So beautiful

1.Bad Era~ I bet this is mainly almost every fan's Favorit era, I can see why. Michael is so beautiful and cute and sexy and gorgeous in this era(Well he is in every one though) Bad is also my Favorit Michael Jackson album and one of my Favorit tours. Michael's hair in this era is just so curly and pretty. And the Bad era is one of the eras where Michael was the most happy. Du could really see it in his eyes and his face during those years. Michael was the biggest star, sterne in the world and the allegations hadn't come yet. Everything was great and Michael was happy. And to me, I feel like Michael is a little less shy during this era. And he doesn't really talk in a very soft whisper like he did in the Thriller era.

Those eyes
2.HIStory Era~ The allegations are over and Michael is happily married. But still there is so much anger sadness that he feels. Du can plainly hear it in the songs on the History album. Du can hear and feel the sorrow and anguish that he felt. Most of my Favorit Musik Videos and songs are from that era. And my Favorit outfit is from that era as well. *wink wink* I do really Liebe the HIStory tour but I kind of don't like that Michael lip-synced most of the songs, unlike the Dangerous tour. To me, Michael seems very bold and powerful and Mehr out of his shell during this era as well.

he's so "Dangerous"
3.Dangerous Era~ This is a sad era yet a happy one. The allegations didn't come until late 1993. Dangerous world tour is my Favorit tour. He sang all the songs instead of lip-syncing them, and his outfit was sooo cool. I Liebe the Oprah interview. Some of the Fragen were just so funny. "Why do Du grab your crotch?" "Are Du a virgin?" I loved Michael's reply to that one! "I'm a gentleman" Hehehe so cute. I felt like it wasn't a negative interview, like Oprah wasn't trying to get Michael to look like something he wasn't. She asked simple Fragen and when he answered them she didn't carry it any further. I am kind of glad he met Lisa Mari, because she helped him get through the whole Chandler scandal.

He's invincible
4.Invincible Era~ Michael is so happy during these years, he has two kids and will soon have another. Michael seems very calm and happy and loving during this era. But I feel sad for him because he didn't know what was coming. I wish that someone could have warned him. I try to imagine what would have happened if the Living with Michael Jackson Documentary never came out, and the Arvizos never met Michael. Michael would probably be still alive. All that pain he went through during the trial era could have been avoided.

His hair!
5.Thriller Era~ oder should I say awesome era? Because that's what it was! Everything changed in this era. Michael became the biggest star, sterne in the world in this era and won a record of 8 Grammies in one year. He also met the president and preformed his very first moonwalk live. Michael also made several iconic looks in these years, like the thick glasses and the military jackets and the glove. Michael broke so many records during this time it is unbelievable. His oben, nach oben three most iconic short films and songs were made in this era, Billie Jean, Beat it and Thriller. In this time period Michael tried to separate himself from his brothers and just go solo. But he was talked into doing the Victory tour. I really Liebe that tour (I just Liebe everything about this man so you'll be hearing, "I also love..." oder "I really love.." a lot in my articles).

So cute!
6.J5/Jacksons Era~ Also called the extremely cute era! With the afros and cute outfits! Michael was just the cutest kid ever! But at the same time one of the saddest ones. I feel sorry for Michael. I really did have a harsh and sad childhood. Just imagine being abused as a child and then becoming famous and being made to preform and record almost 24/7. But still Michael stayed strong. I bet Michael did have some fun times and did play with his brothers a lot, but still, that would get boring after a while. And he couldn't go to a normal school oder a park because he would get threats oder get mobbed if he tried. Very sad. But Michael was happy and at Home on the stage.

This is it
7.This is it Era~ It's a sad and a very sort one, but during it Michael was doing something he loved, and he hadn't done it in a long time, prepare to go on tour. Michael really wanted to do the This is it tour, for the Fans and for his children. In the This is it movie he seemed so happy and joyful. All the sadness was in the past, he was ready to do this tour and then spend the rest of his life living with his children. But sadly that didn't happen. I really wish it did. And for some reason I feel that he probably wouldn't have been able to make it all the way through the tour if he did live. I read a few months Vor that Michael wasn't able to get to sleep days after one show. If Michael had about 100 shows and he was 50 years old and had sleeping problems could he make it? I bet there would have been long breaks in between shows but still. I bet Michael had the strength to get through oder do anything.

Blood on the dance floor
8.Blood on the Dancefloor Era~ This is the era that I was born in! And Paris was born in it too. Some people forget about this era and just put it with the History era. But I count it as a separate era. I also think that this is one of the most underrated albums ever. I Liebe the album and I Liebe the remixes. There really isn't that much Mehr I can say about this era because it isn't that different from the History era and It leads into the Invincible era.

Live off the Wand
9.Off the Wand Era~ Michael's very first solo album without his brothers. And Michael is now getting curly hair (curls forever!)! I can really tell that Michael wanted to stop being with his brothers for a while and go on his own and make his own album. And he stared in the Wiz, I Liebe that movie and I think that is very underrated. I wish that Michael stared in Mehr movies. He would have made a great actor.

The trial
10.Trial Era~ The saddest era of them all. The hardest and saddest time of Michael's life. All because of something Michael didn't do. All the Arvizos were after was money. They didn't care about how Michael felt, they didn't care about how this would affect Michael's reputation and career, they didn't care how good Michael treated them. It just makes me feel sick when I think about all the pain Michael had to go through. Just so sad.

I Liebe Du so much Michael. May Du R.I.P.<3