Probably the best-looking 46 year-old person I know of, which is fitting for the glamorous authority she voices.
Recently, while surfing through Twitter, I bumped into a tweet Von Ellen Degeneres where she interviewed a young boy who was a big Fan of Idina Menzel. And as a surprise, Idina Menzel was there too! I can just imagine how joyful that boy was. However, this kind of saddened me. As someone who's also a huge Fan of Idina Menzel, watching that little boy meeting her idol made me happy, and sad. Happy because a young child finally met with the person he idolized. And sad because I wanted to meet/contact her for a long time. This gave me an idea. Maybe if I write about why I look up to her, then she could acknowledge me. I know the odds of that happening are very low, but I do have hope of one Tag meeting her...not necessarily through this article. Not to mention, I've been meaning to write an Artikel about why I admire her, I just didn't know what to write in it.

This Artikel will get quite emotional since I'll be talking about my personal history regarding her and Frozen, but I just want to express why I'm a fan.

Let's discuss my history first:
It all started in early October, the third Sunday of my 8th grade, when all of a sudden I started to form a crush on Elsa from Frozen. I thought this was going to be another fictional crush that I'll get over with in a week, but this was different. This was the first time I ever related to a fictional character.
Back in my middle-school years, not only did I have problems with my emotions, but I was constantly bullied for no other reason other than for their amusement...and because I was different.
All of the boys were loud, ignorant, obnoxious, idiotic, sports-obsessed, undisciplined and unsympathetic brutes. And all of the girls were condescending, arrogant, promiscuous, squealing, unsympathetic, brats. The girls that were nice to me either leaned Mehr towards the bad-boys while I was left in the dust, oder just didn't care. And the teachers weren't any better, since half of them were jackasses who didn't do their job correctly.
One time in my 8th grade, our class-master was so disappointed with our childish behaviour that she started crying. Despite her being kind of a bitch, I didn't feel satisfaction from her tears, but pity. Right after she left the room, what did my classmates do? Did they feel sorry for their awful behaviour and try to become better people? No! They just laugh, because laughing in the face of someone who's crying is certainly the most humane thing to do! I went outside to give her some tissues, but she already left. Much as I didn't like her, I did feel pity for her, but everyone else just laughed at not only at her disappointment to our behaviour, but just didn't care at all. Du can see why I hated it.
The only people who were really nice to me were my family, and my extra-curriculum teachers.

I bring this up because the reason I related to Elsa so much is because I understood her situation of being treated like a monster just because you're different, and having problems with controlling your emotions.
I fell in Liebe with her, because she has everything want to see in a woman: I can relate to her; is gentle; strict; smart; kind; selfless; incredibly gorgeous; and would make for a great listener. When I was 14 and fell in lover with her, I also looked at her as a "secondary-mother" type who would comfort me whenever I'm feeling depressed oder troubled.

Overtime, as I became a Fan of Frozen, I discovered Mehr things about it, including the people who were involved in its production (The directors, artists, actors, etc.) But the ones that stood out to me were Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell. Now, months before becoming a Fan of Frozen, I saw the 2014 Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon while taking a break from my homework, in my mother's room. When Frozen was declared as the best animated movie of 2013 (Personally, much as I Liebe Frozen, that honor should've gone to The Wind Rises.) and when Kristen glocke took the award, I thought that she was the actress who played Elsa. Keep in mind that when I first watched Frozen, I thought that Elsa was the main character because how beliebt and heavily advertised she was.

When I discovered that Elsa's voice actress was Idina Menzel, I began to learn Mehr about her, and slowly become a Fan of her music, and even a big Fan of her.
Originally, the only song I heard from her was "Let It Go". When I learned Mehr about her, I was surprised to see that she also played Elphaba from Wicked and Nancy Tremaine from Enchanted.
I listened to "Defying Gravity", and while I liked it, it wasn't my cup of tea. I preferred "Let It Go" a lot more.
My Favorit songs from her didn't extend until she released her latest album, apply named "Idina".

Now, one of the reasons why I lover her Musik is because of her voice, which is, in my opinion, absolutely incredible. While she can sound nasally, her ability of hitting the high-notes without using auto-tune is amazing. I also Liebe her speaking voice, which is one of the gentlest and sweetest voices I ever heard.

Another reason why I Liebe her Musik is the honesty and personal feeling she puts into her songs. She sagte that she can relate to "Let It Go", because whenever they played a Madonna song, she wouldn't sing out of fear of being ridiculed. But "Let It Go" is not the only song that hits close to home.

Her latest album is her best one, in my opinion. (Even though I never heard of her Zurück other albums.) It is simply titled "Idina" because she wants people to know her, and that's what this entire album is about: Her.

My two Favorit songs from this album are: "Queen of Swords" and "Perfect Story".
"Queen of Swords" is a really fun, energetic and incredibly catchy song. In my opinion, the song is about her not caring about what people say about her, and just keep being happy and passionate about her work and life. Also, the Titel reminds me of Pearl from Steven Universe.
"Perfect Story" is one of the saddest songs I ever heard. It's up there with songs like" Flying Without Wings", "Breaking the Habit", and "Hurt.
The song is basically an apology to her son, Walker, since she couldn't give him the perfect story because of her divorce from her husband, and that his life will change, for better oder for worse.
I almost start crying, whenever I listen to it, which is odd because my parents aren't divorced, they just live separately.
Either way, while I haven't listened to that many songs from it, I found this album to be amazing. It's the honesty and passion that's put into it that makes me Liebe it so much!
Speaking of music, last year, I discovered her cover of "Poker Face" alongside Lea Michele; and a remade version of "Defying Gravity" which is even better than the original. The "Poker Face" one is an incredibly lovely song, not only because it sounds lovely, but because of its context. The scene is about he main character (Played Von Lea Michelle) meeting her long Lost mother (Played Von Idina Menzel) and having a duet together.
The ironic thing is that Lea Michelle really should be her daughter, since they look similar, sound similar, and even act a little similar. It's really ironic that they played a mother and daughter, when they might as well be mother and daughter. I'm not saying that they must be related, but they just look like they're related.

A trait about Idina Menzel that I Liebe so much is her honesty.
For instance, when she was interviewed Paul Wontorek, she sagte this: "My son told me yesterday that his poop came out green." I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that she just outright sagte that without any hesitation. If I was in her place, I would've sagte "excrement" oder even "crap" instead, because the word "poop" just sounds incredibly embarrassing.

That's what I admire about her: he confidence. She sagte when she was young, she was very shy because she thought people would judge her for her singing. But now at the age of 46, it really feels like she came a long way and grew into a fearless and daring, but kind and compassionate woman.

She's also a pretty decent actress. I really liked her in Glee and Enchanted. Speaking of Enchanted, it's funny how in Frozen she sagte "You can't marry a man Du just met." yet that's what she did in Verzaubert when as Nancy she got married to Edward.

However, there is one performance/character whom I absolutely hate, and that's Maureen Johnson from Rent. Like everyone in that piece of garbage movie, Maureen was a complete inconsiderate and pretentious bitch. I know that she's supposed to be a confident woman who doesn't care what people think about her, but all I see is everything I hated about my female middle-school classmates, all rolled into one! Also, she's a lesbian, which definitely makes her interesting and not forced and pretentious.
There's a scene in the movie where she's Schauspielen like a complete moron on a stage in front of a whole audience. Jumping around and Schauspielen like an energetic toddler who tries to sound talented but instead ends up embarrassing. Also, her Singen was atrocious in that scene. This saddened me because she's a very talented and kind woman, and she's making a complete fool of herself.
But then again, playing a character I hate doesn't make me hate her, but I still can't deny how cringeworthy both the film and the characters were.

I know people are going to disagree with me, and I know there are others who aren't Fans of her, and that's fine. If they don't like her music/singing, I understand. Heck, I enjoy bands like Nickelback, despite how much criticism they get, and I don't really like Elvis Presley's music, even though he's being lauded as a Rock God.
Around three years ago, a Fanpoper named: "manu962" asked a Frage if Idina Menzel is rude oder not.
Another Fanpoper named: "charissayama" asnwered her Frage with this:
"I don't understand the Kommentare about Idina Menzel being a rude person. When she was signing autographs for her fans, she even made a Sekunde round. That shows how much she cares for her fans. Sometimes, she even sings for her Fans when she's sick. I mean, not just the Oscars. In one of her concerts, she was Singen 'Defying Gravity'. However, her Fans kept Singen with her, so at the end where the higher and longer notes happen, she changed the key for her fans. I personally find her a very kind person."

Also, I didn't like how she dyed her hair Blonde in 2015, because the Black hair suited her much better. The Blonde hair just made her look like every other female singer out there. I am glad that she dyed her hair back, but if she wanted it blonde, I fully respect it.

A few weeks ago, I saw a video message to Donald Trump on Twitter Von Arnold Schwarzenegger, wherein he described how Neo-Nazism and White Supremacy is some of the most inhumane things ever, since they're praising a bigoted tyrant who almost wiped off an entire race of people from the face of the Earth, and President Trump doesn't do anything about it. I found the video to be very deep and emotional, and one of the reasons why Arnold is one of my Favorit actors, ever. I bring this up because a few days later, Idina retweeted the video, which shows how much she took that speech to heart.
Now, someone was kind enough to Upload that speech to YouTube so others can see it. I'll do the same, and give a link to the video:

I also really like how she's also a supporter of the LGBT community, probably because no matter what we're attracted to, we're still people, and Idina knows that. However, I don't like how she wants to make Elsa into a lesbian, beause as I sagte many times before, it's a betrayal of what her character stands for. But if that's what she wants, fine. I fully respect her choice, even if I'm against it. I don't hate the people of the LGBT, but the unnecessary oversaturation of them in our current media is getting annoying.

I remember last Jahr whenever I went to the mall and searched through the albums and CD's from the library, I was searching to Idina's album, having a small hope to at least see it in physical form.

Now, with all of these, you'd think that I'm some sort of obsessive creep, but like I sagte in my "Getting to know Renegade1765 (Updated Version.), I don't call it an obsession, but rather "Dedication to something Du Liebe the most."
While I don't listen to many of her songs, the ones I do listen to are amazing and some of the best songs I've heard in Broadway.

However, I'm also worrying about her state. What do I mean Von that? Back in June when the trailer for Olaf's Frozen Adventure was released, I noticed that Elsa's voice sounds a little raspier and Mehr high-pitched then usual. I'm worrying that Idina is getting too old to voice Elsa. But it is a rather small thing. I'm still looking vorwärts-, nach vorn for both the short and the sequel. I just hope the actors and the crew don't overwork themselves.

I'd honestly Liebe to meet her in person and have a lengthy, friendly and mature conversation with her. I wouldn't care about the autograph, I just want to talk to her and share my history with her, and maybe I could get to know her better. I don't want to kidnap and torture her like Kathy Bates from Misery. All I really ask for is for her to be my friend, nothing more. Not just with her, but any celebrity/person I look up to.

I don't expect Idina herself to read this and contact me, because as I said: odds of that happening are very, very slim. I just wanted to express why Idina is my Favorit Broadway actress, and how I became a Fan of her. Sometimes, she makes mistakes and sometimes she does things I disagree with, but that's because she's not a literal Goddess, she's human. I can say the same thing about any celebrity that does mistakes and things I disagree with, but I don't take issue with it. Even though they're Berühmtheiten and Icons we look up to and admire, they're people. Sure, many may have become Mehr corrupt and arrogant than others, but fame and fortune can do that to people. While I despise Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, I am a little forgiving towards them, because it's obvious that any young child in their situation would become self-absorbed and arrogant. If anything, I pity them Mehr than I hate them.

I made this Artikel to express why I Liebe Idina Menzel, so much. She's a compassionate, talented, kind, motherly, honest, and funny person, and in my opinion, she deserves all the praise that she gets.
I wish Idina Menzel the best, and I hope she'll bring Mehr joy and beauty to the world, in the future.

As always, Smell ya' Later!