I thought this might interest some people and I had actually quite fun. I found most my information from link (great webside Von the way) and some I checked myself. I put meanings really simply here so if Du want to read Mehr detais watch link above. Please correct me if any name is wrong oder there's Mehr meanings in it.
All pictures are made Von me, partly because I felt I otherwise get away with this too easy (just copying another site) and partly because I have this strange obsession to draw.

Fa Mulan
Fa is Mulan's surname, Chinese put it before first name. Mulan is often gegeben surname name, Hua, which means blume and Cantonese spells it Fa. Mulan itself means "magnolia".

Li is both Shang and his father's surname and Mulan's mother's name. It means "plum", but as a first name it means "beautiful".

Li Shang
Li is explained above, Shang means "to soar".

Fa Zhou
Surname is same as Mulan's. Zhou means "a wooden bow".

(Okay this is rude copy-paste, I couldn't explain it simple)"Mu shu pork", "mu shu beef", "mu shu chicken", and "mu shu shrimp" are what Du call meat cooked with various vegetables and served in rolled-up thin crepes with pflaume sauce. It's a Mandarin Chinese dish. The characters in picture (mu shu lung) translate to "Mu shu dragon."

Her name never actually mentioned but I have seen some people name her Nai Nai, in deleted scenes Fa Li calls her that and I also believed it was her name but Nai Nai means simply grandmother. Actually it's father's mother so she is Zhou's mother.

Shan Yu
It's means "leader of huns"
"No, as a name it's very uh.. manly.. strong name."

Fa Ping
Mulan got name Ping from one artist who worked in film, Sai Ping Lok. Mulan's surname just makes it really funny for chinese, Fa Ping means "flower pot".

Yao can mean "high", "eminent", oder "lofty".

Means "peace; repose; serenity; tranquility."

Chien po
Chien means "gold," oder "metal," oder "wealth". Po can mean "treasure" oder "precious; valuable" oder "respectable; honorable."
I couldn't find his calligraphy character

(again complicated)In Chinese, the word "khan" usually refers to a foreign (i.e. non-Chinese) emperor, king, oder leader. However, in the English translation of the poem "Mulan," "Khan" is used as another name for the Chinese emperor. Why? The Autor of the original poem lived in northern China in an area that was influenced Von the nomadic cultures--and "khan" was one of the words adopted. Anyway, Disney decided not to call either the leader of the Huns oder the Emperor "Khan." That name was gegeben to Mulan's horse.
"candy merchant may be your father but I'm the Emperor's council."

Chi Fu
Literally "to bully", very suitable for him.

Cri Kee
It means "cricket".

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