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posted by koolkat909
Robbeca Steam
Age: 116
Killer Style: I would have describe my style as old fashioned in this current time although I have been recently informed that it was totally "steam punk" and quite "cutting edge." This is a relief as no monster wishes to be thoughtof as dull.
Freaky Flaw: My internal clock does not properly function and I seem to always arrive late. It seems not to matter how many alarms I set oder watches i wear; nothing helps. Good thing I have a permanent mechanics exuse in the Headmistres's office.
Favorite Color: Copper
Favorite Food:Even though i do not require traditional food, I am...
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posted by prim17luvr101
Monster Parent: The Zombie
Age: 16 (in monster years)
Killer Style: My horn-rimmed “nerd glasses.” They absolutely go with everything.
Freaky Flaw: I cannot function without a proper schedule and I do not process last Minute changes very well. My zombie nature also means that I walk rather slowly, have trouble making facial expressions and can only speak…well…zombie.
Pet: An owl named Sir Hoots A Lot. The perfect companion even though he absolutely refuses to be a message courier for me.
Favorite Activity: I Liebe to read and learn new things. Bücher always fit into my schedule.
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posted by CuteBlossom123
AUUTHERS NOTE: Okay after you've read the story Du can guess who the couple is on the comments, ok so enjoy! Bye!
He pushed me at the Wand and kissed me.
"You taste good."
"Good? I would say hot."
My arms started to melt in his hot redish hair "Im melting..."
"I never sagte to stop."
He smiled and looked in his eyes (I must have it again!) She thought.
"I want Du to KISS me again."
"Anything Du say but you'll have to stop me, I can get out of controll sometimes."
I dragged him back to me pulling shirt, then I got a feeling that ive never felt before...
I opened my eyes "I cant believe im doin this, im gonna melt."
"Dont worry your safe, sicher with me baby."
"I Liebe Du ???"
Hope Du like!
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