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 Michael with one of his awards that night
Michael with one of his awards that night
It has been two months since Kate came on to Michael, which he still feels guilty about. Finally the time came for Michael and stechpalme, holly to do the "Thriller" short. They had a blast goofing off with John Landis, kidding around with the cast, and just being together as usual. stechpalme, holly really enjoyed watching all the transformations Michael had to go through, and he liked having her as his leading lady.

Michael and stechpalme, holly go to the 1984 American Musik Awards together. When the two of them walk in hand and hand, the media is buzzing about them being together, since this was their first big function being...
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Tatianna grabbed the phone and slowly dialed her parents phone number. "Please answer." Tatianna pleaded to herself. The phone began to ring, after about 4 rings someone picked up. "Hello?" it was her mother. "Mom..." , "Tatianna?" her mother sagte surprised. "Yes mom its me." ," Oh my god! me and your father thought Du were dead!" her mother sobbed. "No...but ive been close to death one than once." Tatianna began to cry. "What have Du been doing all these years? how have Du been supporting yourself?" her mother asked. "You going to be so upset with me when i tell Du this...but i was selling...
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 jazzy and michael <3
jazzy and michael <3
Once upon time there was Michael Jackson walking all alone in the rain, but he was so cold. As he walk and walk he saw a big house. He walk to the big house,he knock on the door "please open the door" sagte Michael.But no one answer.6 min later a ladies name Jazzy open the door and saw Michael sitting on the step so sad "hey there" sagte Jazzy. Michael responded "I dont have nobody to keep me warm and safe"."come inside my house and ill keep Du safe, sicher and warm" sagte Jazzy.Michael look at her with a smile on his face "thank Du so much" sagte Michael. She look at him with nice a smile "u welcome...
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andre rieu
Michael Jackson
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