Soon the new mermaid princess was born.She was raised Von Lady Bat and Ranfa.She is now 10."Why are Du born with curly hair"asked Ranfa."I don't know"she replied."well let's use hair gel."Said Destiny.Then Destiny smoothed out Lelia's hair.Then it was perfect."Good,I never liked those curles."said Lady Bat.Then they told Leila how to transform into her Singen form.Then she was."Now don't say anytrhing into the mike."1,2,3"Lady Bat and Ranfa fell to the floor.Destiny helped both of them up."mermaids use those to kill people."said Ranfa.Leila thew the mike across the room."oh i am so sorry!!!!!!!But why was Destiny not effected?"asked Liela."She used to be one of the mermaid princess,but she is with us know because of me."Said Lady Bat.Destiny was blushing."well......"Said Destiny.

Thats chapter 2.And destiny is me.....I just like him