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posted by RoyalSatanas
I decided to create this club because I wanted to pay respects to the worlds 2'nd Weltraum Station. After Skylab being the 1'st. MIR Weltraum Station was launched between February 20'th 1996 to April 23'rd 1996. At one time this was the worlds largest satellite.

It's final days were in March of 2001. It re-entered Earths Atmosphere on March 23'rd 2001. Where the whole world watched it live re-enter in a spectacular array of fireballs burning up in our atmosphere. Which yours truly watched it live. Something I will never forget.

And so, I Royal Satanas the founder of this club would like to extend a profound amount of respect to those that served, lived and studied on this incredible feat of human engineering.

Rest In Peace MIR