On one fine summer morning a girl named Lauren (me) got up and opened the shades. As I went to go eat a box of Special K cereal with strawberry's in it. Then I brushed my teeth, got dressed wearing a red T-shirt with dark blue jeans, then I combed my brown hair with blonde streaks back into a pony tail. Then I grabbed my bike then started riding it outside seeing everybody having fun. As I was riding my bike to the park,a handschuh with sequins was in the grass.I got off my bike and picked it up. I looked at it.Then someone comes up to me and says: "excuse me".Then i turn around and sagte hi does this handschuh belong to u? "yes thank Du so much my name is Michael Jackson and Du are"? "My name is Lauren.i am a big Fan of u. Its very nice to meet u".Its nice to meet u too says Michael.im glad u enjoy my art im very proud of u. Do u wanna go get ice cream with me I ask. Sure I Liebe ice cream answer Michael as he smiles.as we go up to get ice cream. Me and Michael sit at the bench and begin to eat our ice cream.It so beautiful out today isn't it Michael? it sure is Lauren says Michael as he smiles." My Favorit part of the Tag is dawn and dusk they are so magical says Michael.Ya it so beautiful i said.Then Me and Michael became very good friends.Hey Lauren do u wanna come to my house?. ok just let me get my bike.OMG!!!! as i yell.Michael runs to see what happened.LAUREN WHAT HAPPENED SWEETIE asked Michael. MY BIKE IT'S GONE. I THINK SOMEONE TOOK IT.HOW WILL I EVER GET HOME.Well what did ur bike look like"? Michael asked.Well it was purple and black i answered.Wait is that it Lauren as he snaps and points to it. YEESSSS.THANKS SO MUCH MICHAEL YOUR THE BEST as i begin to hug him.i wanna Zeigen u my house i think you'll Liebe it a lot come on says Michael.as we both got to his house I sagte WOW this is your house its so beautiful.Yep i call it Never Land say's Michael.But some people think im weird because of the way i live says Michael.well i don't think your weird i think your a very great person.Thanks Lauren let me tell u something when i was young i was 5 years old i started a Singen career with my brothers. Jermaine,Tito Jackie and Marlon.We we're known as the Jackson5.We had to work alot.My father was very strict. If u miss one step he will beat u.what he would do to us is hit us with a belt, a cord oder anything that was around in the room. He would make me sick.Then Years later i started doing my solo career when i got older.i loved performing for my Fans and giving my all and i still do.But some ppl misunderstand me.it really hurts me a lot some ppl think i bleached my skin but it was a skin disease called Vitiligo it makes your skin have white blotches. as he begins to cry he says i wish i had someone who understands me.Hugs Michael i believe u really i do. i had a crazy childhood myself i just hate seeing my mom get hurt.im alway so shy around ppl. but i once learned if u ignore those ppl and listen to your Fans who Liebe Du and appreciate u there the ones who r inspired Von u. it will make u a better person then those mean ppl are. To me your a wonderful person your beautiful on the inside and outside. i really want u to know that i sagte that from my heart. i think ur a very wonderful kind person i ever met then i begin to cry.Don't cry Lauren as he gives me a tissue and hugs me. your the only one who understands me.Im glad to have found a friend like you. Your a very sweet person as he smiles.i Liebe u sagte Michael. i Liebe Du too michael To be Continued