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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 6

"Ok..I'm super confused and quite annoyed. Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here?" I said, my anger and annoyance finally winning over my curiosity.

"Another Tag love," He sagte as he stood up and took a step closer to me. "We are being interrupted..but remember that I am watching you, and we will meet again soon."

"What the hell..." I asked, but was interrupted Von a very bright light and many voices calling to me. I did my best to ignore them but they were winning and I was being pulled towards them against my will.

"We've got her back." I heard a voice say, the tone...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 3

"Trust you?" I sagte as my anger took over. "Trust you? Why in the name of all that's good should I trust you? I have no clue who Du are!"

"I just said," Dom sagte as he grinned mockingly at me. "This is Elizabeth, and I'm Dom."

"Nice." I sagte as I turned on my heel and started walking away from them both. I don't know if it's just because of my lack of sleep last night, oder the fact that I didn't know what the hell was happening but I was angry..and no one wanted that.

"Wait!" I heard called as I stomped away from them which I quickly realized was suddenly transitioning into a snowy...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 10

“No Du don’t.” I sagte as I stepped so close to him that I could feel the heat coming off of him. “I feel the same way…I don’t know how..or why but I don’t want to leave you, the idea of being away from Du scares me. The whole time I was gone, after I fell on the ice I was trying to get back here, back to you.”

“Really?” He asked in disbelief.

“Truly.” I sagte as I felt myself blush.

“You’re not just saying it?”

“Why won’t Du believe me?” I asked, my feelings hurt.

“It’s…” He sagte as he got frustrated. “I thought Du were going to say...
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posted by just_bella
Chapter 10

“What’s up?” Elizabeth asked as she looked right at Dom.


“What now?” She asked as she rolled her eyes.

“He’s been…watching her and even interrupted once.” He sagte as he clenched his fists in anger.

“Interrupted?” I asked.

“Yes, there’s rules for a reason.” Elizabeth sagte as she turned and smiled at me. “Hello, Alexandra how are you?”

“Yeah someone’s going to have to explain these ‘reasons’ to me..and answer a hell of a lot of questions.” I sagte as I looked from Elizabeth to Dom and back. “Oh, and hello Elizabeth, sorry if I’m...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 8
I realized that this was all because of my response, because of my freaking out. I did my best to calm myself, noticing that the heartbeat would slow down when I wasn't upset and that I could make it speed up and set off alarms when I got anxious.

"Alex?" My mother said, and I knew the tone of her voice. It was the tone I would hear when I was younger and causing trouble. "Alexandra Sofia, I know Du can hear me."

"Oh crap." I thought to myself. I knew that she didn't use my full name, not unless I was in deep trouble. I tried again to Bewegen something but just like each time before...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 7

I heard someone call my name, but i didn't care..I was tired. So tired and my body was starting to body. I knew that I was in the accident, but until this point I hadn't realized that I was hurt.

It started in my fingers, the searing pain that dropped me flat to the ground. It grew and burned until it took over my entire body, the pain so bad that I couldn't breath. I knew that I needed to breath but it felt like someone was standing on my chest and I couldn't Bewegen them. I started to freak out, not breathing was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. I gasped...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 5

I turned on my heel and started running back towards my house, not at a out run but faster then I had been running before my cramp. I swear I could feel someone watching me, and it was distracting me from my run. I know better then to stop watching where I run..I'm always very careful when running with traffic but the feeling of someone's eyes on me had me completely distracted.

I heard the horn a fraction of a Sekunde before I turned and saw the car that I had just stepped out in front of. I knew I wouldn't have time to get out of the way, that the car wouldn't have time to stop...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 4

"Then what the hell happened?"

"Um.." I sagte as I tried to think up something fast. I knew that if I told her about my dreams that she would probably think I was crazy..which I was beginning to Frage myself. "I..I was going to go get away..but when I went to sneak out last night I fell in the snow."

"Really Alexandra?" My mother sagte as she shook her head. "That's the best Du can come up with?"

"Yeah." I admitted.

"I'm so sick of your lies." She sagte as she stood up and stormed out of my room. I realized my life was a mess, both my real life and the dream life I wished...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 2

This was going to drive me nuts! I closed my eyes and thought of the dream..running through the snow, being chased..and the voice at the end. It was all so real, like I could almost feel the breath of his words against the back of my neck.

I wished and hoped that something would happen, that I would suddenly understand what was going on with me..was I going nuts? Was I going to deserve all the names I had been called when I was little? I made myself stop thinking about all of that, rolling over onto my side, a kissen tucked into my side. I closed my eyes and Weiter thing I know...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 1

"Alexandra." I mocked my mothers voice as I sighed and eased my feet over the edge of the floor, putting just the slightest pressure on my toes. The pain was not like anything I have known, I would imagine this is close to the sensation Du get when a person walks through hot coals...pure hell, pure pain.

I grab onto the bed, my breath coming out ragged as the pain races up my feet and into my legs causing the worst cramps I've ever had. I knew that I don't deal well with pain, and I've never felt anything like this..I knew I was most likely going to pass out but before I did...
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posted by just_bella
ok..this is just an idea i had when i woke up this morning..not sure where it came from but let's see how this goes.

She woke screaming, her hands clenching the sheets in her hands so tight that her fingers were white. She looked around the room as she tried to figure out where she was oder what was going on. She felt the warmth of her dog pressed against her side, she knew this room with it's pale green walls, the hardwood floors that lay beneath her bed.

She takes a few deep breaths as she tries to calm herself, she's had many disturbing dreams before but none like this..none that she could remember....
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 32

I never heard an answer but I knew somehow to start the climb up the hill, when I got about half way up I noticed my aunt Celest sitting on the ground Weiter to the tree. When I got close enough I noticed that her hair was shining pure silver in the moonlight, her dress a dark blue with silver accents that seemed to echo the night sky. She lifted her head and smiled at me as she raised one hand and held it out for me to take.

"Celest, where are we?" I asked.

"Somewhere safe, sicher sweet Maija." She sagte as I took her hand and she pulled me to sit Weiter to her. "Do not fear, Du will meet...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 25

I watched as her expression changed, she was thinking of options...or so I thought. Her face went from wonder to completely sad, her arms wrapping around her chest like she had the first Tag I saw her a few weeks ago. Then it was like someone flipped a switch and suddenly she was looking at me with a mischievous smile on her face.

"What are Du thinking so hard about?" I asked, part of me afraid to find out the cause of the smile.

"Well..." She sagte slowly. "I found this place in the forest once...I came across it when I was, um, hiking. A little meadow, the most beautiful place....
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posted by just_bella
I was trying to think about what I could do for your birthday...we both know that I am NO good with thought I would try Schreiben Du a birthday poem...hope Du like it baby.

A Birthday poem for you:

The last Jahr has taught us many things
How to Liebe and loose
How to smile and cry
How to laugh and grieve
How to hurt and heal
How to hope and dream

We know that a friendship like ours
Is not often found,
That people come in and out of our lives
That people change..
But we will remain nagel,
Remain strong,
Remain happy,
Always there for each other.

No matter what happened I knew one thing..
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posted by just_bella
Ok...let's see.
Russell-Vampire King of Mississippi...he's like 3000 years old..and CRAZY as shit! He had a long term Liebe (guy) that was with him for like 1000 years and Eric killed him...which made Russell go a bit insane. He went on national television, ripped the herz out of the tv host, looked into the camera and said.."I WILL KILL ALL OF Du AND EAT YOUR BABIES..." Yeah....crazy as shit!
Eric-Him and Pam have been selling V through fangtasia...per the Queen (Oh...the Queen married Russell to Mitmachen their states and Vampire together) and the "officials" found out...not good
Bill-Oh baby...I'm...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 24

"Bella." I yelled as I got to the ditch to find her sitting with her back against a rock, her hand rubbing the back of her head. "Bella, say something please."

"Ow." She sagte as she laughed. "I almost had it that time."

"You almost killed yourself...again." I sagte as I reached a hand down to help her up.


"You already sagte that." I sagte as I laughed, helping her to her feet. "Looks like we're making another trip to the hospital."

"Mmmmm...yeah." She sagte as she closed her eyes, her entire body swaying. "I think I hit my head."

"Yeah, Du did. Let's get Du in the truck ok?"

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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 31

"Maijalissa." Dianna sighed as she walked over and pulled me into a hug. "I wish I could tell Du that this will all be alright, that Michael and Concho are in no danger but I can't promise this. I will promise Du this, I am going to do all I can to get them back."

"Thank you." I whimpered as I hugged her back, my tears soaking onto her shoulder.

"And Maija, Du will not be alone." She sagte as she pulled back enough to look into my face. "You're going to meet Mehr of And your mother is on her way, she's heard and is upset. Just watch the water."

I raised my head...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 23

For the first time in many years I saw my father let down the mask that he worked so hard to keep up. The face that everyone in the tribe knew..the face of strength and leadership, the face that was quick to judge when needed and yet was kind enough to help when needed. He went from the leader of a good sized tribe to a man who Lost his life partner, his true love. I realized that my sisters were not the only ones who had aged through all of this..I realized that this had taken it's toll on him and I had a moment when I worried what the cost would be.

"Jacob." My father said,...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 23

I watched as the doctor examined her head, deciding that the cut was bad enough to need stitches. He asked her if he should call her father, but Bella quickly told him that he didn't need to call him..that she would tell him about it when she got Home and that Charlie wouldn't be surprised because she falls all the time.

The doctor didn't seem surprised and agreed that he wouldn't call her father as long as she promised to tell her father. He numbed her head with something then placed 7 stitches in the wound so that it was held together. He put some gauze on oben, nach oben and secured...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 30

"You were being chased?" Dianna asked, which got my mom must have told her about our adventure, that oder she had been watching out for us too which made me feel safer then I had for a long time.

"Yeah, they came from nowhere. My mom sagte that I should trust my instincts...and somehow I knew that they wanted to hurt us." I sagte softly.

"You have met two of those who want to hurt you, who want to ruin all joy and happiness in your life. They will try to ruin your joy Maija, ruin your life so that Du will have no hope...please try and trust in what Du know and most...
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