Morning had come, and Purrsephone was still in her birthday suit,sleeping soundly and peacefully,never had she ever had a sleep this good,she felt the sun beam on her eyes,opening them,she sat up and stretched out for the new day,"Ahhh" She yawned,"Manster that was a good sleep",She got out of her bett and made for the kitchen,not bothering to put something on,she greetd her parents good morning,and went to the pantry for some cereal.Unbeknownst to her,her sister Meowlody came into the küche a Sekunde later,and to Meowlodys shock,she saw her sister was eating breakfast in the nude."JUMPING HAIRBALLS PURRSEPHONE!" she screamed."Oh,Good morning sis"Purrsephone greeted,but her sister was not happy to see her sister in her birthday suit,"Good morning? Purrsephone,you're butt naked! have Du no shame? Meowlody asked,to be honest,she was downright embarrassed,and pissed off."Of course I'm naked,I'm a nudist now,and what shame?We're all born naked Meowlody". Purrsephone continued."Your sisters right dear"Their mother,who was in a bademantel added."When Du two were little,you would always run around the house nude". "Dont remind me mom".Meowlody sagte trying to ignore the site of her sister eating her cereal in the nude after getting a towel to sit on."And since I'm a nudist now,I dont hav to worry about what to wear,except when I go outside to school oder the maul,or anywere else in the textile world,the only suit I need is my birthday suit".The nude werecat continued."Just Du watch Purrsephone,no one is gonna listen to your nudie vision" Meowlody sagte crossing her soon as they were done wth breakfast,Purrsephone once again,begruginly got dressed for school,as soon as Luke arrived to fly them both to school,Purrsephone smiled as she kissed him on the forhead,and got on his back,Meowlody followed,and they started off for Monster High."So,how'd Du sleep last night Purrsephone?" Luke asked."Oh I slept Great Luke,you were right,sleeping nude is the best way to sleep"The young werecat sagte happily,Meowlody couldnt believe what she heard,her sisters boyfriend was the cause of her going into the Nudist lifestyle."Wait,Luke you're the one who gave the nudie ideas?"She asked "Well,yeah,but,she asked what my parents did for a living".Luke answered,"It's true".Purrsephone added,Meowlody couldnt believe her ears,she couldnt believe it,she didnt want to believe it,not only was her sister dating a nudist,but was trying out nudism itself,without her.When they got to Monster High,Purrsephone jumped off Lukes back,happily waving and streatching her bare feet in the soft grass,which Meowlody was pretty ok with,heck,ever since Purrsephone started going barefoot to school,the student disembody had following suit,well,mostly the ghouls,but some of the guys joined,but just wore sandles as well,Meowlody was cool with it,but for now,she was still processing what she had found they went in,Purrsephone went straight to Headmistress Bloodgoods office,with an idea just about to hatch.