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AmyofCamelot posted on Sep 04, 2012 at 12:13AM
Hello! I've seen this idea on other spots and I thought it would be enjoyable to have it here. It's easy. We start off with a Merlin character and describe them through the letters of the alphabet (in order, one each.) When we reach 'Z' we choose a new character to describe. Get it!? It sounds confusing. I'll use an example.

Morgana Pendragon (Good):

A- Attractive
B- Brash
C- Courageous
D- Determined
E- Elegant
F- Feisty
G- Galant
H- Happy
I- Intelligent
J- Joyous
K- Kind
L- Loyal
M- Mishievious
N- Noble
O- Open
P- Persistent
Q- Quaint
R- Royal
S- Super!
T- Trustworthy
U- Undeniable
V- Vain (ever so slightly)
W- Worthy
X- Errrrr.... I haven't got one yet
Y- Youthful
Z- Zany

Got the idea. Right.

Arthur Pendragon.

Merlin in der BBC 11 Antworten

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr AmyofCamelot said…
A- Arrogant
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PucksLady said…
big smile
B-Bully (sometimes)

@AmyofCamelot: Lol, love yours!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DW_girl said…
C- Cunning
(That was good, youve gotta admit that was rather good!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AuthorForPooh said…
D- Dollophead (In Merlin's point of view... xD)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AmyofCamelot said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sisi_st said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DW_girl said…
G- Guilty
(For the people he has let die)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Ronesmay said…
H- Handsome ;)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr cullenism13 said…
I - Idiot (Merlin's view)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr el0508 said…
J- Jealous
Vor mehr als einem Jahr rainwater2222 said…
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