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When I started searching for Miss America's Outstanding teen in the Suchen engine and I saw that there was not a clubs...I was shocked! There are so many talented Du women out in America who have participated in this organization, and possibly many people who haven't even heard of it! This organization should be heard of so I created a club!

I have been in many local pageants and have been greatly influenced Von this organization. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. This club is mainly to be Fan of those girls who are so ambitious and aren't afraid to get on a stage and preach their beliefs! Theses girls and I aren't afraid to dream, oder even chase after that dream. I look up to our current Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Jeanette! She aspires to be the President of The United States and I wouldn't be shocked if she did. After all, she keeps believing in herself and I know that MAOTeen helps keep that burning inspiration in young girls lit.