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What is Michael's vocal range?

 zunic_maja posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Itachi_Boy said:
He has an ultimate 4 Octave vocal range. Quelle is Michael Jackson's official Facebook page.
Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson were one of the only singers to have a 4 Octave vocal range in their time.
As Du may know , high notes are a piece of cake for Michael. His normal Singen pitch is already higher than 90% of the male singers today. When he hits a high note , like when he hit a G5 live in I'll Be There performance in 2001 , it's unmatchable. In "Elizebath I Liebe You" , he held a note for like 18 Seconds. His song "All In Your Name" , the who song is of high notes when Michael sings expect the words "Only god knows". He had a rare and great vocal range. Hope that helps.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
liberiangirl_mj posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
oder At the end of Rock With Du in the bad tour 😍
mikey_likey_kfc posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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