Merlin in der BBC Merlin Twist (My Friend Told Me To Post Here Too)

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“Watch it you are Guinn’s long lost sister not one of mine.” Morgana said her magic made me recite my story.
“My mum left me as a baby and I grew up on my own looking after myself then I heard I had a half-sister and came to see her to start a new life if she will accept me.” I ended
“good but less like you’ve said it a million times more believable again, Terra.” Before she finished I knew that it would happen again, I bent over backwards out of pain I knew better than to scream. I just continued to recite it.
“it’s time go.” Growled morgana.
I walked out the door and I saw a rabbit in the corner of my eye so I picked out my handmade spear and through it at the rabbit it was a perfect hit and I grabbed it and slung it over my shoulder for later I set out until I reached the horse I had kept and rode it into Camelot. Once I was close I could hear voices the knights one of them shouted then Arthur went down I watched as the majestic creature got ready to strike I automatically grabbed my sword and placed myself protectively in front of Arthur. The creature seemed not to care and went to strike me down but I blocked Arthur was under me was staring. I then struck at it and fought until I struck it when it lay there on the floor then I turned to help Arthur up.
“who are you?” he asked
“Terra” I replied pulling my hood down
“are you a girl” he stuttered confused
“yes why.” I asked puzzled
“you a girl just took on an evil magic creature on your own that all of Camelot’s knights including me couldn’t wow Terra.” He stated
“It means earth.” I said
“well where are you headed?” he asked politely
“I’m going to Camelot to try and find my half-sister Guinn, I lived in the woods all my life on my own (until I met morgana about a month ago) I met travellers who would talk of Camelot and the people there, they would call me Terra as I wandered the earth. The thought of family intrigued me so I came to see, I fought wild creatures from the age of 5 but before that I settled with rabbits.” I said whilst walking round waking and helping up the knights I got to the last he was no knight but I woke and helped him all the same.
“Merlin this is Terra would you be able to shelter her in Camelot for a while.” Arthur asked
“of course.” He answered “hi I’m merlin Arthur’s servant.”
“hey Terra.” I replied smiling the knights were on their horses but Merlin didn’t have his for such a short distance “hey you know the best thing about riding bareback?” I asked
“no what is it.” He smiled
“you can add another person simply and you only need to connect with the horse on it. Ride with me come on don’t make me ask Arthur to order you.” I threatened laughing
“fine.” He laughed climbing on the back we caught up with the knights in no time then laughed as they looked puzzled, still, by me how curious. “odd, how they react to you, a girl, saving them, no offense.”
“none taken I think it’s quite amusing do you think we can ride a bit faster rose isn’t use to it” I asked
“of course if you want oh they’re going as fast as their horses can” replied merlin
“no their not. When you ride bareback you have a connection it’s not hard just an energy feel it let it flow and we can ride quick” I smiled my mission was for Arthur but was I falling for his servant
“ok woo” he said as we grew faster weaving in and out the trees without fear. The knights stared at us and tried to push faster. I winked at one of them as he pushed a little faster
I laughed then let the energy flow “come on merlin loosen up.” I said still laughing
“you know for the name Terra you’re more energetic and well you…” I cut him off
“yeah I love riding in the trees a bit of an adrenaline junkie.” I laughed unoffended
“what’s an adrenaline junkie.” He asked puzzled
“oh that’s my little name for people who enjoy things too much and become addicted and adrenaline a risk or thrill.” I laughed
“ok your name’s Terra, you’re 19 like me one year younger than Arthur” he guessed I nodded “you’re a super fighter, you ride bareback and an adrenaline junkie.” He laughed
“yup.” I laughed back oh god I’m falling for the wrong guy everyone says the prince is amazingly handsome and is alright but Merlin is odd different we’re attracted to each other like magnets.
“so who’s your sister.” He asked breaking up my thoughts
“oh her names meant to be Guinn.” I said trying to remember.
“I know her she’s one of my friends and she and Arthur are a bit of an item.” He said gaging my reaction I smiled relieved that he wasn’t with her.
“nice are you part of an item?” I asked preparing for disappointment
“no oh you should slow down for the knights, we’re near the gates.” He smiled
“thanks for the tips.” I said smiling back then I looked at his puzzled face
“are you ok you look like you’re in pain.” As he said it I realised Morgana’s magic was causing me pain I wasn’t doing as I was meant to
“no I’m fine so Arthur, he’s king now right what am I meant to call him.” I asked as the pain faded
“why don’t you ask him yourself.” he said his face dropping.
“how did you get your horse to go so fast, terra” asked Arthur
“I’m connected with Rose a good point of riding bareback she barely tried” I said kissing her head “oh yeah what should I call you sire.” By then the knights were waiting for our conversation to finish
“well I don’t mind how about Arthur.” He laughed
“ok Arthur it is.” I smiled “Arthur and Merlin now the knights are” I asked
“I’d just say knights if you need the names…” said Merlin
“I’ll let you know.” Arthur continued
“did you know she’s Guinn’s half-sister you know Guinn.” Merlin said
“Yes Merlin now shall we continue. Would you show me the super-fast horse.” Asked Arthur
“of course Arthur.” I Replied
“Merlin take my horse.” He said as they both climbed down in sync
“just let it run through you.” I said as Rose sped along the knights followed slowly. Arthur was trying but the energy wasn’t flowing “by the way you’re not very good at this I’m going to have to let my mind go tap three time on my head when we need to stop.” I said as my vision became one with Rose’s and we weaved in and out the tree I could hear the light shocked screams of Arthur. Then the three taps on my head as I stayed focused I saw the gates and Arthur’s taps became frantic and at the side we stopped at the front of the gate perfectly and I snapped out. “how was it?” I asked
“well it was shocking do you like near death experiences.” He asked
“ask Merlin I have to go look for Guinn in a second.” I said as the gates opened and we cantered in I pulled up outside the castle I hopped down and helped Arthur down
“you have well manners I like that and you’re very strong.” He said “I’ll take your horse and put it in the stables.”
“thanks” I said as i walked off waving with the rock on sign. I walked to the door of a small cottage and knocked on the door a flowing young woman about a year older than me “hey my names Terra I’m looking for Guinn she’s my half-sister.” I stated
“hello I’m Guinn and you’re my half-sister wow. I’m going to visit king Arthur join me.” She asked
“of course now how are you and how was your life growing up.” I asked
“well it was good when my mum passed my dad looked after us my brother went away a couple of years ago and after that my Dad ‘died`. Now how about you.” She said excited about her new half-sister.
“well my our mum abandoned me. I fought wild creatures to survive from the age of five as I lived in the well woods and that’s where I’ve been for the last 18 years.” I replied she was shocked at my reply (which is actually true). We walked the rest in silence but I sang to myself.
“Arthur may I introduce my sister Terra.” She said proud
“Err well we already met.” He said “she sort of saved me and the knights from a magical creature.”
“wow thank you. Arthur would you be able to care for her if I ride out to tell my brother.” She asked
“of course will you be ok.” He asked
“yes I just think he should know I’ll set out at sunrise.” She said happily I started walking out
“where are you going.” Asked Arthur surprised grabbing my wrist
“to set up my bed.” I replied
“Terra do you think I would let you sleep outside.” He asked in horror
“well I was hoping I’ve never actually slept in a bed please don’t make me” I pleaded
“Arthur have you seen Guinn” asked merlin walking through the door
“you’ve never slept in a bed.” Arthur said ignoring Merlin
“I like my name and I like the earth it is the best please and don’t make me go in one of your big fancy one’s.” I begged
“you’ve never slept in a bed wow. Wait you could sleep in my bed, it isn’t fancy.” Asked Merlin
“do I have to sleep in a bed.” I pleaded
“yes.” Arthur replied
“are you sure thank you.” I said gratefully
“it’s okay I’ll take your bag, where are they.” Merlin answered
“I have my sword my bow and arrow and dagger that’s all” I replied they all stared at me
“you only have weapons nothing else.” Asked Arthur
“yeah what else would I have.” I asked curious
“I don’t know I’ll show you where you’re stopping.” He pointed down a long corridor
“bye.” I said and hugged Guinn then followed Merlin
“so what are you passionate about.” Asked merlin
“I love music and well i don’t know if I’m meant to say this but.” I began to whisper “I have always been intrigued by magic” his jaw dropped and he seemed to zone out. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said so it’s just I feel so relaxed with you.” I smiled hopefully
“no I’m glad truthfully I feel the same around you” he said relaxing me “well here we are. Gaius its Terra the girl I was telling you about.”
“ah Terra Guinn’s sister I heard about your special introduction in the woods. You are welcome to stay here.” Gaius said eyeing Merlin’s beaming reaction as was I.
“great through here do you mind sleeping in the same room as me.” He asked judging me
“sure I don’t mind anything. Oh where will you sleep” I asked
“well I think I might try the floor. No arguments.” he said stopping me
“fine what now.” I smiled
“well I have to go pick up a few things for Gaius.”
“you can come too if you want.” He asked hopefully
“err depends will you help me convince Arthur to let you come with me and him to talk to me about my sis.” His face dropped when I mentioned Arthur coming but I could feel the pain pushing it out.
“okay.” He smiled and grabbed his bag and walked out I put my bow down but kept my sword on.
We walked down through the setting sun stopping at certain places. I picked up some herbs then put them back remembering my lack of money.
“what’s wrong.” He asked
“I just remembered I don’t have any money.” I laughed “plus I could get it for free anytime I want”
“oh I’ll get it you.” But before I could answer he was buying it he saw my slightly angry look “I am meant to be looking after you.”
We carried on until we had everything and went back. “so what next.” I asked
“well I have to go see Arthur.” He answered
“can I come.” I asked
“sure.” He replied trying to figure out my reasons
We headed back to the castle, where I followed Merlin up to Arthur’s room.
“Arthur” yelled Merlin “where do you want to eat.”
“in here.” he replied
“Terra’s here what should I feed her.” Merlin said
“Err I don’t want to eat.” I interjected
“well Merlin go get some food for two.” Arthur said ignoring me
“ok.” Merlin said and then he went.
“I won’t eat it.”
“why you mustn’t get a good meal in the wild.”
“well currently I am on a diet and the food is good I can have whatever I want.”
“as king of Camelot I command you to eat”
“no. what will you do lock me in the dungeon.”
“if I must, I’ll do it.”
“go on then I don’t care.”
“excuse me I got the food.” Said merlin cautiously
“put it on the table please” Arthur said “let’s make a deal you just eat all the green stuff.”
“ok but you have to let me come practice with the knights.” I argued
“but tonight you will sleep in my bed and me on the floor” he retorted
“deal” I said as merlin served the wine
“now sit and eat” he replied
As we ate gave bits of the meat to merlin Arthur looked at me but I finished most of it.
“ok merlin go get her things.” Arthur commanded
“can’t I do that.” I moaned
“no.” he said his voice playful but stern as merlin walked out
“fine I’m going down the river to wash”
“you don’t need to go to the river I can have a servant draw you on.”
“I’d rather not I’ll just swill with well water and shower tomorrow I don’t normally shower everyday”
“okay if you say so” he smirked
“im back here’s your bow” said merlin
“where’s the rest of it.” Arthur asked
“I don’t have anything else I have my bow sword and dagger.” I replied
“okay” he said warily “I’ll let you wash merlin will you come with me for a walk.”
I was suspicious of Arthur’s behaviour but washed then got into my favourite closed and took the note Arthur had left to meet him and merlin in the throne room. I could tell I was doing my job because I had felt no pain. I made my way there but as I walked through the doors there were many pairs of eyes staring at me.
I heard someone whisper “what on earth is she wearing.”
“this is Terra she is Guinn’s sister and will be helping us with council matters.” Arthur announced
“hey. Like he said my name’s Terra and I am… could you please stop whispering about me, don’t judge me by my past judge me by my dreams, you don’t know what I’ve been through. Walk a day in my shoes then you can judge me. Hey Arthur, merlin” I nodded
“thank you for that, I think it may be your outfit, females all wear dresses.” Arthur whispered
“oops oh well.” I laughed
“so terra will be helping us out. She saved mine and all the other knights lives when she singlehandedly killed the magical beast.” As Arthur said it a shock rippled through the audience.
“hey so here’s a little quote I picked up. Can’t stand me, sit down, think I’m ugly, don’t look at me, love me, great, hate me, even betters, don’t know me, don’t judge me.” As I finished it merlin started clapping then so did Arthur and everyone was puzzled but followed his lead. “hey so i think you have a better idea of me now.” I smirked
“thank you and we assembled you here to be introduced now you can all retire.” Announced Arthur
As everyone dispersed Arthur looked at me.
“nice outfit.” He said
“sorry no one told me plus these are comfy.” I laughed a with him.
“it’s fine inspirational really it’s time we retire too, what do you sleep in?” he asked
“normally a spare shirt nice n baggy.” I laughed
We walked hand In hand. As we reached Arthur’s room he gave me one of his best shirt perfect for sleep.
Then got into his bed I happily went on the floor but before I knew it he had picked me up and put me on the bed.
“it’s cold here I was warm there.” I complained trying to get up
He jumped up and restrained then laid there with me I fell asleep first and woke first.

Once I woke up I realised I was actually awake I looked down to find Arthur's arms wrapped around me. Morgana’s magic must have worked I feel so bad.

Arthur groaned awake.
“hey sleepy head.” I laughed
“hello.” He replied
“get up its breakfast and you need to do your part of the deal.” I smiled
“okay. What should I wear.”
“clothes more importantly what should I wear.”
“hmm what about whatever you feel like not a dress.”
“okay.” I laughed as he chucked the covers over my head. Merlin came in then.
“hi, how are you, nice night.” Merlin asked staring at Arthur's topless body hugging me.
“oh yeah.” I laughed “cosy and comfy.”
“Arthur I’ll help you dress.” Merlin said
“okay” he replied ruffling my hair then kissing my head “Terra can get changed behind the screen.”
“thanks” I said picking up my stuff and taking it behind the screen.
I got changed nice and quick and started to sing while I was waiting for Arthur and merlin.
“I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation, You're living in the past it's a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that's What I'm gonna do An' I don't give a damn ' bout my bad reputation” I sang but I realised that merlin and Arthur had their heads around it staring at me.
“nice song.” Merlin smiled at first I thought he was being sarcastic
“would you sing that to everyone if I gathered them.” Asked Arthur
“ok but you have to tap the beat, merlin. And you Arthur have to not leave me alone.” I replied
“so are we all ready.” Arthur asked
“yeah, hey you know when I first met you I thought you were a bit of a clot pole.” I laughed as we walked merlin had gone to get my armour. He laughed too.
“hello” said a knight Percival I think.
“terra is joining us for training today and for that Percival you can go first.” Arthur replied
I stepped forward still no armour but it had never stopped me before.
“go easy on him.” Smiled Arthur
“ooh” I grimaced “fine.”
He lunged at me and began to attack I stood still plain a sitting duck then he made a cut deep in my arm. I knew going easy was hard but I had to so I stayed there and let him make a few more cuts.
“piece of cake.” Laughed percy cockily
I stopped then swung round and preformed a complicated sequence of moves and finished leaning over him my sword at his neck leaning over him I put my sword away and got out my dagger which I held to his neck as I pulled him up I let the dagger down and kicked him back into the line of assembled knights. Arthur looked at me in awe and disapproving.
“what you said go easy so I let him attack I was just gonna turn on him with my sword but he was way to cocky.” I smiled at him
“and your arm and leg.” He added
“oh no big thing I told you I’ve been in with the slave traders and the other kingdoms, these are really minor injuries.” I shrugged
“ok I’m next.” Said another knight, who I got in 2 seconds, that was fun.
The training was nearly over but I had one more person to verse.
“okay should I go easy.” I laughed
“no way” Arthur smirked
I waited there and he charged as he did I jumped to the side then behind him and put my sword round his neck.
“do you yield.” I laughed
“never.” He replied
“then I just might have to make you.” I said
“I yield.” He laughed
“pile on.” I yelled but none of them knew what it was. “everyone copy me.” I jumped on Arthur
“what.” Said one
“forget it.” I said “wow you really don’t have fun.”
“ok you now you kicked their buts time to practise for that song you’ll perform it after lunch.” Arthur smiled
So I went up and practised but only for seconds as I began to feel pain I sneaked out to the forest.
“what is it morgana.” I groaned
“I don’t like your attitude.” She said picking me up throwing me against a tree. “how are you doing.”
“well he fell for me. You swear no one will die.” I checked
“yes any other way includes an excruciating and painful death for all of them and I will make you watch and hear there screams.” She smiled
I knew she was telling the truth.
“I have to go.” I yelled running back.
I got back just in time.
“lets welcome are guest to sing a song Terra.” Arthur announced as I was on my way in I tripped up twice.
“hey I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation You're living in the past it's a new generation A girl can do what she wants to do and that's What I'm gonna do An' I don't give a damn ' bout my bad reputation Oh no not me No no no no no Not me me me me me An' I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation Never said I wanted to improve my station An' I'm only doin' good When I'm havin' fun An' I don't have to please no one An' I don't give a damn 'Bout my bad reputation Oh no, not me Oh no, not me I don't give a damn 'Bout my bad reputation I've never been afraid of any deviation An' I don't really care If ya think I'm strange I ain't gonna change An' I'm never gonna care 'Bout my bad reputation Oh no, not me Oh no, not me An' I don't give a damn 'Bout my bad reputation The world's in trouble There's no communication An' everyone can say What they want to say It never gets better anyway So why should I care 'Bout a bad reputation anyway Oh no, not me No no, not me I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation You're living in the past It's a new generation An' I only feel good When I got no pain An' that's how I'm gonna stay An' I don't give a damn 'Bout my bad reputation
Oh no, not me Oh no, not Not me, not me. Thanks.” I finished merlin had drummed the beat I had taught him on the table.(joan jett bad reputation not mine)

“well that was fantastic well done you may all retire after your thanks.” Arthur said
“no it was a message you should all retire now.” I said no one listened but as they all came up I walked out the doors with a little wave. Laughing I went to sit in Arthur’s room while I waited.

Arthur walked up to me and kissed me I felt it, it wasn’t right.

“I need to go.” I said as he caressed my face

“why.” He asked as he said it merlin came in he turned around and walked out his face torn.

“look I have to go you love Guinn.” I said trying to turn from his arms.

“you won’t go anywhere.” he threatened crushing my arms. I kicked him and ran.

First I would visit merlin then face off with Morgana. As I reached his quarters Gaius stopped me.

“what are you doing here.” He asked

“please.” I begged the pain burning me I screamed and dropped to my knees. “please it’s not me….” I screamed “merlin…merlin” I screamed

“merlin” Gaius shouted and merlin came. I let another scream escape my lips.

“morgana did it I can’t I won’t do it. I just want you too know I don’t like Arthur” I screamed.

“merlin it’s magic morgana enchanted her I’ve seen it before gat me some pocupilista nectar and jalfronzate essence.” Merlin grabbed the black and golden liquids and mixed them together he said something under his breath then gave Gaius the liquid.

I screamed again bending back. Gaius took the opportunity and tipped it down my throat. I fell flat on the floor the pain intensifying. I pounded the ground ripped at my top scratched anything I could reached and screamed. Then it stopped and I opened my eyes merlin was standing over me.

“hey. So it was all true except for the Guinn bit I’m sorry so sorry.” I cried sitting up
“hey, it’s fine but the remedy won’t last long.” He replied. I tried to get up but he wouldn’t let me.
“I’m so sorry for this.” I said as I pushed him off me grabbed some possiuma grass and pushed it to his mouth. He fell asleep I knew I only had a minute, so I ran.

It was dark and I hit the forest and I stumbled I ran to the spot wear morgana’s hut was and she was waiting angrily.

“hey so guess what I have known worse pain and now I won’t do what you want with me but I will not do that. Gaius knows he knows that it’s you and with merlin’s help everything will be okay.” I realised as I finished. “oh no merlin don’t come here I’m not worth it.”

“merlin’s coming how sweet.” She laughed “get in there” she pointed towards the cage she had first kept me in and I climbed in. “I won’t hurt merlin that I can guarantee.” She laughed again as she made the cage climb high.

“morgana I want her back.” Merlin ordered
“well maybe, but i want to make it more.” She had been thinking
“spit it out.” merlin yelled
“ah.” I yelled the chains round my wrists tightened then loosened “hey why are you doing this just go back to Camelot.”
“please.” He asked politely
“come back in an hour until then go sort Arthur and everyone out, I wouldn’t want him to worry his head if it failed.” She smiled
“merlin go please go.” I begged
“I would go if I were you.” She smiled as I screamed at the chains.
“I’ll be back for you” he yelled to me and then he disappeared.
“in hisachiana beautafanialist jennsimonga icharista oohanna seftana siella dou.” Morgana chanted and I closed my eyes tired by my eventful day.
When I woke up I was on a giant chessboard inside a transparent rook chained my hands and feet chained. I just sat for a bit until merlin came. First he looked up for me.
“I’m on the chess board, in the rook.” I laughed at how funny it sounded
“so here’s a little background a new rules. First my kingdom have kidnapped your kingdom’s princess and you must fight to get her back, by the way I like the dress.” She laughed at me, it turned out I was wearing a long purple dress. “also every time I get you in check or take one of your pieces the rook will shrink. Now shall we play.” She smiled
“let’s.” he replied
Merlin moved his first.
“e1 to e3”
“e6 to e4”
“f1 to f2”
“g7 to f5”
“d1 to d2”
“d6 to d4”
“d2 to d3”
“d4 to e3” laughed morgana and the rook shrunk slightly around me merlin looked worried but I put my thumb up.
“f2 to e3”
“e4 to d3” she smiled as the rook shrunk.
“d0 to f2”
And the game continued every so often I screamed from the shrinking rook.
Then at one point I was in play and I seemed so small and crushed next to my opponents. Then to get checkmate merlin took me and he won. The rook smashed and all was over I ran to merlin where he waited for me.
“bye morgana.” Merlin said happily but still bitter
“see you” I yelled
We ran back to Camelot hand in hand.
“so why the hell did you come to me you idiot.” I slapped him
“ouch, that’s not a nice thing to do to the person who saved you.” He teased
“ok so first thing I need to ask you is are you magic.”
“liar look if you are I won’t tell I think I might be.” I replied he grabbed the table in shock and a pot fell off. “is that you.”
“then it’s me watch. Ilcenalita jerdena” I said making the broom spin round to me collecting all the dust.
“wow, ok so am I, this is great.” He replied
“thank you for the truth, now to clean up my little mess.” I said guiltily
“It isn’t your fault, how did she catch you.” He asked
“well one day I just woke up in the cage I tried to break the bars but the magic repelled me the pain was unbearable she gave me my mission and wiped that part of my mind if I had not met you Arthur would be in love with me and I would have to go back get myself caught by morgana again where she would torture me painfully but not as bad as the magic, Arthur would come to rescue and see but then she would use magic put him in a cage then make he watch his enchanted love scream and have no choice then she promised his death would be swift painless but then the first time I saw you the face I had it was because I was falling for you not him.” I flinched
“what hurts”
“the memories are painful just that the pain hurts. I’m sorry this is unfair to you.” I put my hands on the table then my head on top. “ouch, what the oh ouch.”I tyelled
“what is it.” He asked
“the wrist cuts well normally it wouldn’t bother me but now it’s through dented my bone even it hurts.” I smiled
“let me” merlin said wiping his hand over it and mumbling something then the pain stopped “hold up you could have been in love with Arthur but you chose me” he laughed
“oh and Gaius has prepared a potion which wipes everyone’s memories so in the morning we must visit them and show them why you are here.”
“which is”
“with me we met the same but we fell in love instead and you did get to train with them that they’ll remember.” He laughed
“good.” I smiled back
“hey I want you to understand but I don’t know how to do this, can you call Gaius” I asked
“Gaius” merlin shouted Then Gaius came.
“what is it.” Gaius asked
“well I don’t really no but I have the spell in my head but I want you to watch. Isieanalo dejunakapil unthagatea hinthorak” I chanted as I did my mind joined with merlin’s and we could see everything every emotion since we first met (I chose that period) it was amazing after 10 minutes.
“wow I’m so sorry I saw your pain and I saw your world.” As he said it he pulled me up and kissed me.
That was it my world changed nothing else mattered I was with him my true love no other way to describe it but it was amazing, I no longer needed oxygen just needed him there.
“wow” I said still holding him.
“Terra, you have extremely powerful magic, will you be staying and ‘training’ with us.” Asked Gaius
“I’d be happy to.” I replied “what is my job going to be.” “you can help me.” Merlin smiled
“yeah I can do the training and the huntinsg, I know you hate those.” I smiled back.
“what about saving him.” He asked
“yeah” I smiled
We began to walk to Arthur’s room hand in hand my head on his shoulder.

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In the chess game, Merlin would have used descriptive notation not algebraic. And, I'm not certain what's moving where. If you do use a real game then use this one with Merlin playing white: link
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