OK, guys, I think I know WHO Howk motte, nachtfalter is. OK, this may not be true and I may be wrong but this is a Fan fiction so.... on the Weiter season, we'll see.. it will air on Netflix in December 2017.

OK, on episode 15, Howk motte, nachtfalter held a picture in a locket. It was was of Adrien's Mum! Now, I also seen other signs to lead to this person. In one episode ( sorry, Titel unknown) this person looked at Ladybug 's earrings and asked where she got them. And also sagte to Adrian that he never had never seen the ring before.

And in the last episode, Volpina, he hid the book about the miraculous behind Adrian's mum's painting. Also, their voices sound the same. And , don't Du think Adrian known how to use the miraculous too quickly?


Hell, yes. Kommentar for More!

PLEASE understand, this is a Fan fic