Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a 2016 action film. The film stars Superman (Henry Cavill) and Batman (Ben Affleck).

The Plot

Batman thinks that Superman is too dangerous so he decides to get rid of Superman. However Superman is busy trying to stop Lex Luthor who has villainous plans. It's up to Superman and Batman to get along and stop trying to destroy each other so they can get rid of the real villain of the film.

The plot of this film is interesting. This might sound weird, but I think that the film works as both a drama and as a accidental comedy. The film has some emotional scenes and exciting scenes that work. However there are also some silly qualities in the film that make it oddly entertaining. Batman's plan is so laughable, He is targeting Superman even though Superman is a hero. Batman is focused on destroying Superman instead of the villain (Lex Luthor). Plus Lex Luthor is a very goofy villain. The film's silly qualities make it a oddly fun film. Despite that the film's emotional scenes and action scenes work well. Also the finale is emotional and well. The plot works for both intended and unintended reasons.

The Cast

Ben Affleck is pretty good as Bruce Wayne. However his Batman voice is laughable and makes the film funnier. Batman makes several bad choices in the film which make him a oddly interesting character. Henry Cavill is pretty good as Superman. Superman is a likeable and heroic character in the film. Jessie Eisenberg is the main scene stealer of the film as Lex Luthor. He is very entertaining and funny. It's cool that Doomsday is in the film. Jeremy Irons works well as Alfred. Mr. Irons is 1 of the best actors in the film. Plus there are some fun cameos.

The Visuals

The film is visually appealing. The film's great looking visuals make the film Mehr exciting, The costumes in the film look really cool. The visuals are 1 of the best things in the film.


Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a good film that mixes well done dramatic action with some unintended comedy. This film is worth checking out.