Chapter 1- The Freaky Has Just Begun

Frankie Stein was sitting in Mad Science ,she silently tapped her pencil against her shiny electric green knew after she got out of class she would have to face the horrors of Frightday the 13th again. That was what made poor Frankie's face slump. Suddenly something vibrated in her purse. She silently and quickly pulled out her iCoffin. She looked at it and saw she had a message from Clawdeen. Hey It read Mr.. Hacks Class is so boring right, well anyway I think I have a plan this time to help us throughout the Tag meet me in the Ghoul's Bathroom after class Howwwwllllllll. Frankie smiled she always had her Friends to back her up. She then decided to endure the rest of torture as she tried to take a nap without being noticed.


Lagoona dried her hair just when she received the same text from Clawdeen asking her to meet her in the Bathroom after Morning Swim Practice. She had gathered her stuff as soon as the glocke rang and rushed to the bathroom trying to avoid any mishaps on this horrid Tag of troubles. She almost got crushed Von walking under a ladder but that was okay because she made it . She slammed open the door and ran in. It was fifteen Minuten till the end of school. She saw Draculara , Clawdeen and Frankie all in there.

"Hey Guys what is all the chatter." she asked her Australian accent showing.

Clawdeen smiled Wird angezeigt her fangs.

"Well I have a plan to get out of the school without any harm." she howled.

Draculara nodded. "Yeah ,You know Frightday is worse at the end of the day."

Clawdeen then began her plan it seemed like she talked for hours . All the girls nodded and then at the end Frankie said

"Okay let's go." Frankie then went up to the door and tried it a few times.

"Uhhh Guys I think we missed the school glocke and now we are locked in." Draculara gasped and put her hands up over her mouth. Clawdeen shook her head and walked over to the door. She then tried to open it again.

"Ghoul Friends ." she said"I think we have a problem."


Abbey sat in Clawculus . Her snow pile growing everyday around her seat. She felt something cold hit her back. She growled and turned around . Not Again she thought. When she turned fully around she saw what she always did. A smirking flame-headed boy.

"Hey frosty , did it get steamy in here oder is it just Du and me." He told her and flashed a smile. Abbey rolled her eyes and simply stated

"Whatever Heath." As Mr.. Mummy turned around he placed a hand on her shoulder. Propping himself upwards and whispering in her ear.

"You want to make a Thunderstorm,Baby."He then quick sat back down as Abbey snorted.

"Yeah, Sure " she told him sarcastically. Then the glocke rang . Abbey cheered as she ran outside the room and to her locker to get her bag . Then she realized she forgot her lipgloss in the Janitor's Closet when Headmistress told her to get some Mehr Ghouldex for her windows. She ran to the closet searching for it when she heard the door open and turned around.

"Heath , What are Du doing here." she asked the flaming boy wait no yak, the flaming yak boy that fits him well. His smile faded.

"Coach Igor asked me to turn the sprinklers on before I home, what are Du doing here." He asked her putting his hand against the wall.

"I seemed to have misplaced my lipgloss." she told him. He nodded and went over to turn off the sprinklers , He was have a bit of trouble. Abbey went over there and helped him even though it seemed like it took forever.

"There" she sagte swiping her hands together. Then Heath went over trying to open the door but realized he could not.

"Abbey , we have a problem."He told her. "I think we are stuck."

Abbey turned to him"You must be joking your just saying that to hit on me Mehr aren't you." she sagte pointing a finger at him.

Heath shook his head " No I'm Not Honest."He told her putting his hands up . She glared and tried to open it but no Heath was right. They were stuck .

"Just great." Abbey growled "What do we do now."

Heath smirked and walked up to her"You wanna make out." He sagte as his head burst into flames. That is when Abbey slapped him across the face . This is going to be a long night she thought.


Operetta was in Study Howl Her partners Jackson,Clawd, and Howleen all sat with her. Right now Howleen and Clawd were in the middle of an argument.

"NO WAY" Howleen growled to her brother" PIE IS 3.14 NOT A TASTY FOOD."

Clawd snorted " It is so a tasty Essen not a bunch of numbers."

Jackson looked at Opperetta with a pleading face. Operetta cringed and shook her head there was nothing she could do with this kind of mess. Jackson then slumped. Howleen and Clawd were still yelling at each other . So neither Jackson nor Operetta noticed that everyone started to leave. Opperetta then decided to spot this.

"Hey Guys ,Can we get back to the History of the Undead."she asked nicely in her cheerfully thick southern accent. Howleen just shushed as did Clawd and then they went back to studying but then Jackson noticed something off.

"Hey where did everyone go ." He asked confused.

Howleen laughed "Probably scared of Clawd's face." Clawd had the I'm not amused face as he turned to her.

"Well I think we should go to"Operetta sagte as Jackson nodded.

"Yeah even the teacher is gone " he told them pointing at the empty desk. Howleen the walked to the door.

"Guys we missed the glocke , I think ." she sagte tilting her head like a confused puppy. Clawd sneered

"Yeah ,Right ." he sagte as all the others tried the door and sagte the same thing. He then tried it and mentally faced palmed himself. Why? ,Because he sagte the same response.


Toralei and her team of kitties had just finished practice. Her smile was big and nice for once around her girls.

"Great, Job"she purred. Then everything smiling and happy about Toralei's world right there ended. Cleo walked through the two Gym doors followed Von Deuce , the Casketball captain and the guy Toralei always wanted and Cleo's smart Ghoulfriend Ghoulia.

''Toralei have Du seen my uniform bag ." Cleo asked .

Toralei laughed" why do Du think I would have found it I only look after my self and my BFF's " Toralei then pointed at Mweoldy and Purrsephone. Cleo nodded even though it was mean it was the truth. Ghoulia quickly wrote something down in her notebook as Deuce went over to comfort Cleo.

"Don't worry we will find it , I know Du need it for the game tomorrow". He sagte placing one of his hands on her shoulder. Cleo nodded and then spoke to Toralei

"Tell Me if Du see it." Toralei silently snorted . As If she was everyone knew Toralei and this was one of the things Toralei does not do. Cleo then beckon Deuce and Ghoulia and headed for the door. Cleo reached her hand to open it but to her appearance of frustration it seemed stuck. Deuce then tried but even with his muscles he still could not open the door. Cleo then asked Ghoulia to check the time and she gasped

" Oh No After glocke Time , WE WILL BE STUCK IN HERE TILL MORNING." She screamed at the end and Deuce covered his ears. Toralei then walked up to Ghoulia and looked at her watch

" Zombie Girl is right we are stuck." Toralei sagte as her and her kitties faces slumped. Look on the brightside Toralei though Deuce was here. Toralei was ready to start scheming.


Gil and Slow-Moe were in the locker room when they heard a scream and Slow-Mo moaned. Gil looked at him peculiar like.

"A cheerleader probably just fell." Gil told him . Soon Slow-Mo tried to convince Gil that it was something Mehr than just a falling ghoul. He slowly dragged him to the door and pointed at it. Gil looked at him and laughed

"Did Du eat some Mehr sugar eyeball's than Du should have." Gil asked him examining his face. Slow-Mo moaned and shook his head pointing at the door. Gil looked back at him and reached for the door trying to turn twisted it both ways as hard as he could.

"It's stuck " he sagte observing the door. Slow-Mo nodded and smiled . Gil then realized what he was saying.

"We are stuck in the school's locker room and there are people out there stuck in the gym." He sagte to Slow-Mo as Slow-Mo nodded and moaned with glee. "We need to find a way out of here." he sagte as him and Slow-Mo started to go to work.


Spectra's iCoffin rang as she noticed what was going on .

"Classmates stuck in the school juicy gossip to be found." She smiled and went back to her abandon room and started to type. This is going to be the biggest story yet she thought smiling. She then went out on her Suchen around the school ready to catch up on this fun ghostly gossip jucy special night.

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