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Die Fanauswahl: Agent J
Agent J
Agent K
Die Fanauswahl: Yes, because I'd get to use cool stuff like the noisy cricket
Die Fanauswahl: Men In Black
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odiemodie sagte …
K: "Hey, J... What is green, slimy, has one big eye, and multiple rows of teeth?"
J: "A Zandozan?"
K: "No."
J: "A Corrillian Weltraum slug?"
K: "Nope."
J: "A Glaxian interstellar, crossed-breed, Denibian Slime Devil?"
K: "Negative."
J: "Ok, I give up... What the heck is it?"
K: "I don't know... but whatever it is, it's crawling right up your sleeve and into your ear!"
J: "AAAUUUGGGH!" gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
odiemodie Kommentiert…
😄 Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Africa21 sagte …
I'm happy to have all three MIB films on DVD, I've already watched each one. The bloopers are truly something to treasure especially those from the Sekunde film where one particular scene with Will, Tommy and Rosario coudn't concentrate and say their lines without laughing.The director had a hard time staying focused as well. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
glidedj sagte …
Thumbs up if Du think this is a cool cover:

link gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr