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posted by mjfanforever22
from the early age of 23 right around the hight of thriller michael always felt and talked about how he went through part of his life feeling lonley he always sagte he would walk the on through the neighboorhood of the havenhurst compound and would try to find a friend to talk to and to just be himself and not the superstar that we all know that he is in the early 80's michael would always tell reports and journalist that he felt lonley some people thought of it as a joke and would say well dont Du have freinds that Du could talk to and hang out with oder dont Du have ur family that Du could talk to and share with them about how Du feel alot of them didnt understand what it really felt like to be lonley and not have somebody to talk to very much as much as Du would want to without having to pick up the phone in the late 200's michael talked to journalist martin bashir about being lonley and thow he felt about it saying its not a good feeling to have to wake up at night and start to cry cause Du relize Du have nobody to talk to at all on the stuff that Du have on your mind that Tag oder if your having a bad Tag and Du want to talk to somebody rewinding to the late 1990's michael's children were born which were prince and paris and soon little blanket some people thought that he could talk to his children sometimes which wasnt the case he couldnt talk to his children about personal stuff all the time later in years michael thoughts about being the lonliest person changed a little because he had his children Von his side he started to feel less lonley a little bit but he didnt feel lonley like he had used to when he was a young adult journalist always asked michael how he felt about being the lonliest person on earth as michael would explain it to them they didnt understand what it was like to be lonley some jounarlist would write negitve things about it saying that michael would surround himself with children and would do innoprate things which deffantley wasnt the case at all nobody knew how it felt to be lonley and wainting to have somebody to talk to and to see what is was like to wake up in the morning and too see a another person right beside Du yes michael did get married twice before but they obvously didnt feel the mold that michael wanted he did Liebe his first wife a great deal but things just didnt work out the way he wanted it to be and when he got married the Sekunde the time he wanted a family soo bad which she did give him two wonderfull kids and again she ended there marriage Von choice most people thought of it as a joke saying michael got married just to get married for fun which wasnt the case at all some of them just dont understand at all poor michael
I just read this amazing story and i cant stop crying! :'( I'm herz broken I wish i was her. Please tell me what Du think about this.

I want to tell Du that i am one of the girls that went on stage with Michael Jackson back in 1993. I will skip details like how I bought the tickets, how I went to the stadium, how the atmosphere was…that’s not interesting and fades away when the real important moment comes. The moment that he reached his hand for me and I went on stage. I felt like everybody else disappeared, that me and Michael were the only persons alive, not only in that place,...
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I think that michael jackson is a legend and his work will live on forever. Michael Lost his childhood because he became famous and didn't have time to play. He would sometimes cry from lonliness. Michael broke so many records throughout his lifetime. He had a very creative mind and always came up with great ideas for Musik videos. Michael continued to amaze the world with his Singen and dancing abilities. He did a lot of interviews. when he was in his 40s he had 3 children and gave them the best childhood ever. michael got charged with sexual assult twoards a minir and was later proven not guilty. He would never hurt a child in his life. like he sagte he would slit his wrist before he hurt a child. i appreciate how hard he worked to become famous. He will always be missed Von his fans. He will always be in my heart.
posted by Whisperoflove7
It was nearly 1am on a cold November night and the runway, start-und landebahn at Luton airport was deserted. A private Jet just landed and taxied to a secluded spot near the perimeter fence. Two rented minibuses, their windows blocked out with white sheets, drove to the tail section where a narrow stairway was being lowered. Driving the first transporter, van was bodygaurd Steve Tarling with one thing on his mind- to get Michael Jackson off the jet as quickly and as secretly as possible. Custom and Immigration officers boared the plane to check documents and Steve moved in. Nothing could have prepared him for the shock of...
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posted by mj_yana_girl
The simple answer:
The trademark armband that Michael Jackson wears is a symbol of the suffering of children around the world.

Most of his outfits over the past 20 years have featured an armband tied around his right around halfway between the shoulder and the elbow.

1) Most online dictionaries define an armband as: A band worn around the upper arm, often as identification oder as a symbol of mourning oder protest. A subset of this symbolism is often an element of memorializing innocent victims.

2) Armbands are recognized around the world as a sign of safety and help. they’re commonly worn...
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posted by NikkiLovesMJ
Age 12, 1970:

MJ: I like dey legs big and I like them with pretty big eyes (laughs) and uh, let me see what else do I like about girls?
Brother: How about their personality, Mike? (laughs)
MJ: Yeah, I like their personality. That’s one thing I like about them.

Questionaire Answered Von Michael, 1970

The Qualities I Look For In A Girl Are:
Eyes, legs, personality.


MJ: I haven’t really had any girlfriends yet, but I’ll tell Du what I’d like to find in a girl. She has to have a good personality. I wouldn’t want to go out with a girl unless I had talked to her for a while, seen what she’s...
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Many artists come and go but very few are able to put an effect on billions of Musik Liebhaber all over the world. Michael Jackson was one of them. Right from the his first album “Off the wall” in the Jahr 1979 to the last hit “Dangerous”, Michael Jackson Musik affected the pop Musik industry in numerous ways. Whether it is his charm, extraordinary Musik Videos oder herz touching songs, link and his Musik has definitely changed the way pop Musik was created. His unique style and popularity even after his death, proves that he is, was, and will always remain the king of POP. Michael Jackson...
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I don't know if you've already heard, but this is certainly news to me. Two days Vor my sister and I (who are both huge MJ fans) were messing around on the internet. And then this screen came up:
Michael Jackson Is Alive - Secret Message In This Is It
I was confused. I didn't understand. Then in some Kommentare it read, "Use the Musik programme Audacity to play This Is It reversed and Du will hear the message". So we did so. And this is what we found:

And I'm just the one in it all
Who is laughing?
Who is laughing?
I hope Du are
And I'm not dead
They wanna believe
That I live on and
I'm just the one...
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posted by mj_yana_girl
 Cover of the "Will Du Be There" CD single.
Cover of the "Will You Be There" CD single.
Michael Jackson first revealed Will Du Be There to the world when it featured as the eleventh song on his 1991 album release 'Dangerous'. Penned solely Von Michael at the height of his career, this initial 7 Minuten and 40 Sekunden version of the song became an instant favourite of Fans the world over.

The first time I heard Will Du Be There, I was captivated Von the intensity of emotion conveyed Von Michael in both his voice and lyrics. I can still remember sitting at eight years old, engrossed in Schreiben out the lyrics over and over again in an attempt to decipher Michael's true intent behind...
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Michael Jackson shopping for jewelry in a disguise, people get suspiciouse that he was a robber, LOL and so he admitts he is Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson
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this is full version of the short movie called "Ghosts" .. ENJOY IT ! I Liebe it ♥
Michael Jackson
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