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posted by mjkingofpop1
After about 20 minutes, they arrived at Janelle's Aunt Liz's Beverly Hills mansion. Janelle opened the door and turned to Kenan before she got out.
"Thanks, Kenan." She said.
"No problem, Ms. Taylor." He said.
She got out of the car and Kenan went off to go park it. She went up to the front door, opened it and walked in.
"Aunt Liz! I'm Home from school!"
Elizabeth Taylor came out from the höhle, den and saw Janelle putting her keys on the rack. She came up to her and hugged her and she hugged back.
"Hey Janelle, how was your last Tag at UCLA?" Aunt Liz asked.
Janelle looked at Elizabeth with a little confused smile. "It was pretty good. Although, Katie wanted to know what I'm gonna be doing for my 21st birthday."
"Have Du thought of what you'd do?"
Janelle shook her head no. "I don't have a clue on what I'm gonna do for my birthday. Bryan sagte that I should have it at a club."
Aunt Liz looked at her with an eyebrow raised. "Really?"
"Yeah. I told him that you'd have to approve, though. He forgot I was still living with you."
She giggled a little. "You have some crazy friends, Janelle."
"I know...but they're my only friends, Aunt Liz. They are the only ones I'm really able to be myself around without having people crowd around me for an autograph just because I'm related to you."
All of a sudden, Janelle heard a little, high-pitched voice calling out to her.
"Mama!!" The little voice called.
Janelle turned and saw Coraline, her little 4-year-old daughter with curly black hair and deep brown eyes, running to her. Once she got to Janelle, she hugged her legs and she knelt down and hugged her back and kissed her head.
Coraline looked at her mother. "How was your last day, mama?" She asked.
"It was pretty good, Coraline. Although, your Aunt Katie and Uncle Bryan want mommy to have her 21st birthday party at a club."
"What's a club, mama?"
Janelle explained what a club is to Coraline and when she finished explaining, she shook her head a little.
"Silly aunt and uncle." She giggled.
Janelle giggled as well. Her daughter was so silly, but she loved her regardless. She was the best thing to ever happen to her. Her being raped at 16 didn't stop her from having Coraline. She listened closely to her giggles and thought that they sounded familiar.
'Her giggles, her looks...she looks like someone...but who does she look like?' She thought.
She and Coraline released the hug and she ran off to the höhle, den to play with her toys like a normal child. Janelle had a habit of having her wear a mask because since she was famous, she wanted her child/children to have a normal childhood. Aunt Liz knew of it because she would tell her about it. If I ever get pregnant at a stage where I'm famous, I want my children to have a normal childhood. They will wear masks out in public, so the press don't get them on the cover of their Weiter stupid lying tabloid. That's what she had told her aunt all the time and it even hung as a picture in her room, just above her bed. The picture that was behind those words was her and Coraline in the hospital when she was first born. The press knew she was raped, but they didn't know she was giving birth. Anyhow, Aunt Liz looked at Coraline and then at Janelle.
"She looks like my dear friend, Michael."
Janelle looked at her aunt with a curious face. "You talk about Michael a lot. Can Du tell me about him? Ryan didn't tell me much when he got to meet him."
Aunt Liz sat down with Janelle and told her who Michael was and what he was gonna do for the world. She even told her that he still lived with his parents until he would get a house of his own, so Janelle didn't feel alone on that. Elizabeth even explained how he loved children and would do anything to help all children who are sick, in orphanages oder on the streets. Janelle, when she was 10, ever since living with Elizabeth, always wanted to meet him, but whenever she'd be off at school, she'd tell Janelle that he was there earlier! Now, it was her oben, nach oben goal...to find a way to meet the one and only Michael Jackson...and possibly be Friends with him.
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