Musikvideos Help identifying a Musik video?

greboguru posted on Jun 05, 2017 at 05:15AM
There's this music video I saw in... 1999? 2000? It had to be one of those years, probably 1999. Might have been from 1998 but I doubt it. Anyway, I remember seeing it and thinking "these effects are cool, I wonder if the Matrix sequel will use stuff like this."

I don't know the band or the song. The music was pretty hard and heavy, kinda punkish pop or popish metal, sorta like Staind or Fuel or one of those bands.

The video was dark, I think with a greenish tint but I could be wrong about that. The band was on a stage, and sometimes they would jump or stomp or do a sudden/violent gesture, and the whole image would blur or smear or distort somehow. Like visual noise was added, or a filter of some kind. This would happen when the music hit a sudden strong beat or audio crash.

If I remember right, the effect would effect everything BUT the band members, like their jumps/stomps were disrupting the world around them. It looked cool and violent and intense, and it was one of the first new visual effects I'd seen post-Matrix (the first one) that impressed me.

I know this isn't much to go on, but maybe someone remembers. So yeah... Help?


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