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Full Name: Vampress B. Batlur.

Faimly: Dad-Vampire,Mom-Part human part bat, Little baby brother-Batner.

Firends: Sepcetra Vandergist and Abby Bomibal.

Favorit Color: Red and Black the color of blood and darkness.

Favorit Food: Blood Sauges(Heavy on the blood!) and bloodyMary(Heavy on blood. Achool free.)

Favorit Subject:Mad Sicnce!Love the frecky expairments we do!

Favorit Accory: My charm bracelet. I had it since I was nine and never take it off.(Espect for when I`m in the shower. )

Pet: I new brot I made in my basement. I call her Bact. Part Bat and cat.

Pet-peeve: Flirty Boyfirends. When Du go out with me Du make a pact to never look at anthor girl as long as your with me.
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Chapter 12: Toralei Stripe

I walked into Monster High, nervous as anything. Rochelle has been very sneaky the past few days and I'm regretting my affair with Deuce. I just wish I could find someone who I could talk to. Sure I have Meowlody and Purrsephone. But they don't even talk.

As I walked around the corner, I heard a smooth voice talk.

"Where do Du think you're going Kitty Kat?"

It was Deuce. He walked up and put his arms around me. I looked at him with desire although I quickly pushed his hands away.

"We have to stop this. I don't want to be known as the school slut Deuce!"

"You won't as long...
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