"I thought Du are a Legend Blader."

Ryuga's eyes darted up, a glimmer of fury in the dark amber depths as he stared at the man in front of him with a mixture of pain and annoyance. "And to qualify as a Legend Blader, I would have to actually be a blader." The sarcasm in his quiet, husky voice was hardly noticeable. The sharp features drew together a bit to form a faint scowl.

Phoenix's owner frowned, disappointed that the teen in front of him was denying his ability to wield a Beyblade. Ryuga was a powerful blader, no doubt about it. He was a Legend Blader, and Ryo could not believe that he gave up on his passion so easily.

And yet, here he was—a jewel among bladers—saying that he was not the owner of an Verzaubert spinning top.

"You're still one, Ryuga," Ryo Hagane said, sitting down on the curb Weiter to the younger male.

"I... I'm not!" Ryuga snapped, whipping to the side to glare at Gingka's father. For a moment, a shadow of the old Ryuga was visible—eyes spitting bright golden flames, muscles tensed as if a battle was going to start any minute, sharp teeth bared in a vicious snarl.

And as soon as it came, the feuer in his eyes faded, and he let his head drop. "Haven't Du heard? L-Drago's gone. He's dead, gone. Literally ground into dust. If..." Ryuga swiped at his eyes and buried his face into his arms, elbows propped on oben, nach oben of his knees. "If I hadn't gone to face Nemesis alone..." His body shook. "None of th-this would... have happened."

Ryo sighed and put a hand on Ryuga's shoulder. The teen flinched away, but Ryo didn't let go. "What about Kenta?" he murmured.

Ryuga looked up, Wird angezeigt the tears sliding down his face. He used the heel of his hand to try to rub away the fact that he—the former wielder of L-Drago—was crying. "K-Kenta's my... f-friend," he choked out. "I... I'm h-happy for him. But... it... it w-was... still my fault that..." He sniffled and pulled his legs closer to his body, wrapping his arms around them. "L-Drago's gone. I can't Beyblade... anymore..." He balled his hands into fists, then unclenched them, as if unable to find the strength to keep his fingers contracted. "I... I j-just can't!"

Ryo pulled him into a hug. "I don't believe that," he murmured, rubbing the teen's back comfortingly. He felt Ryuga's tears seeping through the thin fabric of his shirt, and he realized that the former blader was Mehr damaged than he had imagined.

"A-And... w-why the h-hell n-not?"

"Just because your Beyblade was taken away, doesn't mean that you've stopped being a blader. Deep inside you, Du still have your spirit. And no one can take that away from you. Hikaru—she says that she would never Beyblade again because of Battle Bladers..." Ryo realized that he had sagte the wrong thing one Sekunde too late.

Ryuga sobbed harder, tightening his grip on Ryo's jacket. The Phoenix-wielder continued, trying to soothe the broken teenager. "However, sometimes, I would catch her training with her Aquario in the empty stadiums when she thinks that no one's looking." He managed a weak smile, despite knowing that Ryuga couldn't see it. "Beyblading is a part of you, Ryuga. No matter what Du say, Du will always be a blader—in heart, mind, and soul."

"I... I just feel so... alone!" Ryuga mumbled. "I don't... I can't feel h-him anymore. I... can't s-sense him. I can't... t-talk to him, and he c-can't talk... to m-me." He whimpered softly and Ryo tightened his grip around his shoulders.

"I feel so alone," Ryuga repeated brokenly. "I d-don't know w-what to do."

He needs someone who listens to him.

Someone who understands what he's going through.

Who would hold out their hand for him.

Who would not hesitate to let him cry on their shoulder.

Who—if ever in a crisis—would stay Von his side.

Who would give him their undivided attention.

Who would drop everything they were doing in order to help him.

Who would give him the affection he needs and deserves.

He needs someone who loves him...

He's just a child.

Because no matter how old he looks, no matter how old he acts, no matter how old he is...

… He's just a child.


This story was inspired Von an idea that popped into my head. And that last section was inspired Von limonade Mouth's song "More Than a Band."

I hope Du enjoyed Lesen this story as much as I did Schreiben it. I almost cried.


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