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oben, nach oben 10
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I've been planning to do this for a while but I never really got around to it. Surprisingly, it took A LOT Mehr thinking for me to decide for my worst Schauspielerinnen Liste than it did my best Schauspielerinnen list. Schauspielen is amazing for some people and unfortunately some lack any ability to act at all. And this will be my personal opinion on who I consider to be the worst and the best Schauspielerinnen I've ever seen. Now, keep in mind that this is all opinion based and feel free to create your own Artikel on this subject. Also, eventually I will be doing my Artikel of my oben, nach oben 10 best and worst actors, although...
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Sybil 2007....a heartbreaking tale of a young woman whose extremely abusive childhood results in her developing sixteen distinct personalities in order to cope with the severe physical and sexual abuse and the deaths of her boyfriend and grandmother.
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multiple personality disorder
shirley ardell masen
dr. cornelia wilbur
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1986 film starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.
Jennifer Connelly
David Bowie
Fantasy adventure
1986 film
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