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 Viperina Gorgon
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Did I say something stupid?
There goes one Mehr mistake
Do I bore Du with my problems?
Is that why Du turn away?
Do Du know how hard I tried
To become what Du want me to be?

Take me
This is all that I've got
This is all that I'm not
All that I'll ever be
I've got flaws, I've got faults
Keep searching for your perfect heart
It doesn't matter who Du are
We all have our scars
We all have our scars

You say don't act like a child
But what if its a father I need?
Its not like Du don't know what Du got yourself into
Don't tell me I'm the one who's naive
Do Du know how hard I've tried
To become who Du want me...
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Von KittiesMama. not mine.
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makeup tutorial
c.a. cupid
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season 2
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Howleen Wolf,Operetta and Abbey sing the song "Bad Romance" of Lady Gaga.
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bad romance
Lady Gaga
stop motion
howleen wolf
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