Filme What famous person, who is still alive, would Du most like to see a movie about? (Feel free to add!!)

Pick one:
Angelina Jolie
Mel Gibson
Julia Roberts
Quentin Tarantino
Whitney Houston
Jack Nicholson
Added by TheLostBrotha
Sophia busch
Added by Crazy-Chica
I dont know
I dont know
Added by kaylabeebee
wentworth miller!!!!
wentworth miller!!!!
Added by marianna_151
George Clooney
Added by Eline_K
Johnny Depp
Added by lostfel
Kirsten Dunst
Meryl Streep
Added by katka4
I wouldn't want to watch a movie about a celebrity's life
Added by stickymonkey
Lady Gaga
Added by Vishee
Kristen Stewart
Added by hettycool
Julie Andrews
Added by glezps
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