Musik Some of my unpopular opinions in regards to all things musical; which do Du most agree with?

Pick one:
I liked My World era Bieber (before he went nuts)
I like Brokencyde
I like Blood On The Dancefloor, but Davhie is an arsehat
I don't hate Bowie (he has some cool songs) but I'm just not that into him
Miley has talent, she's just not using it
I Liebe electro Musik and folk Musik
I like at least two oder three songs from every genre
I don't think Hydra is Within Temptation's worst album
Tarja is better solo than with Nightwish
I think Ke$ha is very talented (especially on the unreleased tracks)
I Liebe the girls of TATU but they're Schauspielen like children right now
I don't really agree with any
 zanhar1 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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