When I was a young one, I grew up listening to mike's music, watching his Musik videos, watching moonwalker but honestly, I wasn't a big Fan of him (yet). I thought he was great. Absolutely great but I just wasn't a fan. I was a young one. A toddler. I didn't understand yet. My brother use to always play his Musik out loud in the house and we always use to sit down in the living room watching moonwalker all the time. I always wondered why my brother is such a big Fan of mike like I am today. He has a record player with a picture of mike in the thriller era on it and a couple of mike shirts. He even has the T-shirt with the Piano simple on it from Beat it. So a few years have passed and this started about 10 years ago. In 2006. Either 2006 oder 2007. I really don't remember which Jahr it was when I started to become a fan. But anyway, one day, I spotted two tapes on the counter. I picked one up and looked at it. And just out of the blue, I decided to listen to them. So I took it upstairs to my room, put it in my stereo, put my headphones in the jack, put them on and gave the tape a listen. And the first song I heard was "Bad" and I sagte in my thoughts "oh this is Michael jackson" and as I was listening to bad, all I could do was listen Mehr and Mehr of the song and I was starting to Bewegen a bit. And just like that. "Bad" became one of my Favorit song. And I wanted to listen Mehr of the tape. So then I started listening to "Liberian girl" I that was such a beautiful song. That was actually the first time I heard that song. Then I started hearing "The way Du make me feel" then I ended up listening to the whole album and I became instantly hooked. I remember just about all of those songs. We'll except "Liberian girl" and "just good friends". It was my first time hearing those two songs but all the rest of them, just took me right back to my childhood. "I kept saying "I remember this. I know these songs!" Then I listened to the other tape. The songs on that tape was "They don't care about us" an R&B version of the same song and a remix of "Earth song" and just like the first tape, I loved it. I wanted more. I wanted to hear Mehr Michael jackson. And there was a certain song I remembered from back then and I was wondering what it was called and of course was trying to find it. And my brother has a lot of mike's CDs and albums. I went into the computer room to look through those CDs and found the "Blood on the dance floor" album. I took it back to my room, into my stereo, headphone in and on a gave it a listen. And of course, I loved it. The whole album. And I found the song I was looking for on that album. The song was "Ghost". I surely remember that song from when I was a young one. And honestly, that song was the only one on that album I remembered. The other ones on the album, it was my first time hearing those song oder I just didn't remember them period. So I find the song "Ghost" listened to it some more, and from there, it became another one of my favorites. And one day, my brother had us all go to the living room. He wanted us to watch "moonwalker". So we was sitting in the living room and when it played, I just sat there and watched and remembered everything in the whole movie. The beginning where he was walking and he danced a little and did his tippy toes move, the live "man in the mirror", the part where "music in me" was playing and all those pictures of him and stuff, the young one version of "Bad", him being chased Von all those people and then there was "Speed demon" and then there was those young ones he was playing with in the park and so on. Du all get the point. Du guys know the movie as much as I do. Anyway as I was watching it, it took me right back to my childhood. And I think it was after that, we ended up watching his Musik videos. We watched the "HIStory past present and future" DVD and I so remembered almost all of those Musik videos. "Bad" "TWYMMF" "Leave me alone" and so on. "Even "Thriller" it was so amazing. And I even found out that that girl on "Thriller" the co-star, Ola Ray. I found out that SHE'S MY COUSIN! When my mom told me that, she was serious and I sagte "seriously?! Wow!" I couldn't believe that I'm actually related to somebody who knew mike and was in one of his most famous Musik videos. I feel like a very lucky Fan for that. And so I wanted to watch Mehr of the DVD so I borrowed it from Roland so I can watch it whenever I want. I watched it in the mornings it while getting ready for school, and watched it when I get Home from school. I just wanted to see Mehr of of him everyday. So then that's the first reason how I fell for mike. It was from the Musik and all the memories from when I was a young one. And the Sekunde reason I was falling for him was because of his looks. As I was always watching the "Bad" video, I was getting a good look at him and thought "whoa. He's beautiful" and because of his looks, I fell for him like a building collapesing. And thats how the Bad era became my Favorit era. And then, there was the Jackson 5 cartoon show. My mom got me watching that. That Zeigen is very funny. I watched that every morning while getting ready for school too. I watched Captain eo for the first time then. Then a Sekunde time. And so the years went by. Ever since, I've been so hooked on him. I've always been watching his Musik video on the KMJM.com web site everyday. When I became an 8th grader, I moved to Texas and the school I went to was kinda boring and a bit trashy and the kids were loud, talkative, and always get the teacher end up yelling at us (well at them really) to stop talking. And then I thought, I need Mike. And I had an idea. I put pictures of him in my binder so whenever I open it, I can see him whenever I want. That way I wouldn't have to be alone and I feel a lot better. Some kids thought it was kinda corny but I didn't care what they thought. It's a free country. I can put pictures of Michael jackson in my binder so I can see him everyday if I want to. If they had I problem with that, tough! And still, the years went by. The Jahr 2009. A bad Jahr for me. For us all. I heard about Mike's comeback and I was so waiting for that comeback. But then it hit me. June 25th 2009. The worst Tag of my life. I cried myself to sleep the following night. I weeped the Weiter Tag too. I was so depressed, I didn't want to do anything MJ related. I didn't want to look at Musik videos, I didn't want to listen to his music, I didn't even want to play "Dirty Diana" on my piano. I wanted to do absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. And thats what I did. Nothing. So school started back the same year. I was a freshmen in high school. During my freshmen year, I use to alway wear some of my MJ T-shirts to school. I was feeling a lot better. One time, in the cafateria, I was on my netbook (another for computer) watching MJ Videos and minding my business. And there were these boys behind me, looking over my shoulder at what I was watching. And of course they started messing with me and making fun and him and stuff. I kept telling them to back off and leave me alone and one of them reached over me, pushed the "on/off" button on my netbook and turned it off. I couldn't believe he did that. I want to slap him so bad and yell at him "keep your hands off my netbook!" There was another Tag in the cafeteria with those guys that I dont want to talk about. Those boys were a buch of scumbags. And there was this one guy named autum. He was such a darn fool hater, I couldn't stand him. The stuff he use to say to me and tease me about Mike were so unruly theres no way I'm repeating them. That guy is a dirtbag. So I've always been dealing with MJ haters just like y'all I'm sure. We all have those moments. Now let me just skip ahead to a very special assembly that had happen there at school. We called it a "Wow assembly". I'm just gonna come out and say it. An MJ impersonator came to the school to perform. Turns out that impersonator was Friends with one of the teachers who was very nice to me. There were even wow assembly T-shirts with a white silhouette of Mike doing a pose. Before the impersonator came out, we watched "we are the world" on the big screen. Then he came out. I dont remember every song he did but what I do remember, he performed "wanna be startin somethin" "Earth song" Thriller" and a couple of Jackson 5 songs with other guys wearing afro wigs and dressed like the jackson brothers. That part was kinda funny. So at the end of the assembly, the teacher took me backstage to meet the guy. I was so lucky. I was the only one who met him. I was so excited. I gave him a hug, took a picture with him (every time my family saw that picture, they freak out) I even got my T-shirt for free. The impersonator gave it to me himself. And everyone else had to pay for their shirts. And I found out that that assembly was just for me. Again, years went by. I was probably a junior in high school. There was somewhere me and my mom went to that was the best time of my life that I will never forget. I had on one of my MJ T-shirts, my fandora hat, and my sequin glove. I was dressed almost like Mike because we went to the MJ immortal world tour Von cirque du soleil. I was a night that I will remember for the Weiter 200 years. I recorded the whole thing on my phone. That way I can always watch it again whenever I want. When the konzert was over, I was pretty much the center of attention. It was because of what I was wearing. People kept smiling at me and pointing at me and a group of Fans wanted me to take a picture of them and one of them wanted to take one of me. And there was this girl who want to take a picture while wearing my glove. As the immortal version of bad was playing I was Singen along to it and a man sagte "she bad! She bad!" while pointing at me. He, me and mom just laughed. And also got suviniers like the immortal world tour poster and an immortal world tour water bottle that I still drink only water out of today. And to take my medicines. So as thee years went by, I also love(d) him for his humanity. He's the nicest man anyone ever met. Any Fan out there in the world who met him, talked to him, and hugged him are so lucky. I always wish so much that that could be me to ever meet him. But the only way for me to meet him is to wait till I die. However, I'm still pretty lucky to have a cousin who knew him. Theres a whole lot Mehr to this like me Schreiben my own MJ Fantasy stories, me joining Fanpop just to meet and chat with other Fans but that was 5 years ago. But dont worry. I'm staying. I wanna meet Mehr MJ fan. More, more, more! What else can I say? I should've told y'all it was a long story. So thats how I became a Michael jackson Fan and how all thos experience changed my life. And speaking of experience, I got the MJ experience game for Weihnachten a few years ago. One of the best gifts I've ever gotten. Right Weiter to the MJ "black oder white" doll I got a few years for Weihnachten before the game. Play that game almost every day. Now I've have lots of MJ possessions. Even my own Thriller jacket. Although, I really want a "Bad" jacket. So thats the story. I guess I have nothing else to say. Except "We Liebe Du very much, Michael! If Du Liebe us more...would Du come back here, please?!" Well thats it. I hope I didn't forget anything. If I did, I'll Bearbeiten it. Whew! I've never wrote something that long in one night before. Right now I'm tired, I'm exhausted, my head hurts pretty bad, and I have to sleep right now. Later!