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"What are Du doing here?",Michael asked.The witch's name was Tala meaning wolf.She came to him one night when he was in danger,he was only 16 and he got in trouble.He asked God for help and he saw the moon shining Mehr and Mehr brightly so he asked it to help him.In that moment Tala showed up and he needed power to get away from some troubles,which could have been solved anyway but he wanted it this way.She gave him the power to turn himself into a wolf,a giant white wolf.He could control himself and he only used this power once,that time.Since then he even forgot that eh has it.But she asked him for a favor too,in exchange for his new powers.He sagte "yes" and she sagte that when the time comes she'll ask for that favor.He forgot about her and his promise,but she didn't."The time has come.",she said."Yes.What do Du need?",he sagte a bit scared."I need you.I want Du to help me to catch Cassandra,my young sister.She won't listen to me and she's in danger.I helped you,now Du must help me!And to catch her we can not hunt her because these people mustn't see us using our powers.So,you must go there and attract her here,then when she's powerless I'll come and take her home."."But I can't do this,I'm in Liebe with this girl,what if she sees me flirting with Cassandra?I can't do it this way,I can't!"."It's the only way.She's young and fool and she only came here for you,she fell for Du and she mustn't because a witch never gives her herz to anyone,that's why she'll be powerless.It's the only way to get her."."What if she sees that I don't Liebe her?Maybe she'll give up and come home."."Would you?When a witch wants something she gets it!And if she will ever see Du with another girl she'll kill her!She's following Du since that Tag when Du became a wolf.I tried to stop her and I arrived just in time,you saw what she did to Rose.She's stalking Du since 17 years ago.Didn't Du see her at your window every single night?"."Well,I did saw a shadow but after a week I got used thinking that it's a baum oder maybe you.But what she did yo Rose!"."Now Du see how dangerous she is!You must help me,I helped you!Now please go there at the window and call her to come to you,she doesn't know I'm here yet,quickly!".Tala then left and Michael didn't know what to do.He then thought that if he calls her now maybe she'll stay and Tala will catch her so he won't have to give Rose a reason to believe that he moved on."Cassandra!",Michael shouted out the window.A beautiful young witch appeared and looked at him.She had red hair and one eye was blue and the other one yellow.You could see that she was an innocent girl who made the mistake to fall in love.Cassandra was not a dangerous oder mean person,she was very shy and the only thing she'd fight for is Michael,because she thinks that only she can Liebe him like he deserves to be loved.Michael tried but couldn't find any flaw,she was perfect indeed,like every witch.But curiously he was not attracted to her.Maybe Tala was protecting him oder maybe his Liebe for Rose didn't wanted to let him fall again...One thing was for sure:the most perfect girl was right there in Liebe with him and all he wanted to do was to close the window and go to sleep!But he had to try and attract her inside and make her feel comfortable,so he took his head out on the window and said:"You're Cassandra?"."Yes.",the witch answered."You're beautiful...",Michael sagte as he reached his hand for Cassandra to grab it and come in.She blushed and accepted the invitation and came in the bedroom.Michael let the window opened and sat down Weiter to her on the bed's border."I've heard that Du like me.",Michael said.She immediately got up and wanted to leave because she was very embarrassed now but he caught her hand:"Stay,please.".She stopped and Michael came in front of her and grabbed her shoulders."I like Du too.".She suddenly lifted her head and looked at him."Do Du really mean it?",she asked.Her voice was like the most perfect harmony of the angels!Michael didn't wanted to do this but he had to,for Rose and for his babies,how many times can this girl ruin his family's future?"Yes.",he said."I-I can't-I can't believe you...You know that if I give my herz to Du I'll be powerless.I need Du to prove me.".Michael couldn't think of any other way to prove her than...He took her face in his hands and kissed her.Even the KISS felt like Heaven but he still was not attracted to her!He thanked God for this!After the KISS ended she looked at him and was about to KISS him too when someone came in the room:it was Rose!Michael was holding hands with Cassandra and her lips were close to Michael's.Seeing this scene Rose understood that he moved on so she tried to hold her tears:"I'm sorry,I just wanted to give Du something from Leo,lucky he forgets a lot of things.Well,I'll see Du later on set.Good night!And good night to Du too!",she sagte looking at Cassandra who was evilly watching her.Michael wanted to go after her but he had to prove Cassandra that he loves her and not Rose so he stood there suffering but thinking that after tonight Cassandra will go Home and he'll finally be happy with Rose!"Do Du Liebe her?",Cassandra asked him."No,I Liebe you,I told you!Don't Du trust me?".Cassandra was now thinking that he was still feeling something for Rose so she had to get rid of her immediately!Cassandra released her hands and flew out the window."Where are Du going?",Michael asked her."I'm going to sleep now and I'll think of what Du sagte tonight.".Michael hoped that she'll come back tomorrow and Tala will finally catch her so he can go and explain Rose that it was all a mistake but...How could he explain it to her,she didn't believe in witches oder people who turn in Wölfe oder other things like these!How could he possibly explain to her?Well,he'll find something,for now he had to rest and think of the best way to get Cassandra powerless without cheating on Rose.He fell asleep thinking how must Rose feel now.Well,if she really moved on the she doesn't feels hurt but for the first time he hopes she's hurt.
The Weiter Tag Michael met Rose on set.He could swear that every time she'd look at him he could see tears falling down her cheeks.So,she still felt something for him!But how could he explain her about Cassandra?No,he couldn't.The filming started and Rose took her place.The whole time while they worked and during the breaks too she didn't even looked at him,she only pretended for the camera.After it all ended for the day,she went out and rushed home.When she opened the door someone rushed in too and closed it."Rose,what's wrong?",Michael asked her."Why are Du stalking me?",she asked him a bit mad."Shht!Come,she mustn't see us!"."Who?Your girlfriend?",Rose asked ironically."She's...",he started pulling her closer and somewhere where Cassandra couldn't possibly see them."She's not my girlfriend,I'm only...doing a favor to an old friend,that's all,I swear!"."Why would Du excuse yourself?I mean,we both moved on,right?And I have nothing to do with Du anymore outside the set so Du don't have to lie to me."."I'm not lying!I'm telling Du the truth,please believe me!I-it's complicated!I promise that once I get out of this mess I'll explain Du everything,I swear!But until then please don't think that I stopped loving you,I didn't!I never will!I can't stop loving you...".Rose started to slowly cry.Michael had his head down now and he was holding her hands.She hugged him and said:"It's OK,I trust in you!If Du say so then it is so,this is what Liz told me when Du ripped the selvage of my dress.I believe Du but...I can't Liebe Du anymore.You have to go and Du can keep loving me but I'll keep Du away because it's clear to me that we don't belong together,our every chance is the certain way to hell.I can not keep doing this and so do you!I'm sorry,you have to go now...".Michael hugged her tight and she said:"Michael let go..."."I don't want to...I don't want to ever let Du go!I need to feel Du in my arms so I can know that you're safe!"."Michael,I understand how Du feel but I think it's for the best if we don't see each other outside the set,now please go home.",Rose sagte and tried to release herself from his arms but he didn't wanted to let her go,he was afraid that Cassandra was going to hurt her and he couldn't stand the fact that his only true Liebe can get hurt so bad oder even killed!"Michael-",she started but was cut off Von him giving her a passionate kiss.He missed Küssen her and now nothing could stop him from protecting and loving her,not even her excuses,he saw she still loves him and she could not lie to him.Now,this time it'll be different,they'll get married and live happily ever after,Cassandra was soon going to be out of their lives forever!After the KISS ended Rose couldn't say a word.She was waiting for one Mehr KISS but Michael was afraid that Cassandra could see them,so he didn't wanted to take that risk!He left saying:"I'll be back,don't go out without me and stay away from strangers,especially if it's a girl with red hair and different colored eyes!".Rose didn't knew what he was talking about.She sat down on the couch for the Weiter Stunde thinking if she should let her feelings free oder not,when suddenly there was a knock on the door.'It couldn't be Alice,she has a key.',she thought to herself as she made her way to the door.She had a bad feeling about this.'Maybe it's Michael!Wait,he sagte to stay away from strangers especially girls,what if he knows something?',she thought.Anyway,she opened the door anyway.In front of her was now a girl with red hair and different colored eyes...
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