these are the people in this story.
1.Destiny,Destiny is someone i created.she is a girl that has powers and she can be a mermaid oder person.she can also sometimes have a crazy sex drive...she is also Friends with the mermaid princesses.
2.Gaito,Gaito is married to Destiny.Gaito and Destiny get along well.Destiny would never hurt Gaito.
3.Yurri,Yurri likes/loves Hippo and so i thought that i would let them have their Liebe be together.
4.Maria,Maria would make the winter seasons be Mehr fun.
5.Lucia,Lucia can cheer people up when they are she is the main person of mermaid melody,what would i do without her?!?!
6.Kaito,Kaito and Lucia do get along Du he is gaitos brother.
7.Hanon,of course Hanon.what if someone needs help with love?if that happens then Hanon is there to help.
8.Lina.when someone needs to get OUT of Liebe then Lina can explain it.
9.Nagisa.if Nagisa is not here then who would Hanon have?
10.Mashorio.if Mashorio is not here what will Lina do?
11.Karen,if Karen is not here who will cheer up lucia sometimes?
12.Noel.when Noel is here some how some what she makes the team sound better and look better.
13.Coco,if Coco is not here what kind of iced tee will we get?
14.Siera,Seira needs to be here for learning how to be a mermaid princess.
15.Sara,Sara and gaito do get along to.sothey should vistit echother sometimes.
16.Hippo.Yurri and Hippos Liebe is here now.i hope they have a good time.