Three weeks later on the eve before Michael leaves to finish the last leg of his tour with his brothers, Michael and stechpalme, holly have been desperately trying to pretend everything is normal. But when stechpalme, holly sees Michael pull out his suitcase to start packing as she starts cooking abendessen she gets a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach. When he started this tour, it wasn't that big of a deal because they weren't living together, but now that they were things were different. Both of them didn't want to admit how quickly they got used to seeing each other every night and having the comfort of knowing they would be there to hold them when they went to sleep. As Michael packs his clothes, each item he stuffs into the bag makes him realize that this is happening and is no longer just a thought for the future. As he zips up the bag, he looks around the bedroom looking for any remaining items he might have left behind. But all he can focus on is the noise of stechpalme, holly downstairs in the küche cooking. It hurts him to leave her alone, especially since her mother has not contacted her since Holly's moving out. Having very few Friends like him, he worries about what she will occupy her time with, oder who. Even though stechpalme, holly is loyal and would never cheat on him, there is always fear in the back of his mind that she will leave him to find someone better. Michael shakes his head to put those thoughts out of his mind as he opens one of their shared dresser drawers to see one of Holly's nightgowns neatly placed in the drawer. He picks it up and examines the delicate spitze and satin in his hand until he realizes that stechpalme, holly has never worn this to bed, at least not in front of him. But it makes his mind wonder what she would look like in it, how it would feel on her body against her skin, but most importantly, how it would look sliding off of her.

Lately, he had been thinking a lot about how she would feel in his grasp…in his hands…under him, hopefully saying his name over and over again. Late at night when he can’t sleep he will roll over and watch her sleep and unconsciously start fanaticizing about her. It amuses him when he realizes he fanaticizes Mehr about her now that he has her living in his apartment and sleeping in his bett than before. Michael quickly puts the nightgown back in the drawer and grabs a floral nightshirt she wears quite often. He puts it up to his nose and inhales her lingering perfume on it. Michael looks over at his suitcase and quickly puts it in without thought. He almost feels compelled to bring a little piece of her with him, and hopefully, it will help him. Michael zips up the suitcase and closes the dresser drawer when he hears stechpalme, holly tell him abendessen is ready. He walks down the stairs and smells the aroma of Essen fill his senses, as he gets closer to the kitchen. He walks into the küche to see stechpalme, holly standing over the stove stirring a pot casually.

stechpalme, holly smiles as she sees him. “Hey, grab a bowl.” Michael grins as he grabs two bowls from the oben, nach oben cabinet before placing them on the counter beside her. "It smells terrific, what is it?" Michael hunches his head to put it on her shoulder and wraps his arms around her stomach, looking down at the contents of the pot. "Mushroom risotto, my specialty.” She looks at him and smiles, as he observes her through hooded eyes. He is looking at her; differently, there is something in his eyes that has not been there before, and it is dark and pooling around his brown irises. It nearly makes her breath stop. "It looks delicious," he whispers as he kisses her neck again and then again. stechpalme, holly giggles as Michael playfully bites on the tender flesh of her neck making her gasp. “Michael, what has gotten into you?” Michael is even wondering that himself. He has never since the start of their relationship kissed oder bitten her neck before and now he wonders why he never did. Her skin is so smooth against his lips, with her blonde curls dangling softly against his cheek, as he can smell her intoxicating perfume hit him. The grasp on her waist goes tighter as his mouth begins to water, showering her with Mehr kisses on her neck feeling a raw sense of desire begin to bubble deep inside of him. Holly’s stirring slowly becomes slower as her eyes close and her mouth hose, lange hosen absorbing his new touches. It excites her to know that Michael feels this way about her, but suddenly she feels his growing erection digging into her hip she suddenly gets nervous. She has to remember Michael wants to wait. “Are Du purposefully trying to distract me from dinner?” she asks with a smirk trying to distract him as she turns her head to look at him.

He stops and looks up at her with dilated pupils realizing what was happening and suddenly feels embarrassed. He steps away from her with a bent head. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…” He bites down nervously on his lip as he turns away to look down and see his erection outlined through his sweatpants. Michael closes his eyes and inhales deeply trying to think of anything boring to ward it off. “Hey,” stechpalme, holly says grabbing his hand making him face her, “Look at me,” she commands softly,” holding the sides of his face in her hands. "Don't be embarrassed, not with me." Michael looks down at her with uncertain eyes. "I know, but I shouldn't let myself lose control like that," stechpalme, holly smirks, hoping to lighten the mood. "Better with me than some other chick." He rolls his eyes at her words, "That would never happen." Holly's smirk turns into a playful smile as she slides her hands off the sides of his face down the front of his chest. "You never know, some young groupie on tour may try to steal Du away from me." Michael wraps his arms around her waist again pulling her close to him again, looking at her lovingly, ease entering his face once again. “I only want you, nobody else.” “Well thank God for that, especially since I now know what you’re working with down there,” she gives him a wink as his mouth drops open in shock. She laughs at his expression as she turns around and grabs the bowls on the counter, pouring the pilz risotto into both of them. “Why, stechpalme, holly Williams that was very dirty to say,” Michael says with a smirk as he watches her deft hands.

She hands him a bowl with a knowing look. “Oh please, says the man who had his erection digging into my hip no Mehr than two Minuten ago.” The words make Michael blush and look down at his bowl of food. “Touché,” He says following her out into the dining room before softly grabbing her arm. “Let’s eat in the bedroom tonight.” stechpalme, holly squints her eyes at him wondering what his motive is until she looks into his eyes and sees how innocent he is being. He grabs her hand in his as they walk up the stairs together. Internally, stechpalme, holly cannot help but dwell on the fact that this is their last meal together until after the New Year. A lump forms in her throat as she sits cross-legged on the bett with Michael following suit across from her. Michael takes the first bite of his risotto and groans in appreciation. "This is amazing," he says with his mouth full of food. "I'm happy Du like it," stechpalme, holly says as she takes her bite. After she cooks she has no hunger, but when she sees Michael eat and enjoy her cooking it makes it worth it. Silence enters the room leaving both speechless of what to say next. The only audible noise is the sound of chewing and the distant sound of thunder in the distance outside of an impending storm.

Michael looks up at her after he swallows another spoonful of Essen giving her a curious eye of her looking down at her food, chewing in deep thought. “Hey, what’s going on in that brain of yours,” he says with a small smile, touching her knee with his free hand trying to lighten the mood. She looks up and shakes her head. "Just thinking." He rolls his eyes, "Uh oh," he says playfully. She lightly smacks the side of his arm with a giggle. "I thought Du liked my brain?" "I do, but sometimes Du tend to overthink." "No, I don't!" Michael raises an eyebrow at her before stechpalme, holly looks down at her bowl again. "Okay, maybe a little. I’m just going to miss Du that's all. Three months is a long time when Du –" Michael's eyes widen as her words taper off. "When you, what?” “When you…are accustomed to seeing them every Tag I mean." Holly's face flushes red as she shifts uncomfortably on the bett before taking another bite. Michael smirks inching closer to her. "I'm sure that's exactly what Du meant. And Du know Du can come and visit me any time." “We already tried that remember? With my album releasing our dates is conflicting that we can’t even schedule time together.” “I think Lana didn’t try hard enough,” Michael mumbles setting his bowl on the nightstand before taking a sip of his glass of water. stechpalme, holly rolls her eyes, "She did try, Michael. I wish Du would try to get along with her more." "I do get along with her. I smile, nod, and let her drink the good coffee when she uninvites herself over – now if that isn’t hospitable, I don’t know what it.” “Well aren’t Du just a regular Emily Post.” She says bending over to the opposite nightstand pacing her bowl on it giving Michael a fantastic view of her curved ass. He can’t help but take his thumb up to his bottom lip, giving it a slight tug as he admires it feeling raging emotions inside of him once more. He smirks and without thought gives it a klatschen, smack with the sound reverberating in the room. stechpalme, holly turns her head and drops her jaw in shock as she places her butt back down on the bed. “You truly are in rare form tonight.” Michael continues to smirk as he edges closer to her, his pupils dilating to nearly black again. stechpalme, holly slightly backs away from him nearing the edge of the bed. “Well Du put it right in my face, what was I supposed to do, ignore it?” His voice is becoming deeper with each word her pronounces until stechpalme, holly can hardly recognize it. He grabs her and playfully puts her fully back on the bed, hovering on oben, nach oben of her leaving her breathless before continuing. “Yes, Du should have, and acted like the good little Jehovah boy that Du are.” “I don’t remember smacking someone on the arsch having the same equivalent as having sex with them.” stechpalme, holly touches the side of his face and feels his skin that feels dry; he nuzzles his face into her palm. “Escaping on technicalities, I see.” “With you, always.” stechpalme, holly rolls her eyes as Michael laughs Küssen her chastely on the lips before looking back at her. “You forget, stechpalme, holly that I have Du in a compromising position to do this.” He begins to tickle her profusely on her sides making her squeal and squirm underneath him. “Michael, no!” stechpalme, holly shouts out as she continues to laugh.

Both of them don’t want to think about the Weiter morning and what lay ahead and how for the Weiter couple of months, both of them would have to deal with the harsh realities Von themselves with only phone calls to sustain them. Right now while they were in each other's presence, they wanted to keep it lighthearted and not think, until both were forced to.

The Weiter morning stechpalme, holly hears the rustling of sheets and the sound of water running as she feels the morning sunlight hitting her forearms. In and out of sleeping she goes hearing noises from Michael, telling herself in her hazy state that she must wake up and soak up the remaining moments with him but her arm and legs feel like lead where they remain immobile. She feels something soft touch her forehead as she stirs awake, fluttering her eyelashes open to see Michael standing above her dressed and ready to leave in his navy jacket, baseball hat, and red Nike t-shirt. stechpalme, holly clutches the sheets closer to her as her eyes close again. "Why are Du dressed?" she asks groggily. Michael chuckles and kisses her forehead again. "My bags are already in the car, and Bill is waiting downstairs." Holly's eyes snap open at his words before flinging the sheets away from her. "Give me five minutes, and I'll be ready to go with Du to the airport. I need a jacke and some shoes." "Holly," Michael says as he watches her stagger up before sitting back down and murmuring. "No jacket, just some slippers will do." She yawns out as Michael kneels down in front of her. "Holly, no." "What do Du mean no? I have to say goodbye at least." "It's going to be crazy with the Fans there. I don't want Du to deal with that.” "Then at least let me drive Du to the gas station oder something." Internally, stechpalme, holly is telling herself not to cry, but at this very moment she is holding back tears, which is dangerously close to breaking. Michael grabs at Holly's chin and forces her to look him in the eyes. "Holly, listen to me, if Du come with me I will not get on that plane…and I can't do that to the fans, oder the family." She wildly searches his eyes. "It will be January until I see Du again," she croaks out before looking down to the floor. “Hey, and remember our plans, Du are gonna come down to Hawaii after the tour ends and we will spend a few days together just Du and me." She slowly nods her head as her eyes come up to meet him again. "I know…and that's why I'm not gonna cry." Michael weakly smiles before pulling her in for a KISS where neither one wants to let go of the other. After the kiss, he holds her in his arms and inhales her heavenly perfume one last time. "I'll call Du when the plane lands. Du take care of yourself."

In Michael's brain, it is shouting to get up and leave and not to look back, but he can't, he cannot pull himself away from her. He slowly pulls back from her, giving her one Mehr KISS before standing up. “I have to go.” He quickly walks towards the door, grabbing the door handle before looking back at stechpalme, holly one last time sitting at the side of the bett looking up at him with sleep ridden hair and an upset face. It hurts him deep within his heart. He quickly closes the door before either one can say a word. It’s a moment like this that makes him hates being an entertainer and her as well, but as dad always tells his “The Zeigen must go on.”

One Monat later, stechpalme, holly is sitting in a chilly Fotografie studio getting her makeup finalized for the album’s front cover. She has been sitting in the makeup chair for the last Stunde looking straight ahead, which is making her neck go stiff. stechpalme, holly watches as her makeup artist, Claudia puts endless amounts of blue and rosa eyeshadow on her lids creating a regenbogen effect. Out of the corner of her eye, she glances at the clock on the Wand that reads seven thirty-nine pm, which instinctively makes her yawn. Since Michael left, she goes to bett so early at night. At first, she thought it was to be productive for the following mornings. Now she realizes it is out of sheer boredom. Even stechpalme, holly has her limits on how many episodes of I Liebe Lucy and The Twilight Zone reruns she could handle before madness set in. And the absolute worst idea for her was to turn off the Fernsehen because if she did that she would start to think of things and for her, that would be the absolute worst idea. “Holly, please keep looking straight for me," Claudia asks as she holds black eyeliner in her hands. "Right sorry." In the back of the room, stechpalme, holly can hear the phone ring on one of the tables where Lana Antwort asking twice who it is with a hard and quizzical voice. "Oh, it's you. Holly, Michael's on the phone." The news makes Holly’s herz leap out in excitement. Without thinking she bounds out of the makeup chair and out of Claudia’s grip, causing stechpalme, holly to ruin her moments Vor flawless eyeliner. stechpalme, holly looks at her with grimaced expression at her error. “Oh…sorry, Claudia." Claudia sighs, throwing the eyeliner in the case with carelessness. “No matter, I forgot you’re three years old.” stechpalme, holly rushes over to the phone taking it out of Lana’s hand. “Michael?” “Hey baby, how Du doin’?” stechpalme, holly smiles and looks down at the floor as she leans herself back to the tabelle where the phone is sitting. “Just fine, a little tired, doing the photo-shoot for the album. How was the performance tonight?" "Good, the crowd was amazing. But I always Liebe performing in Chicago." "Will Du be performing there tomorrow?” “Nah, Cleveland tomorrow night. But enough about the tour, tell me about the photo-shoot, how's that going?" "Well I'm just now getting my makeup done now, and I think I fucked up the liner Von coming over to talk to Du because Claudia is giving me the side eye now," stechpalme, holly says muttering looking over at stechpalme, holly with restlessness.

Michael chuckles. “I appreciate Du taking one for the team for me. What are Du wearing for it?” stechpalme, holly smirks as she giggles. “Now if I told Du that would ruin the fun.” “Oh c’mon tell me, I miss seeing ya, all of you.” “Why Mr. Jackson are Du flirting with me?” “Maybe I am, and when Du get to Hawaii, I plan to do a lot Mehr flirting.” stechpalme, holly sighs in appreciation. “I’m counting down the days.” “Me too, especially since I’ve been around my brothers for a month.” stechpalme, holly can hear the annoyance in his voice. "How's that been going?" "Eh…I guess alright, I guess I forgot how they could be with the groupies." stechpalme, holly raises an eyebrow ready to inquire about the groupies as Lana walks up to her and taps her watch to stechpalme, holly mouthing "Time." "Listen, Michael; everyone is getting restless." "Go, I understand. I’m gonna head to bett anyway. I'll talk to Du tomorrow night, okay?" "Okay. Night.” “Night baby, pose well.”

When Michael hangs up the phone he looks at his outstretched legs in his hotel bed, his legs and feet feel tired and sore from tonight’s performance. Maybe tonight he can get some sleep, unlike the last couple of nights, but from the way, they feel he's not counting on it. He sighs and swings his legs over the side of the bed, grimacing as he stands up to head into the bathroom to brush his teeth. The nights feel very mechanical, take off stage clothes, get a shower, put on lounge clothes, brush teeth, and go to sleep. The only part of the night that never seems like extra effort is calling Holly, in fact, it’s the only exciting part of his days lately as he continues to discover he has very little in common with his brothers anymore who want to go drinking and hang out and sometimes sleep with the groupies. As he rinses off his teeth, he hears a knock at the door making him look in the direction with a quizzical brow. Who would want him this late after a Zeigen while everyone was off doing his oder her own thing? He walks out of the bathroom out towards the front door where his feet scruff on the carpet Wird angezeigt how tired he honestly feels.

Michael cautiously opens the door to reveal a tall, beautiful woman with a sizeable black Afro standing there, clutching a camera in front of her stomach as if to protect it. She looks excited with flushed cheeks and wild eyes while simultaneously embarrassed as she stands before him. He holds the door open curiously as he looks out the empty hallway wondering why Bill oder one of the other security guards did not stop her. "Can I help you?" He asks watching her cautiously. "Oh my God, it is you," she whispers looking him up and down with admiration. Michael looks down at his feet trying to hide his bashfulness. "I'm guessing you're a fan. Would Du like an autograph?" "Would I ever!" she squeaks out as Michael holds the door open wider to her so she can come in. In cases like these, he never shuts the door, because that way nobody can ever claim something against you. She comes in with an awed expression at being in his hotel room, looking around trying to see what he has sprawled out. "What would Du like me to sign?" He asks still standing Von the door. She looks back at him with fluttered eyelashes. "Ugh, I'm not sure really, I don't even have a pen, to be honest." She nervously giggles. For a teilt, split moment Michael feels for her, she doesn't look over the age of eighteen, the same age as Holly, but a lot Mehr immature. He looks around and doesn't spy anything suitable to write on oder with. Michael looks back at her. "Stay right here; I have a piece of paper and a pen somewhere back in my bedroom, I'll be right back." She nods automatically as she stands Von the door still clutching her camera waiting for him. Michael quickly hurries back to his bedroom where he finds a loose piece of paper and a pen on his nightstand. He grabs it and heads back where she is, but instead of her standing Von the door, she now has managed to close the door and sit on the couch, cross-legged, looking relaxed.

Michael automatically begins to feel uneasy at her proximity, and the door closed; his only mission is now to get her out of her as quickly as possible. “Okay, well what’s your name?” Michael says looking down at the paper and taking the kappe off the pen. "Vanessa," she says with the same breath like a whisper, only this time it has a different connotation to it. He quickly scribbles the usual "To Vanessa thanks for all your support – Michael Jackson” on the paper. When he goes to hand it to her, Vanessa’s fingers lightly brush against his making him recoil. "Do Du mind if I take a picture with you? My Friends back Home will never believe me that I met Du unless I have proof," she says with a giggle looking up at him through long eyelashes. In the back of his brain, he is shouting “No!” But another part of him, the guilty side always makes him want to respect his fans. Michael sighs out and feigns a smile. “Sure.” Vanessa stands up and quickly puts her right arm around his waist making Michael try to keep a distance from her. “Smile,” she whispers in his ear before clicking the button before the camera light flashes in front of them. As soon as it does Michael walks three steps back from her. “Well it was lovely to meet you, Vanessa, but I must be heading to bed.” She looks up at him not with the same nervousness that she did when she entered the room, but now has the look of desire. "Are Du sure Du want me to leave?" she asks calmly, the Frage hanging in the air making him inhale deeply. Vanessa begins to step towards Michael making him step back even more. "Because Du know, I would do anything for you, Michael. I have been your Fan for so many years and to touch you…even for a few hours would make my life complete. She holds out her hand and touches the oben, nach oben of his t-shirt collar. Michael firmly grabs her wrist and pulls it away.

“Vanessa, Du seem like a very nice girl, but I am not interested in having sex with you.” “Shoo, is that cuz of your little white girlfriend stechpalme, holly Williams?” "Yes, but even if I weren't with Holly, I still wouldn't because I don't become involved with fans." Michael is trying very hard to remain calm, but inside he doesn't want to be touched, not Von Vanessa at least. For a Monat now he has hungered for Holly's touch and now it is making him miss her more. “But why? I’m sure I would satisfy Du Mehr than stechpalme, holly ever could.” Vanessa runs her hands down the front of Michaels’ chest towards the waistband of his sweatpants. He grabs both of her wrists this time and holds them in front of her. “No, this is not going to happen, Vanessa. I’m sorry if Du thought it would, but I Liebe stechpalme, holly and no matter what would do it would never change my mind.” She looks at him with shock, her mouth agape at his words with her face reddening again. “You honestly Liebe her?” Michael feels stunned at what he just sagte and to a total stranger about Holly. For him, there was no filtration from the brain to the mouth…and he meant every word he said. Yes, he did Liebe Holly, he has for a long time, but he never found the right moment oder enough courage to tell her. Now he told a Fan before he told her.

"Yes, I do. Now please don't make this difficult Vanessa. Du seem very nice, and I don't want to call security up here." He slowly lets go of her hands where she looks down at the floor in embarrassment before looking up at him. “I understand…I’m sorry for bothering you.” She turns around and heads for the front door turning around to look at him before she leaves. "Holly certainly is a very lucky woman," she murmurs across the room to him. Michael shakes his head instinctively. "No, I'm the lucky one." She gives him a sad smile before shutting the door leaving him with his thoughts. Michael sits down on the edge of the bett breathing out a sigh of relief, his mind racing Von saying he loved stechpalme, holly to an actual stranger. How could he tell this Vanessa but not Holly? He runs his hands over the oben, nach oben of his hair in contemplation. A tight constricting feeling wraps itself around Michaels' chest making it harder for him to breathe as he swipes his tongue over his bottom lips to wet the dryness. How is he going to tell stechpalme, holly about this incident, but also, how will he finally tell her that he loves her? In his mind, there never seems not to be the right moment to do it, and there's no book he could go out and buy that could tell him how to do it right. Maybe in Hawaii? Yes, Hawaii sounded like a good idea, they would both be happy, and he could tell her both just like ripping off a Band-Aid. But what if she doesn't say it back? To him, that seems to be his biggest nightmare, her not repeating itback. Deep down he knows she cares for him, but maybe she isn’t there yet. He sighs out rubbing the oben, nach oben of his thighs with his palms before smacking his knees before standing up and finally getting into bed. Win, lose, oder draw, he has to go down the rabbit hole in January whether he wants to oder not.

Weihnachten came and went without a care in the world for Holly. Since her album debut four days before Weihnachten she was Mehr interested in watching the sales and how the album has been flying off the shelves. Every Tag she would get up she would mark off another Tag on the calendar that would bring her one Mehr Tag closer to seeing Michael, and that's what kept her going. Before she knew it New Year's Eve was upon them. She didn't feel like celebrating since Michael was not there to be with her, but they decided to be on the phone when the ball would drop on the television. Since Kenny was still on Weihnachten break from school she decided to have him over too and hopefully they could catch up together, and probably the apartment wouldn't seem as lonely. They sit together in the living with a game of Monopoly in front of them as the Fernsehen is on in the background with partygoers in New York prepping for the ball to drop. Every five Minuten stechpalme, holly keeps looking at the clock on the Wand to see how long it will be until he calls. Kenny rolls his eyes as he looks up at her from sitting on the living room floor. "Sis, either play the game oder sit Von the telephone like a 1950s housewife, your call." stechpalme, holly backs at him with an embarrassed face. "Sorry, Ken. I'm just excited for him to call, and a little sad. It's our first New Year's together, and I wish he were together to enjoy it.” “Well doesn’t that make me feel good about my presence here,” Kenny says sarcastically as he rolls the dice to a pair of snake eyes. stechpalme, holly cocks her head to the side. "That's not what I meant. Besides, Du didn't have to hang out with your big sis for New Year's; Du could have hung out with the family oder your friends." Kenny snorts at her words, "Yeah, let me ring in 1980 with the fruitcakes we call mom and dad, and my Friends were going to San Francisco for the New Year." "You could have gone with them, mom and dad don't care," stechpalme, holly says rolling the dice. He shrugs, "I guess…I just wasn't ready." "Ready?" "Long story." “You always say that whenever Du dodge a question.” “And when will Du come to realize that’s part of my charm?” The phone rings making stechpalme, holly jump up off the couch. Kenny jumps back at her enthusiasm. “Jesus,” he murmurs. “I’ll get it, I’ll get it!” she says rushing to the phone. “Hello?” “Holly, Happy New Years.” “Oh, hi, Lana,” stechpalme, holly says trying to mask her disappointment that it’s not Michael. “Happy New Years to Du as well,” she says watching Kenny as he slyly inches over his game piece to the Weiter Weltraum on the game board. stechpalme, holly takes the phone case in her hand and walks over, smacking his hand away making him look up to her with surprise. “Ouch!” “Don’t fucking cheat!” she hisses with the receiver on the shoulder before putting it back up to her ear to hear Lana talking business. “I was thinking in January when Du go to Hawaii to visit Michael I could set up an interview for the two of Du as an official way for the public to see Du together.” stechpalme, holly rolls her eyes as she sits back down on the couch facing Kenny who now his facing the Fernsehen looking at everyone looking up at the ball in Times Square. “Michael and I are going to the American Musik Awards we don’t need an interview to tell people we’re together.” “Yes, but it may clear up any Fragen the public has especially concerning the race issue." "The race issue?" stechpalme, holly says with disdain. "You know I didn't mean it that way, but it is a topic for many lately about Du two." "That's because there's nothing good on TV anymore, so it's a lot easier to talk about someone." "Will Du run it past Michael at least to see what he thinks?" "Maybe I will and maybe I won't." Lana sighs heavily on the phone. "Well it's a pleasure to get nowhere with Du again, Holly, I look vorwärts-, nach vorn to working with Du in a new decade." stechpalme, holly smirks, "Same here. Have a good night, Lana."

When she hangs up the phone receiver in its cradle, stechpalme, holly watches as the news anchor is dressed in a large kamel pelz mantel saying how it is freezing temperatures there in Time Square. "Funny, Du could never tell about the temperatures Von her tits hanging out of her dress," stechpalme, holly murmurs lounging back on the couch. Kenny rocks back on the floor with his knee propped up, his arm circling it, clutching it almost. "I'd like to have a pelz coat," he remarks watching her with interest. stechpalme, holly chuckles. "Really, Ken? Du wanna go for a Liberace vibe?” He looks back at her with a small smirk and shrugs before looking back at the television. “Maybe.” “Well I’m gonna make some coffee,” stechpalme, holly says standing up and heading into the kitchen. “You want a cup?” she asks in the küche as she pours the water into the coffee pot. “Yes please!” He says back. Making coffee is an auto-piloted task for stechpalme, holly anymore. Every morning she makes coffee before she leaves for her long days and sometimes in the evenings when she doesn't go to bett at nine like an old woman she will make a pot. She can hear the phone ring again, but this time, Kenny Antwort the phone. As stechpalme, holly finishes putting the grounds into the coffee machine, she comes out and sees Kenny sitting, chuckling at something Michael must have said. "So when are Du gonna make my sis an honest woman?" Holly's face reddens at the question. She charges over to him trying to take the phone out of his hands, but he swats her away. "Well, I'm sure she'll be glad to hear that. How am I doing? Oh just peachy, as much as one can be with a pair of fucked up parents, an addict sister and another sister who is fabulous." He looks up at her and goofily grins. "Oh my God," stechpalme, holly mutters shaking her head in dismay. "Say that again, Mike? Oh, she's doing fine, a little lonely I think, but looking fly as fuck." "You know I'm standing right here!" Kenny smirks, "Keep on talking because the Mehr we do, the Mehr she keeps getting pissed off. Huh? Well, Du should see her Mike, she's been waiting Von the phone for the past two hours like a puppy.” “Oh for God’s sake!” stechpalme, holly rips the phone receiver out of Kenny’s hand and puts it up to her ear where she hears Michael laughing hard with Kenny joining in as well. “It’s like a fucking Abbott and Costello routine with Du two,” she says shaking her head before sitting down on the couch again. “We just like messing with you,” Michael says as he calms down. “Uh huh, right, Du got the TV turned on?” “Yep, I’m sitting here in the hotel room watching it now." "Isn't it exciting?" She asks with a smile as the lady anchor announces there are only fifth teen Minuten left until the New Year. "Normally no, but now I know you'll be with me to share it." Holly's smile widens. "Save the sweet talk for Hawaii, Jackson." "That's it; I'm out!" Kenny says leaving the room making stechpalme, holly chuckle. "Did Kenny leave?" Michael asks joining in on the laughter. “Yes, apparently we are too sickening for him!” she shouts in the other room loud enough for Kenny to hear. “You got that right!” Kenny shouts back.

stechpalme, holly shakes her head as she looks back at the television. "That boy is a mess." "Seems to be a theme with your family," Michael says jokingly. "I wish I could defend it and say you're wrong, but I can't," she says laughing once more. "So tell me, what's new in the last twenty-four hours that I haven't spoken to you," Michael asks with intrigue on the phone. stechpalme, holly rolls her eyes. "Well, Lana is now on this kick that she wants us to do a couples interview together in Hawaii to address the public Fragen that were her words, not mine." "And what did Du say?" "I sagte we didn't need to talk to the public about our relationship and that we were going to the American Musik Awards together, we don't need it." "Do Du want to do it?" She furrows her brow at his calm demeanor towards the notion. "Not really, I think it's a silly idea; it makes it seem like we are defending our relationship. I'm tired of defending things I do to people." "Alright, if that's what Du want." Holly's head snaps back slightly. "You don't agree?" "Whatever Du want to do Holly, I'll support. Du know I don't like to do interviews, but for you, I would do it." "Well take a sigh of relief because it's not gonna happen…I’m not going to let it happen,” stechpalme, holly takes a deep breath before continuing. “And I have some other big news today.” “Share with me, baby." "Well, I met with a very nice real estate woman today, and we talked about some potential properties that I'm gonna go see in a couple of weeks.”

Silence hangs on Michael’s end for so long that it makes stechpalme, holly think they got disconnected. “Michael are Du still there?” “Yeah, I’m still here.” “I thought you’d be happy for me? After all, wasn't that the dynastic plan?" "…Yes, but I just thought we would enjoy some Mehr time together before Du did all that?" "Michael this process takes awhile so I wouldn't be moving out for at least a few Mehr months." Those words alone make Michael cringe, deep down a selfish part of him doesn't want her to leave, he wants her to stay with him, but he knows he has no right to say anything, he is only her boyfriend, not her husband. But suddenly, inspiration strikes. "Can Du hold off for a while? At least until the house gets underway with the building, I would Liebe for Du to help Design it." stechpalme, holly rolls her eyes shaking her head. "Michael, don't try to pacify me with Design plans with the house just to get me to stay with Du if Du want me to stay just say so.” “I’m not going to hold Du back, but just hold off and help me with the house for a little bit, I can’t do this all on my own, please?” stechpalme, holly rubs her temple in contemplation before loudly sighing. “Fine, I’ll hold off for a little while until the house gets underway some more.” She can hear the relief in his voice as he thanks her.

Kenny pops back in and sits down beside her as the ball makes its way up. “One Mehr Minute to go,” Kenny announces. “It’s gonna be weird to say ‘1980’” Michael says as Kenny turns up the volume on the remote with a little ticking begin as the last few moments of 1979 begin to pass away. “But it’s going to be amazing, I can feel it.” “Name three wishes for the decade, quick,” Michael asks “Uh…health, happiness, and success. You?” “Same.” Last ten Sekunden begins as everyone on the television, including, Kenny, Holly, and Michael begins to chant "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…Happy New Year!" Kenny instinctively hugs stechpalme, holly tightly and wishes her a happy new year. "Happy New Year, Michael!" stechpalme, holly says with Glee as they watch the confetti blow on the streets of New York. Michael watches the same scene unfold on his TV in his hotel room and suddenly feels overcome with emotion as he watches couples KISS and hugs each other, making him wish he were with her tonight. "Happy New Year, Holly…I Liebe you." Now it’s his turn to hear silence on the other end of the line, the air pregnant with those three little words that he had desperately been nervous to say. Now it couldn't be unsaid, and the ball was in her court. How poetic for this night. Michael hears her voice crack, “I Liebe Du too.” His herz feels overjoyed. "You mean it?" "I do."

For the first time, he feels like they have taken a significant step in their relationship, Mehr so than her moving in with him. Michael's throat feels tight, and he feels at a loss for words. "I'm so happy." "Me too," she murmurs. The only thought that keeps rolling around in the back of his mind is how in a few short weeks he will tell her those words over and over again in person. Something that seemed so daunting to him was easy to do once it was said. Now all he wants to do is saying it again and again and as far as he was concerned…forever and ever.