Me and jackson were walking down the hall from lunch it was yesterday sense that violence happened jackson asked me who valentine was i sagte HIM pointing to Valentine who was Küssen ANOTHER girl i went up to him and asked hmmm my boyfriend Küssen another girl he whiped his head back its not what it looks like. It is exactly what it looks like valentine !! Du promised me Du never cheat on me well lookie here your cheating on me Du lied i slapped across the face apparently:-) i slap people everyday i ran off crying so hard i couldn't breathe then jackson cauught up:-) with me i was on my hands and knees crying he picked me up and put me on the bench then luckly clawdeen came around the corner what the heck lala Du okay!! I shook my head no what happened??? V vvalentine chheatedd on mmee!! Im leaving early i sagte sobbing lightly picking up my phone hello dad yea ill tell Du just come pick me up Liebe Du bye i started walking to the office then jackson pulled me into a hug im here for you.