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WinxRocks posted on Jan 17, 2012 at 11:08AM
Well.. It's mine. You can create by your own!
Name: Sintonia Scuro.It's meaning 'dark harmony'.
Named stage and Scream magazine's: Stella Oscura(dark star)
Age: 16
Parents: The dark fairy or much known as Mon-fairy.
Killer style: Dark purple and black striped tube top,a black cardigan,a black fluffy skirt(or tutu),white leggings,transparent gloves,black,dark purple,and white high-heeled boots,and of course wings! The color of my wings are light purple with dark purple tips.
Freaky flaw: I am allergic with cheese. When I just touch it,smell it,or maybe eat it,my skin turns into magenta! Weird,huh?
Favorite color: Dark colors. Why not?
Favorite foods: Strawberry shortcake.
Biggest pet peeve: When my voices are discordant. I really don't like it.
Favorite activity: Singing,playing music instrument(electric guitar,piano,drums,and violin),and writing a songs for someone maybe?
Pet: Night Angel is my pet nightingale. I love her voices,so adorable!
GFFs: Operetta,Abbey,Holt,Clawdeen,Cleo,Clawd.
Favorite subject: Hystory,Music theory,Music hystory,Gym,and... DRAMA!
Least favorite subject: Mad science,Geomethry,Home Ick,and... MATH!
Monsters personality: I think I'm so talented(cause I'm a singer,actress,dubber,musicians,and model). Yup,that's me...
#1. Like what I said,I'm a talented singer,actress,dubber,model,and musicians)
#2. I was heard Operetta,Clawdeen,Cleo,and Abbey are my biggest fans! When I heard that,I just smiling and I was so proud of my self.
#3. I have a crush on Holt. But,he didn't know it.
#4. I can't cooking. But I can cooking pancakes,steak,grape pudding,banana sandwich,and strawberry shortcake. Hahaha.. It will make my GFFs proud of me.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr cannibalZoey said…
Name : Aya
Age : idk but if I remember I think 1600
Parents : I'm the daughter of Dracula even though I'm not a vampire
Killer style : well I'm not much on the fashion thing I never have got out of the castle much but at school I wear a blue shortish dress with a white apron and a big bow in my hair
Freaky flaw : well being a doll and being a klutz I break myself easily and also being once tormented by villagers I have this hugeish spike death collar punctured in my neck so I don't get threw small spaces well
Fav color : red , black , and blue
Fav food : I love strawberry pie with wipe cream and I love cheese cake
Biggest pet peeve : when others say I'm not Dracula's daughter cuz I'm a doll and not a vampire I don't have to be vampire to be his daughter and at a point I was norme my "norme" father was a mad man that turn me into a doll and my late mother told me not to save him for what he was doing but I didn't listen but at least she saved my anyway even though I was a doll she killed my father and set our house to flames setting all the other trapped souls free from that cursed house I rest my case now don't i
Fav activity : being with my sis d'laura , drawing/painting , singing, acting , or for so reason playing with the chainsaw my "father" never let me play with when I was younger but daddy does
Pet : well growing up in what was once a amnesia castle with my " father" I never had 1 but my bf
Mark wolf ( Markiplier) got me a Pegasus I named moonlight star she so sweet
Bffs : d'laura Mark(markiplier) wade volterguest (lordminion777) Gigi and Twyla
Fav subject : well I don't got to monster high much as I am with mark and wade so I don't have a fav but I have a good bit of smarts on my hand
Least fav : math look I know I don't do much schooling but sweet celestia that hard
Personality : the lonely quite miserable depressed chick but when around mark the happy crazy fun loving video gamer
Secret :
1# I'm very depressed don't tell Mark
2# I'm a bit psycho bonkers crazy
3# I made myself look like this I put this collar in my neck not the villagers , I chained myself down and made some of them break in my skin , I cut the x's on my chest and stomach , I made my eyes black out and bleed red I did I did it but it was all to save someone
4# I took out my eyes see now I have what look like eye but there's just blue that looks like it