If Du are curious about what was God's mission for Michael, and what the Enemy tried to do to block and/or stop it, you've come to the right place! Here are some FAQ's that I read in an Artikel from a Truth-filled blog. Enjoy! :)

Q: So what did God give Michael to do?
A: Spread a message of love, innocence, family unity, being good stewards of the Earth and the personal gifts God gave us, and a reminder of the messages Jesus gave us in the Bible of returning to child-like innocence in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Q: How did God do this?
A: He gave Michael this exquisite talent to put him out in front of as many millions of people as possible. God gifted Michael with a tool to gather them.

Q: Why did God choose Michael?
A: Because Michael's herz was open to Him, as only a child's could be. The fame that accompanied this great talent of his, despite the trouble it drew, also became his protector. This made him incredibly lonely and isolated, but it also sheltered him from the worldly. It kept him innocent. In his loneliness, he read, he wrote, he studied, he dreamed and he created. And never did he take credit for any of it. He gave that credit back to God every time he was asked about his talent.

Q: So what did the Devil give his people to do?
A: The people the Devil worked through were convicted to destroy God's message and messenger.

Q: How did the Devil do this?
A: He used the very tools God's messenger was given, against the messenger: His innocence, his Liebe for people, his loneliness, his talent and the money it generated, all of it was used against Michael.

Q: Why did the Devil choose the people he chose to do his work?
A: Because they got close enough to know how to turn Michael's gifts into weapons. These people were corruptible to money, and money was their motivator.

Now to eliminate some misperceptions:

Michael was NOT greedy: Michael actually lived on less money than he gave to children's and other charities.

Michael was NOT egotistical: Michael's desire to oben, nach oben Zurück endeavors came from his desire to attract the people God wanted in front of Michael. Michael only ever wanted to please.

Michael was NOT immature: Michael was innocent. It's a word that makes editors and journalists burst into flames at the mere thought of Schreiben it.

Michael was NOT gay: Michael was faithful and backed up his faith with his conduct.

Michael was NOT eccentric: Michael was shy. He also had health challenges that for anyone else, would be protected, personal business.

Michael was NOT stupid: Michael was trusting. But he knew his way around a recording studio, a sound stage, an open arena and a board room.