I ordered them from Favorit to least favorite.


Summer will always be my Favorit season for many reasons. To me it's always been the most free and I have a lot of fond memories from wonderful summer days and relaxing summer nights. Summer is the season when I got to go out of starts, it's the season where I went to two huge Musik festivals, and it's the season where I'll be going to my Once Upon a Time convention. Summers are the days where I get to enjoy simple pleasures like going to visit my grandmother in the woods, sitting on the swing, schaukel and Lesen my book and/or listening to Musik as I watch the sun go down and the air get cooler.

Which is another reason why I Liebe summer. I adore the weather. I've always been Mehr for steam weather and bright sunshine. I fare much better in the heat than I do in the cold. To be honest I actually really Liebe the feeling of the sun on my skin.

When I think of sunshine I think of beauty. For me it's the third most beautiful season. I'm always a sucker for watching sun glisten over water like tiny diamonds. How the water reflects all of the greenery. I Liebe just listening to the rustle of super green leaves in the soft breeze as rays of light filter through the trees. To hear life all around; birds and squirrels and deer. Summer storms are the best. I've grown fond of watching jagged strips of lightning rip across the sky before the rain starts pounding, sometimes creating a light fog across fields of tall grass. There's a certain thrill that comes with taking in the beauty of a summer storm in a front row seat. And then come the sunsets I swear summer has the best sunsets they're always so vibrant. Espically when clouds are sewn in there. These sunsets provide a gateway into the most enchanting starlit skies. For me summer always has the best astronomy; between huge bright moons like coins of silver and star, sterne showers like the tears of angels. Summer just hold so much majesty.

Summer night noise is another thing I appricate. There are just some sounds that are unique to the season. Such as the chirp of crickets oder the buzz of cicadas mixed in with frog croaks and coyote calls. And flashing all night long are swarms of fireflies; I still enjoy stopping to catch one of two every now and again. There's just something so magical about fireflies dancing outside of your window and under willows and between blades of grass.

Among the things that fly I also Liebe summer because that's when the bats come out. Bats are my Favorit Tiere so naturally I'm always happy to see them come back.

For me summer also presents new opportunities to do and try new things. I think that, that comes with the free time. I can't count how many new things I've tried in the summer. One of those things was waveboarding.

Speaking of such perhaps my Favorit thing about summer is being able to swim again. I've loved the pool and the strand ever since I can remember and probably before then too. Pools always open in the summer so I can be at my happy place, in the water.

Finally summer parties always have me excited. I Liebe summer in the country because there's always so much to do, it's always so lively. So many barbecues and bonfires. And the 4th of July with all of its fireworks and dazzling sparklers.

Summer just has a special place in my heart.


Not gonna lie I'm totally a spring baby. I was born in the spring and, like summer, I adore it for a vast many reasons. One of the biggest as that spring is when it finally starts to warm up and I'm finally free of my coat. With the warm weather comes a sort of feeling. It's a bit hard to describe but I'd call it light hearted and magical. Spring always brings to me a sense of being in another time, a time where nature was everywhere and fiddles were a big thing. Spring is when I can finally go outside and enjoy myself. Like the weather is just perfect; not too hot and not too cold.

And I really Liebe nature so spring is a Favorit time of Jahr for me. Everything is just coming to life. I like being able to blow at dandelion seeds and listen to the beating of spring showers as Mehr plants blossom to life. Everything is just so vibrant and colorful.

All of the wild life is coming back and I get to listen to many bird calls; it isn't dead silent anymore. For me springtime is such a peaceful time. And I can be Mehr in tune with nature like the low key hipster I am.


Winter and I have a Liebe hate relationship. Mostly because I hate the cold and managing my car in the winter is a bitch. But winter is such a beautiful season, at least when it snows it is. Everything is so glittery white, sparkling and crystalline. When I don't have to drive in it snow is wonderful. And watching icicles adorn the world, Küssen everything with shimmery frost.

Not to mention, the snow is really fun when Du have time to enjoy it. Building snow forts, having snowball fights, snow angels, sledding, and ice skating. It's always a great time.

After getting a chance to enjoy the snow I always Liebe getting warm again. Winters are just so cozy; Du can snuggle up Von the feuer with your slippers oder fuzzy socks on with a glass of hot coco and a book.

And of course there are the winter festivities. Weihnachten has always been one of my Favorit times of the year. Because of it and new years I get that same sense of nostalgia that summer brings. Making Weihnachten kekse, cookies and having family fun on New Year's eve.


Last but not least is autumn. I have to admit that the season of autumn is usually bad luck for me. But yet can still appreciate it's warmly colored beauty. I like watching the leaves change and dance to the ground and listening to the howling wind against my window pane. To me there is something darkly lovely about the dull misty cloud-hazed mornings. The mornings that whisper, "winter is on the way." Basically autumn is poetically beautiful.

Autumn is another season I like to spend in the country. The harvest moon is always lovely to look at. And going to the apfel, apple orchard for some cider is always great. Likewise is going to see the bonfires and burning leaves. I just have a thing for the dazzling hot of a fire; watching coughs of sparks spray up to the chilly night sky.

But my absolute Favorit thing about autumn is celebrating Halloween. I have such a thing for bats and every Halloween they become a beliebt symbol again. I have very fond Halloween memories that come with autumn.

In other words, every season is magical to me and holds a special place in my heart. Of all of the things mother nature holds, the changing of the seasons has got to be the thing I appreciate the most.