Nazumi Amano
Girls Locker Room
Madoka:I hope the "date" will be fun!
Hikaru:Yeah.......Nazumi needs some "time" out..*giggles*
Nazumi:stop it guys! Its just a friendly dinner!
Mei Mei:Oh really?Is it that Du have a crush on him!
Nazumi:Stop it! Kyoya is the one i one else!
Celia:Zeo is Hawt! Kyoya is Hotter..but Tsubasa is the hottest!
Hikaru and Nazumi:No...Kyoya is the
Mareia:Ryuga is hotter than them,but i agree with Nazumi and Hikaru!

Meanwhile........The boys are in the locker room!!!
Yuu:*listening to music*
Kyoya:*shirtless with a towel around his neck*(Sexy.....I Liebe that!...
Masamune:Hey Du guys!!!
Masamune:The girls are talking bout us!! Lets go!
Tsubasa:What! *comes out of the shower*
Zeo:Lets go!
The boys listen in
Kyoya:*looks through the peepole*
I see the girls wearing towels
Tsubasa:Move! *Looks at celia through the peepole*
Madoka:*hears voices*
Ryuga:Shush! Theyll hear us!
Mareia:Thats Ryuga's voice!
Nazumi:*opens the door to see Kyoya in front of her* WTH are Du guys doing here?!?!
Gingka:Uh-oh! Were busted! Du guys were spying on us..well then would Du like to Mitmachen us!*sarcasm*
Masamune:Okay! *enters*
Celia:Ewwwwww! Its a boy!
Mei Mei:ewwwww!!
Mareia:Go away guys!
Kyoya:Its Masamune's fault! He dragged us here!
Nazumi:*pulls on masamunes ear and throws him out*
=FF after school=
Kyoya:Quit...your whining! Its been a long Tag for all of us!
Tsubasa:Its Masamunes fault we got caught!
Masamune:Well Du guys were shouting!
Tsubasa:Shut the fuck up!
Masamune:You have a gloomy personalityTsubasa:What difference does that make,ur hair is a lethal weapon!
Ryuga:Shut it Du two!
Kyoya: Yeah!
Nazumi:*gets on kyoyas back* hey!
Kyoya:Hello! *smirks*
Kyoya:Ur sexy!
Nazumi:WTF! Your a loser!
Nazumi:*kisses him*
Kyoya:I Liebe you
Nazumi:I Liebe Du too!
TO BE CONTINUED..............................

Kyoya Tategami