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Die Fanauswahl: Raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth
Die Fanauswahl: Teenagers
Die Fanauswahl: Revenge
Die Fanauswahl: Famous Last Words.
Die Fanauswahl: red
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2ntyOnePilots sagte …
So! It’s 2019! Jahr OF THE KILLJOYS!,!
(No Mehr #ItsAlmost2019)
How many people (that ever check this site) know about this? gepostet vor 16 Tagen
2ntyOnePilots sagte …
Why the fuck Du no send me Updates for the MOST IMPORTANT club Fanpop??!!!
Ahem. I’m sorry! If I had know there was ANY activity here I sure as hell would’ve responded... but NoOoO! Fanpop where’s Du respect for my legends?! gepostet vor einem Monat
gvldenyovth sagte …
If I see any piss memes here I'm calling the police gepostet vor einem Monat
2ntyOnePilots Kommentiert…
I swear to god don’t bring that back vor einem Monat
gvldenyovth Kommentiert…
I'm trying to avoid this bullshit preemptively. It was fun while it lasted for 2 weeks and should now rot in its grave/ vor einem Monat