Dearest Michael,

First of all, I would like to say a very, very happy birthday to Du my dear angel! How's it going there in Heaven? I know Du are doing fine and alright...Heaven is really a wonderful place, where there is no Mehr pain and suffering. And best of all, Du are with the One whom Du loved very much, and that is the Creator of the Universe...ALMIGHTY GOD!

A lot has happened in the past 7 years. I was in my first Jahr of adolescence when God placed this special Liebe for Du in my heart, which is what made me a Fan of Du and also made me grow a thirst of learning about Du and your life. I also had to overcome some emotional and personal challenges which were new to me at the time. Such as when I had my first menstrual period (Sorry for being vulgar here.), and when my mother had to undergo an operation. It's a good thing that God's Spirit and your spirit were there to help me get through this transit period in my life.

Oh Michael, words cannot describe how much Du mean to me. Du are the sweetest, kindest, friendliest, most humble, most gracious, most gentle, most compassionate, most caring, and most loving man that I have ever known from outside my family and from afar! We may not have met and/or known each other personally but deep within our hearts, we are spiritually connected! I'm very thankful that Du were the person whom God used to help strengthen and mature my faith in and relationship with Him, and to bring me closer to Him!

I thank Du for everything that Du have done, and what God is about to use Du for. I thank Du for everything that Du have shown and thought me.

If it weren't for you, your story, and your suffering, I wouldn't have been driven to learn the things that I've already learned, not just about you, but about the plight of others, and what is really going on in the world now and who is causing it. And to remember to ALWAYS seek the Truth in all things!

Thank Du for being the person that I've always wanted to and would like to be.

Thank Du for never, ever giving up on us, for leaving us clues to follow Du to the Truth, and for loving us unconditionally. Your Liebe for others truly came from the Lord Jesus Christ. But most of all, thank Du for your strong, unwavering faith in God and for loving God because those were the reasons why Du remained the gentle, humble, sweet, and child-like man that we always and forever know and why Du survived throughout those hardships and tribulations. And those were your explanations through repeated interviews that thought me how we should view God, as real, tangible, awesome, and worthy of praise and love. Just as a child would, with an open, honest heart.

I Liebe Du very much Michael. Thank God for you.


See Du in God's time my dear brother in Christ! :D

Your forever Fan and guardian,