The Backyard At Michael's Palatial Estate
Sitting at his vanity, Michael let Maris do his makeup; in addition , to fixing his hair. Maris couldn't figure out why he requested, but she did his makeup without any hesitation, and the idea of her hands stroking his face gave him a warm feeling inside of him. Like adding a shade of paint on a canvas, Maris applied the makeup on his face just like a professional makeup artist.

While doing his makeup, Maris used the specific cosmetics, which he requested she used on his face such as some of the Fashion Fair cosmetics; in addition to the Lancome eyeliner and coal black mascara. After she did his makeup Michael looked in the mirror, and he was quite impressed with the way she did the makeup. "Well, how did I do", she asked, "It looks nice, good job"' Michael replied. Michael looked very nice once Maris applied the makeup just the he asked to. Michael and Maris proceeded to get dressed, so he could and pick the abendessen and the Dessert while she excused herself from the bedroom in order to call Consuela to let her know that she'll be spending the night at place for the rest of the evening and he'll take Home on his work tomorrow morning. "Do Du mind if go down to your höhle, den and call Consuela", Maris asked". "Yes, Du should call her and tell her so she won't be worried", Michael replied.

"I would like know, if I may ask, why won't Du let me sleep in the guest room", Maris asked, and Michael hesitated for quite awhile before he could answer her question. "Since Du are a guest in my home, Du can do anything Du want even if I slept in the same bett with me for the night for the reason I want to be close to you", Michael also replied.
The Patio Area
Michael's House
Maris' House
Michael And Longtime Make-up Artist, Karen Faye
Working At The Office
Part-Time Model
On Tour In Italy Back In 1988
Ebony Eyes
My Main Man
Michael And Maris In Movie Theatre
Role-Playing For Maris
Main Headquarters Of MJJ Productions, Inc.
Michael's Vacation Home Where They Stayed During Their Trip To France
The Most Beautiful Man On The Planet
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Mansion Michael Wants To Purchase
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The höhle, den At Michael's House
The Sexiest Man On The Planet
Michael And Maris Vacation In New York City
Michael At Hayvnhusrt Back in1983
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The Master Bedroom At Michael's House