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This Michael Jackson foto might contain zeichenraum and salon.

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9 months later...

One night, I was sitting helplessly in the bed, Michael's arms cuddled around me. This pregnancy was like a moskito sucking all the blood out of me. This baby has been kicking and rolling around the whole time. I put the covers over me and turned on my side. I was completely asleep until I felt a stomp in my stomach. " Eeeee!" I screamed out. Michael sprang up out of the bed. " It's time! It's time! Come on Fancy, our baby is about to be born!!!!" He shoved his jeans on and ran out the door. No shoes, no shirt. No nothing! " Wait! Michael, it was just a kick! I'm fine!" I...
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You never asked yourself if Michael Jackson is an Angel – Jäger der Finsternis who came the world to make a better place ??

1 - Can see the heaven in his eyes

I already asked myself, because simply, Du see his face, Du can see his magical, wonderful eyes, especially angelic!
Look that :

Am I wrong ? He hasn't angelic eyes ? He hasn't pure eyes ? We can't see the Heaven in his eyes ?

2 - His magical smile

Du never laugh when Michael Jackson laughs ?
have Du see this video ?? when Michael had a laugh crisis ??
I just don't manage to stop laugh x"D when he laugh, it's just magical!!
Who has a magical,...
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 The Master höhle, den At Michael's House
The Master Den At Michael's House
As Maris was browsing through Michael's C.D. collection, there was quite a selection to choose from leaving her to pick a few ranging from classical to old school R&B, but it was hard to choose. Meanwhile, Michael made two stops at Hunan King for some Chinese Essen and KFC before heading to Martoni's in order to pick the Key limette, lime pie for dessert. While driving down Rodeo drive, Michael made a stop at a local gas station, so he could get some gas; in addition, to purchasing 2-Liter bottles of Coca-Cola and Sprite.

Michael had originally anticipated just having lunch with Maris; in addition, to...
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 So sweet!
So sweet!
1.His loving and caring heart~ This is the number 1 reason I Liebe Michael. He is the sweetest and most loving person I know about (besides my parents. lol.) Michael just wanted to Liebe everyone and heal the world. All the music, all the dace moves, they were amazing and wonderful and breathtaking, but without that sweet and loving side I wouldn't be such a big fan. Michael is one of a kind. No other entertainer has shown as much Liebe as Michael has. Michael tried help children and the media just twisted the whole beautiful thing around. Some adults just try to find something dirty in everything....
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Here Are The Lyrics To I Am Loser. I Hope Du Enjoy Them.

Michael Jackson - I Am A Loser (1998)

(Michael Jackson)
demo recording 3:54
0:00-0:52 verse #1

You laughed at me
you made me cry
You made a joke
then wonder why
(I am a loser)
(I am a loser)

I say hello
you say goodbye
I reach to you
you don't even try
(I am a loser)
(I am a loser)

If losing Du makes me happy,
then why does it make me cry?
Losing Du makes Du a winner
Then how did our Liebe ever die?
0:53- 1:42 verse #2

I'm born to lose
You know it's true
And here I stand
I'm losing you
(I am a loser)
(I am a loser)...
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 Man Of Mystery
Man Of Mystery
"My god Du are so beautiful and I Liebe the way your body feels on oben, nach oben of me", Michael replied,"I just can't keep my hands off of you". It was Mehr than just a mutual attraction between Michael and Maris, but two people who've been hurt too many times longing for Liebe and companionship. "I Liebe you, Michael", Maris replied, "more than you'll ever know". Michael was most kind, sincere and compassionate man she's ever been with, and she wasn't going to let a get good slip right through her hands.

The way Michael loved Maris so warm and tender that was overcome with emotion, and didn't know how...
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OK: Michael How does it feel to be a father?
Michael:It was an incredibly joyful experience. Im in bliss 24 hrs a day.
OK:Can u talk us through the birth of your son?
Michael:It's hard to take step Von step, but the snapshots in my mind from the birth Zeigen our nervousness and excitement. Debbie was so strong throughout the delivery. There were shouts of joy when the baby was born. I couldn't believe the miracle i had witnessed. It was unbelievable!
OK:Michael, describe the relationship between Du and Debbie
Michael:Debbie and I Liebe each other for all the reasons Du will never see on stage oder in...
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 MJ - Congratulations, Du are the BEST singer of them ALL!!!
MJ - Congratulations, you are the BEST singer of them ALL!!!
NME: Michael Voted Greatest Singer Of All Time

Michael Jackson has beaten Queen’s Freddie Mercury in NME’s Umfrage of the Greatest Singers Of All Time. Michael Jackson got an average score of 9.02 out of 10, while Mercury’s was 8.39.

The poll, which took place on NME.COM saw 10 million Stimmen being cast, 4000 Facebook Kommentare and, initially, saw Mercury at the oben, nach oben spot until Jackson went to Number One. Here are the results:

1. Michael Jackson
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Elvis Presley
4. Axl Rose
5. John Lennon
6. David Bowie
7. Robert Plant
8. Paul McCartney
9. Stevie Wonder
10. Aretha Franklin
11. Matt...
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A wedding can be a special time for the bride and groom and their families , but it can also be very stressful especially your mother is determined to set up Du with all of her Friends sons. Breanna Davis was sick and tired of her mother's matchmaking. Now that Breanna's twin sister, Ayanna was engaged to her high school sweetheart, Jason Bryant, their mother was Mehr determined Mehr than ever to find Breanna a man too. Breanna was a very beautiful girl with almond-shaped brown eyes, long black hair, karamell complexion, rounded face, and pouty lips. She was also 5'7 and very curveous. It was...
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finally jasmin faye and ari arrived at the konzert erea at the park inside the indoors basketball court jasmin had unfortunatlly didnt ourchase front row seats because they were all gone so the got around middle row.the moment the girls sat down michael arrived he wwent in through the back door and went behind the stage set up.the lights lowered and michael got on stage the crowd went wild for michael but michael was frantically looking for jasmine..but he couldnt wast time so he came back to focuse :michael:good afternoon new york!!!!! today i will be Singen off the new album BAD and i...
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