like a mask of blood. We were terrified.
Ray: And then this girl sent a picture to me. She sent this E-Mail because we put on our website that we wanted a picture of us playing live. And she sent this E-Mail saying, “Oh, we saw Du guys in Columbus, um, Gerard is so cute. I wonder if Du guys remember me, I hugged Gerard after the show.” And the picture that she attached was called Gerard, and it was me and Gerard standing Weiter to each other. Du can hardly see his face, but my face was completely covered in blood.

Interviewer:    Do Du guys get tired of the constant Links to Vampire due to one song?
Frank:    Yes, but they have definitely dwindled so I’m okay with that now.
Gerard:    Ah, only occasionally, Du know it depends... only when people ask me to suck their blood. oder like when they write about it in the press and call us a vampire rock band but there’s not…
Frank:    Or when Du take pictures with naked girls…
Gerard:    With naked girls, yeah, biting their necks, things like that I guess, huh… I actually sometimes don’t mind the vampire rock band thing I think that’s kinda cool. Like if I was a kid I would have loved for there to have been a vampire rock band, I’d have been way into it…
Frank:    Yeah, Du like hearing that Mehr than Du like hearing, ‘Oh, you’ve got something in your eye’
Gerard:    (laughs) Yeah!

Interviewer: Have Du experienced any near death experiences?
Frank:    Yes. Erm… trying to think how long Vor it was, maybe a couple of months ago. A couple of Friends of ours - of mine and ours - I went out with them and we went to the Salvation Army hall and bought these three piece wool suits. Don’t ask why. We got into this boat, like a little row boot and we were in the middle of this lake and the boot tipped over. I thought I was going to die. It was like having four fat people on your back, it was awful, just like hanging onto you. It was terrible. I never want to drown.
Interviewer:    So Du won’t be doing that again soon...
Frank:    Yeah, I’m not going to do that, and I don’t want to drown. I really don’t.
Gerard:    Not really… if I would have experienced any it would have been when I was with this band, eh definitely… oh well I guess when I was held up with a gun. It was kinda put up to my head execution style, I thought I was going to die.

Interviewer: If Du could have any job besides this band what would it be and why?
Frank:    Oh I just found out about this actually. This is really cool, that I just found out, but there’s a job that Du can have where Du Design Halloween masks, I want that job! That would be f***ing amazing. Honestly if I knew about that job when I was a kid, I might not be here right now.
Gerard:    I’d probably illustrate stuff… I like children’s books, that would be rad. Yeah, I’d probably do children’s books.

Interviewer #1:    What would be your favourite Halloween costume?
Frank:    I was Freddie Kruger for like five years in a row.
Mikey:    My favourite... I was the Stay Puft marshmallow Man. My grandmother made me the costume and it was awesome.
Gerard:    I... I was a ninja, that was my favourite.
Interviewer #1:    For five years running?
Gerard:    Ah, two years. Two years I was a ninja.
Interviewer #1:    What about you, Ray?
Ray:    Optimus Prime from Transformers. From the original cartoon series.
Interviewer #2:    You guys should have worn those costumes tonight!
Frank:    We had to Bewegen our luggage down to really small duffel bags because it was a small flight.
Ray:    Yeah, we wouldn't have had room for underwear...
Gerard:    If I was like a ninja, Du wouldn't see me.

Interviewer:    A lot of punk “elitists” are starting to complain about the whole “emo” trend. Guys wearing makeup, and wearing girls pants. Mark Adkins from Guttermouth went on a huge rant about it all on their site and even went to the of calling Gerard a “fat rosa raccoon.” What’s your opinion on all of that?
Frank:    I think, he’s a racist, he’s a sexist, he’s homophobic, he’s a hateful person, and it’s just wrong. We could all sit here and call people names and hate people for the way they dress oder the Musik they like oder just the things that they think are cool. But that doesn’t make us any better. It’s an awful thing where Du have such a soap box, like Du have a lot of Fans that are into your band, and Du use that to spew hate. I guess that’s his opinion.

TESSA NOTE: I only showed Du that one because its fun to think of Gee as a fat rosa raccoon. XD.

Frank: 'My biggest addictions have been Schokolade cake, mashed potatoes, and butter sandwiches.'

Gerard: I want to be a vampire. They're the coolest monsters.

Gerard: I was like wooo, I like killed so many plants.

Interviewer: So how did Du feel about the hugs after that? 
Gerard: The hugs were sweet

Mikey: It's me and Gerard on the porch, talking about how Gerard isn't cool! 

Gerard: Just cause you're bigger than me, just cause you're smarter than me, does not mean.. no way, no how.. I'm sucking Du off.. for any amount of money!

Gerard: People think we're rich vampires.

Gerard: So how was Weihnachten for Du guys? Did Du all get lots of nice black t-shirts?

Frank: We just have to watch Mikey and make sure he doesn't put anymore forks in the toaster.

Mikey: We're very attractive to them because we dress like homeless people.

Frank: When the water touched my balls, that's when I got scared.

Gerard: Who wouldn't want to catch a guy in a bär suit?

Gerard: Du should see me as a chick. I look hot as a chick.

Gerard: "When Du are Küssen a guy with a beard, it's different."

Gerard:"Craziest thing that ever happened to me was being attacked Von a black bird. It pecked the s*** out of my head. We were at this hotel called The Phoenix in San Francisco. We were leaving to go to a Zeigen the Weiter morning and the bird just f***in' attacked my head. And the Weiter Tag Slipknot were there, they were coming in as we were leaving, and they got attacked Von birds too." 

Gerard: "Yeah, obviously we use Vampire as a metaphor for something else, something deeper than just the supernatural. But there's just something about the bloodsucking walking dead, that can say so much to people. There are really so many people trying to get control over Du on a daily basis and steal your soul in some way, take a part of you..." 

Mikey: "Ashlee Simpson told me she had our CD."

Frank: Yes we are currently on tour for the rest of our natural lives.

Frank: I've never downloaded anything, really. I'm anti-computer and I enjoy buying records.

Interviewer: If Du could come back after death to "put the wrong things right" what would Du most likely need to fix up?
Frank: So if we were to die today? 
Interviewer: Yeah in like an hour. 
Frank: I don't know.   
Gerard: Let's say the whole band died, we'd just get back together and start playing again! 

Interviewer: What's your dream car?
Frank: A Delorean, fully equipped with a flux capacitor. And it must run on garbage.

Frank: But I almost got shot the other night though. [He says this almost nonchalantly as if it's a frequent occurence.]
Interviewer: Shot? As in shot, shot? 
Frank: Pellet gun shot.

Frank: If I revealed my secret identity, the world would go to s***.

Interviewer: You're in a karaoke bar and you've had too much to drink. What song...
[Frank turns to Gerard] I know what you're going to say! 
Interviewer: Du sing and do Du totally rock it oder do Du totally kill it? 
Frank: He rocks the s*** out of it! Totally Bon Jovi! 
Gerard: Bon Jovi... 'Living On A Prayer.' It's funny because a lot of people give me s*** when we go to karaoke because I won't do it..

Frank: Oh, I wasn't allowed in a certain VIP barbecue that I wanted in to.

Frank: "ARRRRGH!! The romance got tested fer the scurvey they did, and got drunk off Cap'n Morgan.....arrrgh" 

Interviewer: Do Du turn the volume up oder down when Du hear your Musik on the radio?
Frank: Way the f*** up.

Frank: "I can't imagine any other bands having better kids than ours, and if they do at least I know our kids can beat up their kids." 

Frank: "If Du don't listen, you're never gonna learn"

Interviewer: In 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' the main character is made to do pushups in drag. If Du were forced to so something in drag, what would Du choose to do? 
Gerard: Karate. 
[everyone breaks out in laughter] 
Frank: I liked the "if Du were forced, what would Du choose to do." 
Gerard: It's like the drag fairy comes Von and says "what would Du like to do?" Ahhmm yeah, karate. 
Frank: Really? 
Gerard: No. Really, I would do what I did when I dressed in drag this one time before. I went to school in drag, in art school and my Tag was completely different because everybody thought I was a chick. 
Frank: He looked like Christina Ricci. 
Gerard: Du should see me as a chick. So I went as a girl, as like an experiment and it worked really well and everyone was really nice to me but I couldn't talk obviously... Du know train conductors were really cool to me on my commute... 
Frank: I would datum Gerard. 
Gerard: HA! I looked hot as a chick.

Interviewer: The one person Du would like to spend five Minuten with?
Frank: My girlfriend. We're always on tour and we never get to spend any time together.

Frank: See here's the thing... [Turns to Gerard] Before Du say anything... think about what Du were going to say because I want to say something about karma. 

Frank: It's funny because it's rare that we would be out and not wasted. 

Frank: I have been known to do 'I Got Du Babe' with a friend of mine, Greg Southside and we do the s*** out it! We've been kicked out of bars because we did it so well. But strahl, ray would like to sing probably 'Only The Good Die Young'.

Frank: "He sagte if we didn't hire him, he knew where we lived, and would come and take our pets."

Frank: *Starts to climb into casket*
Ray: Are Du Wird angezeigt your butt!? No Du aren't getting in there! *Pulls Frank out and lets him down*
Frank: *Tries to climb in again*
Ray: NO!
Gerard: Guys! Don't knock it off!!

Ray:"Frank was actually too short to carry the casket, so it was all of us. Thanks Frank. He's nappin' right now."
TESSA NOTE: haha. He issss short.

Frank: " know it's one of my Favorit videos..even though it's um..ours." -about Helena

Frank: "He's a good kisser too"
Gerard: "A very good kisser"
Frank and Gerard: *Makes kissy faces*

Interviewer: Vampire oder Werewolves?
Gerard: Vampires
Frank: Vampires
Mikey: Vampires
Ray: Actually, I like Werwölfe better, so I go with werewolves.
Frank: Traitor!

Interviewer: Free Michael(Jackson) oder free Martha(Stewart)
Frank: Kindersex.
Gerard: Martha
Frank: Wait. who are they?
Ray: Ooooh Michael Jackson!
Frank: Lock them both up. Together! 

Zufällig FACT: Gerard has an extreme allergy to cats. He says he loves all animals. He now has a dog named Susan.  When he was a kid he had a hamster. During a secret santa he was gegeben a hampster cage, but never bought a hampster for it.

Gerard: "If Du don't go to highschool Du will deffinatly go to jail."   

Gerard: "When Du are Küssen a guy with a beard , it's different."
Gerard: "There's such a lack of sex in music."

Gerard: "I feel like theres so many people out there who have the kids in the palm of their hand, listening but there are so few people saying something"

Gerard: "It's important to keep up momentum, when I'm Home alone I get stagnant, I go crazy and have to see my therapist. Being on the road keeps me busy. I'm okay when I'm busy."

Ray: *when asked about his and Gee's highschool years*"We were birth control." 

Gerard: "I was this weird loner kid who got drunk Von himself all the time."

Gerard: 'I give Du a penalty for roughage!' 

Gerard: 'What I Like about The Sims is that I don’t have a normal life at all, so I play this game where these people have these really boring, mundane lives. It’s fun. My Sims family is called the Cholly family. I don’t know why I picked that name; it’s kind of random. The teenage daughter is my favourite, because I just had her go through this Goth phase. She’s really kind of nerdy and she just became a konzert violinist, which is pretty huge for the family. And she got into private school. But she started wearing black lipstick and she dyed her hair purple. It’s pretty huge.'

 Interviewer: Musically, who were your biggest influences?
Frank: Black Flag, Richie Havens, Hambone King of Rock 'n' Roll and my Dad.

Gerard: "We can duct tape my knee, I don't care"

Gerard:"I'm the master of the wicket!"

Interviewer: Pimp My Ride oder Monster House?
Frank: I have no idea what that means. Sorry.

Interviewer: Gangsta rap oder hip-hop?
Frank: B-horror Filme and a case of Mountain Dew.

Gerard: "Jacksonville.. you've been very bad! So we're gonna slap the s*** out of you!"

Gerard: "Cigarettes and coffee: an alcoholic's best friend!" 

Frank: "There's not much to do at that point!"

Gerard: "Were not a festival band, playing during the Tag was something we had to get over, I was like uhh this sun stuff kind of sucks" 

Gerard: "I had the oben, nach oben of my lip torn off, I don't even have that little piece of flesh that connects my gums anymore" 

Interviewer: You're stranded on a desert island. What is the one thing you'd have with you?
Frank: Books, especially Harry Potter. I'm such a sissy.

Gerard: "The Jersey mentality is: I work, I drink, I stay up all night, I try to meet a girl, it's a waste of time " 

Gerard: "I just rolled up the window, I couldn't think of anything else to do, phew I'm safe, sicher from the .375 gun now that I've rolled up the f***ing window" 


Interviewer: Elvis oder The Beatles?
Frank: The Beatles. 

Gerard:"We like to kidnap them in a van, and leave them somewhere dangerous. SURPRISE!

TESSA NOTE: I don't know why, but I find that quite funny...

Gerard:Open up those f***ing mosh pits!
Gerard: "Do Du want to F*** me CHICAGO!?!? Do Du want to F*** me in my bed, under my sheets.... Do Du want to DAAANCE?" 
At a TOC Zeigen Fans asked Mikey if it was hard to play gitarre and he sagte "Sometimes it's hard and harder for me because of my athsma."
     Yet he also says he is not asthmetic.... MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

"It's always awkward pretending to play our instruments...I feel like Ashlee Simpson...Oh,ZING!!" ~ Frank Iero

"YEAH!! I wanna play all night!!" ~ Mikey Way

(Referring to the Skeleton gloves) "Gerard makes me wear these constantly..." ~ Frank Iero

(At LeATHERMOUTH concert) "Thank Du guys for getting off the messaging boards and coming out to the real life..." ~ Frank Iero

"I have been told that when I see a camera, I tend to run away from it..........Or break it...Or smash it..." ~ Bob Bryar

Mikey:"My biggest fears would be ghosts, um, deep water, and 
Mikey:"But my Favorit movie is JAWS so..."

Okay... I apologize, but there may be some things called "Tessa notes" These Zitate were originally a bunch of letters to my friend, while she was at camp. I found funny Zitate to cheer her up because she was homesick. I did not pay much attention when I put them back together. Sorry.

Interviewer:"What turns Du guys on?"